Lazy Dunefiend Eye of Reckoning Dervish

There was an earlier post with a Sentinel version with this new set - which motivated me to look at the Dervish build for a similar concept:

Lazy Spin2W Dervish

It’s not tested, but I thought I’d stick this out there to motivate ideas:

  • Hybrid damage build - usually not worth it, but I think it might work here, since much of the EoR damage comes from the base node.
  • Not many moving parts: SS as movement skill,RoS for the odd CC, and burst for heal. And Ascension.
  • RR extra procs are on pets, so guardians and BS follow along. Except Assassin’s mark -which could be attached to RoS or SS
  • No points in Lethal Assault, which hurts the OA and some damage…but also don’t have to refresh this every 4s …so a playstyle compromise.
  • With %adcth on EoR and also Bat at 75%convert+pierce, health leech should be pretty solid and consistent.
  • Energy regen might be too low, so ring components could be swapped. Could trade Crab for Harvestman.

OA is a bit lowish-and probably could move a few points from physique into cunning (+ increase Haven to compensate health). Or upgrade some of the gear (gloves, ammy, etc). Or add LA, if that suits you.

Set is Rah’Zin tier. I tested sentinel with 16-17k wd on gt tooltip, 2.6-2.7k% acid, maxed rr (Pestilence ammy, overcaps) and all the acid procs. Poverty. I mean compared to certain other dervish with similarly occupied set slots…

I tried Spin2win,but it lacks certain stats.Dps was good,though.I used ammy for converting 45% elemental to BoD.Also option is occultist conduit with -15% RR to bloody pox.

I’d wager it does ass damage because you picked a hodge podge of devotions and tried to do split damage. Lethal Assault is the main reason why Sentinel is going to be better than nightblade here in any case and occultist gets much more attack speed to boot.

Since Dunefiend set occupies same item slots as Mythical Vileblade set, i guess DMT has done the best work here in optimizing the Dervish on Righteous Fervor so i think we could just change the set items, put the skill points from RF to EoR and see how it works.

EoR is a bit of a different animal than RF. Primarily, no wps are needed. Second is that you generally want to max EoR node, so rings may need change. And third, energy regen often needs a bit of attention.