Loading Screen - New Image

Well the Necromancer Mastery has been confirmed and as much as i used to like Dreeg and Occultist, the necromancer trumps them all

Who wants this image on the game’s loading screen instead of Occultist?

The devs have said their intentions were to have all of the class art work used as game loading screens, but it was more of a resource issue.

Given mamba’s post noting the higher quality image of the Necromancer wall paper than the other masteries, lends me to believe that it will be a new loading screen.

So easy choice! BOTH! LOL!

Edit: One hopes that all of the mastery wall papers will be redone to be used as loading screens in the expansion, or just as an update.

Edit 2: Just re-read the OP and I’d like both, not just one.

Definitely something else. Everytime i looked at that wallpaper in the loading screen, it would remind me that a mastery slot was wasted in some really boring class (and this is coming from soneone who likes Soldier).

The mastery used is the Occultist, not Soldier.

I meant if the Necromancer wallpaper was used as a loading screen. The Soldier remark was before someone said that Soldier is more boring than Necromancer.


Amazing Artwork.

I too assume it will get some more use for that reason.

A boxed copy is probably out, so that leaves the loading screen as a likely option

I do not want it to replace the occultist though, I’d rather have different art load randomly than always the same pic

+1 to this. I’d like to have all of the images from the wall papers to be used in a random fashion.

I agree with alternate loading screens but given a choice i’d pick Necromancer any day

I think the load screen should cycle through all the classes or just be random to keep it fresh :slight_smile:

Give different loading screens when you enter/leave caves etc would be a nice start :wink:

would be the same i have on my background on my pc i have the 8 masteries + the 2 (currentloading screen and van aldritch) switching through those 10 backgrounds every few minutes

Appreciate that you consider the latest class art to be a step above the rest, but the class art pieces are nowhere near the resolution of the loading screen we use.

Would need to uprez them all (which unfortunately is not as simple as clicking Enhance like tv leads us to believe!), which would take time away from other priorities.

Have you considered paying an artist to create loading screens? Commissions can be expensive though, so I’d understand that you don’t take the option.

why dont you release a “Loading Screen DLC”? fanboys will be all over it! :rolleyes:

Are you sure ? You do offer it as a 1920x1080 wallpaper, which I think is your loading screen size…

And the new one’s resolution is 2560 x 1440

Don’t wana “betray” occultist but I have to say this is special. Just looks so bad ass:cool:

I’ma play Inquistor + Necromancer for Homestead surprise

And try out Necromancer solo. Fuck soldier/shamn/demo solo, i have murderer’s chestpiece of arcane lore save for just this!!

He. That’s a great ideea. I’m conventional and have no imagination so i’ll play Necro+ Occultist and Necro+Soldier (DeathKnight?)…if witchblade isn’t already a kind of death knight:rolleyes:

Oh yeah Death Knight and Reaper will follow