Menhir's Will, Arcane Will and Prismatic Rage - bad devotion proccers compared to Blast Shield, Serenity and Resilience

Thank you! I dont even know what the asset manager is but at least someone who does shared it.

If it is OK with Blast Shield and Resilience. It should be OK everywhere else as well.

Would need the above formula to be re-written, which looks as though it’d affect things overall and not just those interactions specifically so I’m not sure it can be done

Man, you want too much. Not just for this topic’s issue, with every topic you have a demand. This is a game forum, not customer representative and even they are still updating the game; it doesn’t mean they just change as gamers requests. I’m sure lots of people want something like put +1 all skills to final march right? They don’t have to do it. It’s their judgment based on the game’s general balance. Giving %100 chance to proc heal devotions to menhir’s will give a lot of players too much bonus skill points and that makes so much build improved more then they should. Hell if that’s the case, I even choose soldier class as secondary to just use menhir’s will. Or let’s say deadly aim, let’s give a chance to proc %100 too, no one ever dies…


Of course it can be done. Just Blast Shield and resilience will go up from 90 % or 88 % or you can add some hard base to it like at least 50 % proc chance and correct the rest that it doesn’t go too high.

Imagine criticizing someone for posting Ideas and Feedback in an Ideas and Feedback subforum.



Again if it is ok with Blast Shield and Resilience, why not with others?

Think of algebra man, remember variables?

That’s why

I’m criticizing his attitude not his ideas. I’m talking about how persistent is he to say like my suggestion is right and should be changed as my regards…

Ideally in algebra you also learned about coefficients.

It can be done. It probably should be done because in practice this creates a much larger inconsistency than the average of putting these buffs on permanent buffs (which don’t scale the proc rate).


You can make formula that satisfies what I am saying. Think of algebra, like infinite amount of functions?

Ok you don’t want it changed. Others may. Just don’t read my posts or threads if you are so offended by suggestions.

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Thank you, I am glad someone is giving some strong feedback. This is what’s needed to make the change a reality.

This is why I felt it might be worth getting a tally of who wants the change vs who doesnt

Mate,I respect that. I’m not offended, I may have written assertively and sorry for that everyone. I just think that it’s too much survivability for soldier builds. And the reason behind that low chance is it’s duration 10 sec duration will be proc almost everything in a long combat without %60+ chance.

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OK then not for Menhir’s Will. And Resilience has 88 % chance is that OK for oathkeeper which is strong as well? What about Arcane Will? It should definitely have higher % chance.

To do this you would have to change the actual skill parameters not the devotion proc formula and that would be a Pandora’s box of cock ups so I don’t think that’s ever gonna happen. You can certainly ask and have an opinion but i doubt it gets thru.

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I don’t see why? Yes to affect the change you can change numbers on skills or the function itself. Why not the function?

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Why do you believe that changing the formula in question isn’t an option?


This is exactly where we need to be hammering away at! Yes, why is it not an option? And to take it further, if it can be changed without affecting the proc chances on all Devotions across the board (IE; reducing some to increase others due to formula changing), why would anyone be against this change?

My concern is that this kind of change to the formula would reduce the proc chances on some devotion/skill bind combos, while making these ones higher. Would that occur? Is there a way to change it which ensures that does not occur?

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