Looking for advice on grenadier demolitionist

Hey guys, i am looking for advice on creating a build since i am casual on/off player without much knowledge of in game data…i want a build where canister bomb and grenado are the main damage dealers but i also want to avoid finding my supposedly ranged demolitionist always fighting in melee so i’d appreciate something to tank for me like a pet from another class (or from devotions?)
Also i’d prefer it something without crazy gear requirements…any tips on skill/attribute points, devotions, secondary class, gear…etc would be appreciated

This is probably the best double bomb setup currently.

Unfortunately, pet hybrids don’t work well at all (it’d get vaporized without pet gear and defensive pet stats).

This is IMO the closest to a truly ranged setup as you can get, since you can kite at a very long distance due to bomb flight times.