Missing important features

Churches are an absolute must in a game like this. I cannot believe the devs didn’t realize this. Docks and boats would also elevate the gameplay immensely. Both these things really need to be added as soon as possible.

Also the ability to build diagonal and/or curved walls similar to how you build roads, needs to be implemented. Medieval towns are not built on a grid, so any system that makes it easier to achieve the right look (winding streets) would be highly appreciated.


Can you explain why churches are “a must”? I haven’t once thought that I needed a church in any of my playthroughs.


I agree. Churches are not needed. Maybe you’d like to see them personally, but that’s the extent of the matter.


Well there’s no entertainment in the first two tiers and it’d fulfill that and could be synchronized with the shrine. Certainly not a must but it would fill a hole

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Thematically a church would make sense. Religion was the binding force for frontier communities to the best of my knowledge.

My money is on religion being an expansion or something similar, since I imagine the dev’s would want the religion system to provide tangible benefits and that will take time to program and implement.

The game came out into Early Access less than a week ago, we should give them some time to work on it first :slight_smile:


Thats what I was thinking. The game tries to simulate how a real life frontier settlement would be, and to that case, religion was a powerfull uniting factor for them, so yeah, I agree with OP when he says this is a must if they want to emulate a historic settlement.


Does it, though?

Genuine question, because I can’t quite tell if they’re aiming for a frontier town, North American style, or a European settlement. The crossbows and whatnot suggest the latter but a lot of other things feel more like Little House on the Prairie.

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I think the crossbows are just a balance option so you can pierce the armor of the late game raiders.
Dont think it would be a Little House on the Prairie thing because its not a farm, but a settlement/city. Either way, religion was a foundation for them. But thats up to the devs to put in or not.

I think just adding a vague place of worship that has a cool church like art style and fits the theme of the shrine would satisfy almost everyone. Just make it early tier entertainment/desirability, upgradable, require a worker and call it a day. Late tier could even require candles or something since it’s so easy to have an excess of them


Let me start by saying that I’m an atheist myself.
However, the whole theme of the game is obviously based on the European Middle Ages, where churches were the center of every town and community. Even though the game is set in a “fantasy universe”, it borrows so much from real history, that it just feels amputated without churches. I don’t know where you are from, but if you live in Europe, this should be pretty obvious. I’m mostly talking about the aesthetics, but I’m sure the church could also add some nice gameplay elements.

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There were no settlements of this sort in North America in the Middle Ages, so I’m pretty sure the game is based on European civilization.

Or maybe those people felt betrayed by the chuches greed.
Those people have fled their kingdom to free themselves from all those power hungry, war mongering institutions.
If you have to put a church, don’t give it any benefits as I guess lots of us don’t want an other game about religion.

Temples in Caesar III had an interesting gameplay, but being forced to have a church in town just because it boosts morale, work speed or attractiveness is bad. There will be mods for that if you want, but gameplay wise it brings nothing.

That is, unless having a church brings raiders that just want to slaughter your people for having a different faith.


Instead of a church, I’d rather have something like a “Celtic faith” with druids and stone circles, I think that would suit the “nature setting far away” better.

Religion is a difficult topic if the setting is not clearly located.

And even in Europe in the past you had many different religions with any amount of Gods.

Hello. I use Google to translate into English.
I will say mine, without any pretense of being right:
religion has always accompanied humanity. From its beginnings: although not religious but agnostic, I understand the value it has represented and still represents in all the cultures of the planet. Having some kind of mysticism and / or mystical place available would make it more realistic. Simply.

I can comprehend all arguments for having churches but I find it quite refreshing having them not in the game. I don’t miss it, I don’t need it. And it’s definitively not a must for me.

I want one more for aesthetic purposes than anything else.

No, they are not. Not at all.


If for “aesthetic purposes” then you surely have some design in mind.
May I ask then: based on what religion and what subgroup within that religion?

But you can have some pretty cool-looking buildings that are not churches. The Theater and upgraded theater are pretty amazing looking. If you want to increase the entire desirability field with things like that you could build museums, universities, monuments, etc.

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