Map pins to help find places

I’d like a way to mark certain points on the map so I can easily find them and return there. I keep “losing” buildings, especially remote hunters, so I can’t check on how they are doing. Or maybe a view (like F shows Fertility) that will show where particular types of building are - Show Hunters, Show Gatherers, Show Fletchers etc.


I’d sure like some way to identify each building, maybe a little icon above the building, like the one that shows up when vendors visit the Trading Post. I keep building buildings, but can’t remember where particular ones are. I keep having to click on all my town’s buildings (the industrial and commercial ones, that is) until I find the one I’m looking for! Help us Granny Gamers, with our fading memories!

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Yeah, but then I’d have to remember all the hotkeys!!! Not gonna happen . . . An icon would be easy to see and wouldn’t require remembering anything! (Thank you for the info, though. I appreciate it.)

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Ahem to that. Also to remind us where a wolf or those annoying sneaky bear attacks happen. :slight_smile:

Talking of which I wish there was a way to mark certain areas “Off limits” to normal villagers - or that they can only go if the player directs them there. Mine seem weirdly curious about the wolf den even though I have no tasks for them in the area

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They’re just trying to domesticate puppies!

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You can open the professions window and click on the magnifier glass to find the people/buildings

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With the window open obliterating most of the land. I’d really prefer it as a view - like fertility and irrigation, so the buildings stay highlighted for as long as I need to see them, even while in active play.


Good idea, agreed. I spend so much time scrolling around the map to try to recall where the hunter cabins or foresters, mines and work camps are. We need maybe a drop down list of ‘Go To’ or as you suggest a key with a colour highlight of each category… either way some way to quickly, easily locate and visit all builds of a certain type and identify where they are located.

UPDATE OCT… I have now found this mod ‘Building Helper’ very useful as it allows you to open the Build Menu and cycle through each instance of a particular building type so you can visit each in turn…saves endless scrolling around the map trying to find mines and remote outposts

Building Helper

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I think I might actually maintain a map manually. To support the use of this I need the “go to town centre” button to not only take me to the town centre but also rotate the camera to a particular compass setting. Actually a togglable compass overlay would be a huge help

So F2, F3 and F4 gives additional details about buildings, villagers and resources. There are more F keys that could be used and one of them could be to show a building type icon perhaps?

The manual way of identifying buildings is by going to the build menu and selecting the building you want to find. All existing buildings are highlighted with a white border around it. Think the Pub did not do this though. It would be nice if the highlight was not white but something more visible.

[UPDATE] Sorry, just checked and it does in fact not show existing buildings. I was pretty sure that is how it worked at some point, or I was just imagining it super hard XD

So something like this where the existing pub is bottom centre and easier to spot.

Additionally, a UI where you could select buildings and it highlights those buildings.


Wait, found it. Its when you select an exiting building.

This works for all, but not the pub.

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Yeah, I was about to respond that it works for most existing buildings but not all buildings.

There’s also a weird interaction that when you select Parks that are already built it also highlights EVERY decoration.

So the Medieval equivalent of Police Line Tape. “Nothing to see, Ma’am. Move along, please”

Deinitly need some signets and flag poles layer.

More in game feature would be to have banners with name displayed for certain areas .
Or street name appearing over the roads in google map type fashion. Leather Row, Fletcher avenu, Kiln Square…

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