Lightweight Mod for Speeding Up the Leveling Process

No problem, I was not aware of hosting multiplayer actually causing any issues, just an assumption, so that is good to know! Let me know if you run into any other major issues.

Hello, I’m really enjoying this mod, especially with dom, great work on it and appreciated.
If I could suggest something regarding recycling, I’m not sure about its applicability. Still, it would be nice if the recycling feature worked with the in-game loot filter, like only recycling the items that are not selected in the filter screen.

I don’t think this is possible to do with the tools provided. The way I do it is very simple — each item that drops calls a function that destroys it and spawns other loot instead.

I could instead do it like this: Call the function on pickup, so you can loot the good stuff, and when you are done, you simply enable the recycling, disable the loot filter and click the leftover stuff on the ground, which then gets instantly recycled. Maybe that would work better.

I believe that that would work better indeed, that would save the time required to drop the items which is the tedious part.

Ultimately I believe that having the ability to choose between the two options would be best.

So that does not work too, since taking the item on pick up crashes the game! Maybe I come up with another way eventually.

I know that this is probably a stupid question, but could someone help me with getting this to work with DOM? I’ve tried merging it myself a few times already and it just doesn’t want to seem to work.

Edit: Nevermind. I just had to look up a few comments and found my solution.

Hi, I am a little bit lost. I hope somebody can help me. How can I use Faction Token. Yes I know it is mention that I can exchange them in my Private Hideabout. But I do not know how :smile: Any hint will be highly appricated. No merchant takes it. I play at the moment Normal. Is that the reason why I can’t use them ? Thx alot.

You can exchange the tokens through this NPC, should also work on Normal:

Thx alot. That does the trick :slight_smile:

I used to be able to play this mod in non-custom games.
Is it currently not possible to play in non-k custom games with the latest version of this mod?

You can follow this guide to get it working in the normal game mode. Looks complicated, but is very easy to set up.

It’s done!
I was wrong about so many things!
My personal guess is that it can’t be done in the lighter version.
I could do it on the N one!

Is there a way to change the level when uniques drop with affixes, namely epics? Would like to try getting them on lower level characters to up grimmest.

Thanks for all the time and effort you put into this mod. It has made the game much more fun for me.

You can mass edit the files before (re)applying them.

Open Notepad++ > STRG + F > Find in Files > Find what: ,35, > Replace with: ,1, > Directory: Set path to …\mods\affixesUniques\database\records\items\loottables\ > Replace in Files. Not sure if this works, though.

I’m not very well versed with computers. What is STRG + F?

Also does that mean that uniques start dropping affixes at 35?

Sorry, I meant CTRL + F on your keyboard. I’m German …

This should mean that it starts dropping them with affixes at level 1. You basically replace the min level 35 with 1. I really don’t know if it actually works, though.

I see that you said you included a pre merged mod which includes the diablo 3 classes, but I can’t seem to find it. I don’t know where the proper download link is for it.

Hey, I have removed this version a few weeks ago, since I’m very occupied right now and updating it would have taken too much time. I will try to update and re-upload it in the future, but I can’t promise anything.

See how I can make the mod work with Diablo 3 I don’t understand anything xd I’m terrible with these things but I love the game t.t

You can’t play both mods together, there are conflicts that have to be resolved first. I will upload a merged version in the future, not sure when.