LF good caster build

Hey guys, I just finished the game as a lightning/fire purifier, but I’m looking for a good caster build for my next character. I love my purifier but he is very squishy. I’m looking for a good caster with good defenses. Any suggestions? (prefer non-pets build).

Funny thing that I have fire/lighting caster puri
What kind of caster do you prefer? Physical/elemental/vitality?

I would like a vitality based caster type or acid/poison is also an option. Just want something completely else than my dw gun purifier.

I woulf recommend a couple of vit builds I played myself, though It has to be said that Nightbringer Conj is the strongest, since that new weapon is completely OP

Edit: @Tleilaxa if you aren’t satisfyed with your current purifier, you might try this

Thanks a lot. Looks like fun as well.