Map seeds not working properly

Map gen seems to have been changed entirely on 0.7.5? I tried to restart a map from 7.4 expecting terrain and whatnot to still be the same, but even the general landscape has changed? Makes it a bit upsetting as I found a seed I liked but I can’t re-start it with the new, larger resource nodes.

Yes, changes to world gen can cause a seed to be reinterpreted. This can happen any time we make changes to how the game generates world map, so it may not be the last time it happens in early access.

Here use this seed - large 2FBF88263E6

over 250k iron and 40k gold on a mountain near the start, 40k+ clay, etc. it’s good

Would simply loading a save, and replay the map would add the new stone resource?
Because that would solve my issue entirely, for as long as any new patch wouldnt invalidate my save games.

If you mean restarting the map, then possibly, since that will regenerate the world from scratch and that may generate new resources.

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No. Restarting from a save resulted in the same effect as just re-typing the seed on starting a new settlement; the terrain was changed entirely.

IDK if this is also a factor/bug, but the “biome” didn’t affect the seed either; I got the exact same map on Alpine as I did on Lakes

The biome is actually in the seed. The 7th digit of the seed is the biome. You can’t use the seed to get a different biome. Doesn’t work that way. If you want to change the biome you have to change the biome number of the seed.

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