List of suggestions

  • Barrels for barns to reduce spoilage rate of root vegetables.
  • Cow meat needs buff (1000+ like it was before).
  • Pottery to be used for food preservation (lower spoilage reduction than glass).
  • Graphs are totally useless…complete redesign. E.g. meat+smoked meat add up to total protein output which makes zero sense. For chain productions graph pies are the way to go. E.g. Grain—>Flour—>Bread to show a pie of grain then a piece of it in % of flour and then bread in a % of flour.
  • Shoes definitelly need buff in production + lifespan increase. I don’t know add like 4 more workers and make shoes usable for longer ffs…
  • Basket shop two more workers…
  • Nut trees to be available for planting in arborist building.
  • Barrel lifespan buff.
  • Smokery needs at least another worker better 4. I would suggest a new building the size of pottery with 8 workers to smoke the shit out of meat cause apparently current smokery sucks.
  • Building repairs interval should be increased as per tier. Lower tier more frequent repairs than higher ones.
  • Damaged buildings, burned & repaired buildings should reset repairs clock. Cause at the moment you get to repair a building from fire or raid and it requires repairs immediatelly afterwards.
  • Field rot needs to be addressed ASAP. Field workers just refuse to collect the crops. They wander around without reason.
  • A stat of overall number of produced items in village (tools, swords etc) and how many are required. Plus lifespan of items in MONTHS!
  • Allow greens to be used for preserves as well.
  • Wagons to carry shit from towns to compost + worker buff to 3 at least per compost yard.
  • New means of mass and faster transportation of goods from one place to another. Wagons (faster ones, not the useless that we currently use) for everything!
  • T2 sawmills should allow workers produce planks at reduced pace than with Heavy tools enabled.
  • Furniture lifespan should increase and planks requirement should drop from 12 to 9 (minimum).
  • Soap, hide coats, shoes, practically everything requires a production buff!

Currently the game is super fucking demanding and zero rewarding. I don’t understand such a radical shift in challenge since 0.7…


I agree with being able to plant nut trees. That’s about it.

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i agree with increased furniture life span.

I think 2 extra workers in the cobbler shop or increase shoe life span not both.

I agree with a repair reset anytime you repair a building.

Would add a way to automate building repairs instead of having to click every building to repair it.

For late game make purist better. Currently I can sell glassware and buy more food than the purist will save me. Making it so greens can be preserved would help. Making the spoil rate bonus from purist better and let us reclaim some of the glass ware after use would help as well.

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No need to click on every building for repairs. So long as you have enough labourers and builders not doing other jobs they’ll repair buildings automatically already.

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I would love to see more crops added to the game, maybe some nightshades to help add some diversity to the plots. Would also be cool to expand the barns and add animals such as sheep/goats for additional meat/milk production. Would be kinda cool to see the weaver building expanded on and if sheep/goats are added we could use their wool as another clothing option. Finally I think i would like to see chickens added to the game. This game is great though and I am having a blast playing it


I would love if birds such as chickens or geese could be raised, not only for their meat but also for their eggs. Sheep would also be fine.
Thank you for this beautiful game and so much dedication

The main problem (pain in the butt not fun) issue I have is I am forced
to go into the trader area EVERY-TIME!!! for fear I miss something
I need because as an example shoes! I never have enough since it
takes too much time to make them and too much pelts. Even if I
had 50 cobbler shops I have no pelts so I have to go into trade
center every time and buy pelts and shoes and I still can’t keep
up lol (7 hunters and six 20 cow barns currently)

Basically it has turned into a trading game not a town building game

I have 600K gold on the town I just started last week
(Alpine vanquisher large map) and it doesn’t matter because
there isn’t enough shoes and pelts being sold so my gold
is worthless. I would buy 1000+ shoes and other items
just so I do not have keep going into the trade building every
damn time the bell rings. lol

In general, and this has been remarked upon by others, having to rely on the Trading Post turns much of the game into an exercise in complete Randomness over which you have no control: if the traders show up with what you need, it’s a great game. If they don’t (as usual) the game groans to a halt and there is Nothing You Can Do About It - except shut the game down and go do something useful.

I suggest that to make the game playable for any length of time, they have to give us alternative sources for the necessary raw materials. My understanding is that the Quarries and Deep Mines address this for Coal, Sand, Clay, Iron, - maybe Gold - but we need something similar for the equally-necessary materials like Pelts, Tallow and Herbs that the map and the current mechanics may also leave us short of.
IF the Trading Post, as appears to be the design intent, is supposed to be the default source for these, then the gamer has to have some means to order/demand them from the Traders. Relying on randomly-arriving traders with the required goods in the needed amounts just isn’t working, even with the 1000 population cap.
At this point, even if they lift the cap I wouldn’t try to build a larger town, because I could not be sure of being able to supply the population with what the game requires for them.

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And the devs said long ago that they will be adding a mechanic where you can order goods for a premium price from a trader.

When they will add it to the game only they know, but it will come.

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yes and as an example my current map has no Willow and no medicinal roots.
The amount of Willow that comes in is not even enough to make 50 baskets every 5 years
so I do not even bother lol

the fix would be soooooo easy to implement. A modifier based on population.
Right now no matter what my population I get 30 to 70 shoes offered from trader.
It should be RGN base 30 to 70 (30 rolled in this example) so

30 X 0.50 if 50 pop 15 shoes offered
30 X 1.00 if 100 pop 30 shoes offered
30 x 1.50 if 150 pop 45 shoes offered
30 x 5.00 if 500 pop 150 shoes offered
30 x 10.00 if 1000 pop 300 shoes offered

I could buy 300 shoes instead of 30 since I now have 1000 population

Thank Dog there’s someone here to keep track of everything they’ve promised! I confess, I can barely keep up with the current promises and requests/demands on the forums, let alone go back and catch up with last year’s offerings. Thank you!

Better yet, based on the promised ‘provided for a premium price’ at the Trading Post, add to that the ability to order a precise amount delivered from one or more Traders over the course of the following year, and then it would be up to us gamers to have the Gold on hand to pay for what we’ve ordered.
Given some randomness on how close the Traders come to the amount ordered, that would both keep us on our collective toes to make sure we always ‘stocked up’ and keep us from being at the mercy of Random Maps & Traders, as now.

yeah but that is a brute force fix instead of just doing what I said in my post
I just posted lol We will be stuck sitting in the trade center even more. I do
not want that.

Although adding the pop multiplier would be great, They should just balance
the amount of pelts needed to make shoes and increase the shoe life span etc…
not make it so I have to buy 1000+ shoes every year. ( and at a premium price as well)
because 30 cobbler shops is not enough to keep up with demand.

oh hell no! lol I do not want to play a trader game. I’m doing too much in the trader
area already. Just offer the amount based on a pop multiplier.

and like I said above They should just balance
the amount of pelts needed to make shoes and increase the shoe life span etc…
not make it so I have to buy 1000+ shoes every year via a pop multiplier
or directly asking trader to bring 1000+ shoes every year.

This asking traders to bring 1000+ shoes each year is only needed
because the basic balance is not good. I should be able to supply
my town with plenty of shoes without the need for a trader. That
is what my 30 cobbler shops are for after all lol

Trading should be a last resort to get items.

Related: the amount of ‘pelts’ obtained from various On-Map sources needs to be refined.

Right now, cows produce a ridiculously low amount of leather, when in fact they were the primary source of leather for all purposes in the Medieval years, to the point where ‘cattle leather’ was specified for military equipment (shields, buff coats) in several European states over leather from game animals or sheep/goats (which was all too thin for real protection against sharp pointy things thrust at you)

In Game Terms, I think the Trader As Last Resort option would be to approximately double the Pelts obtained per slaughtered cow AND increase the Pelts obtained by Trapping, since traps, after all, were the preferred way to obtain largely undamaged pelts IRL. That would give the gamer increased raw materials just about the time the population starts to outstrip the ‘ordinary’ supplies at normal progression (at least in my experience).

That would save the Order Process for Pelts, Hide Coats, Shoes, etc at the Trading Post for when something goes wrong On Map, a Last resort as they intended rather than making it the first resort of the peltless gamer.

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I disagree with the self sustaining pelt argument. Pelts we’re one of the most commonly traded items for thousands of years. If you have 500+ pop and you want to be self sustaining with pelts it should require you to have minimum 8 hunters and 3 cow barns.

Oh yes for sure my shoes example was just that one example of many.
I was complaining about low amount of pelts and sand and willow (zero
on this map) in this thread and others as well. As well as the cost
and lifespan. Like cost of glass is 2 sand for 1 glass when it should be
1 to 1 or even 1 sand makes 2 glass if you recyclable the glass. Also
the life span of glass should be doubled etc… for many item production
and lifespans.

I agree 100%

right that is what I said above earlier post. trader should be last resort and not
something I need to do every time the bell rings.

The trader should bring enough regular supply based on known population needs.

The order what you want thing they plan to add should only be needed
in rare cases as an emergency like when disease wipes out
half your town. It should not be something that ends up being
used with every single trader. I want something more automatic
like just getting good steady supply via population multiplier. IRL
a trader would not show up to a 1000 pop town with just 30 shoes
when they know the town needs 1000 shoes. If it took a wagon train
then that would happen also. You could have 10,000 pop
and only 30 shoes would come in cause the game is not
linking the 2.

right the balance like I said earlier post is the main thing that
needs to fixed! it is at the core! increasing supply at trader
is just scotch tape covering a fundamental problem.

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true but I have 7 hunters and 6 barns and it is not enough for 688.

You really think the life span of shoes being just 2 years is good?
The reason we need so many pelts because the
basic balance is off. IIRC 1 pelt makes just 2 shoes it
should be 4 shoes. Shoes should last 4 years not 2.
if they fix that balance issue ( etc for all items in the game )
then my 7 hunters and 6 barns (20 cows each) could
supply enough.

I have 7 hunters for the pelts not for the meat. That right there
shows you the balance is off.

Actually, I walk a lot (but not, probably, as much as Medieval villagers did!) and shoes last about two years for me.
I think the balancing should be on the Pelt end: more shoes from each Pelt, more availability of Pelts through Trapping or from Cattle.
Otherwise, my experience is similar to yours: 8 - 9 hunters and 5 Upgraded Barns requires buying Pelts as often as I can just to barely keep 700 - 750 population in shoes, with no reserve or margin left at all and frequent ‘low shoe’ indications in the Happiness levels.

Just a question of where to apply minimum balancing factors.

I wish I could get my shoes to last 2 years… These are real working people lol. My work boots lucky to last 6 months.