[MOD] 8-Player Support + Difficulty Scaling

This mod is being put on hold for GD version 1.2. Because there is new multiplayer balancing with the new patch, the mod will need to be re-worked. I will post updates as I make progress. If you would like to continue playing Grim Dawn with 5-8 players, please use a backup copy of

I finally got it working! Now we can play our favorite ARPG with more people at once! So go buy a few more copies of the game and gift them to some friends! I am very pleased to make this contribution to the Grim Dawn community. I hope you all enjoy!! :smiley:

Very special thanks to GlockenGerda for helping me with the HEX editing! Also thank you to Zantai for giving me special permission to share my modified DLL files! I want to make it clear to everyone that I asked permission to share this, and I was instructed to make my disclaimer “absolutely clear”.

DISCLAIMER: The edited engine.dll is NOT officially supported by Crate Entertainment, and you are using these files AT YOUR OWN RISK! Any time you use a modified DLL file, there are risks involved. Always make backups, and be cautious about downloading files that are potentially harmful to your computer.

Do not assume that because I have been granted special permission to share modified game files on this forum, that you are entitled to the same privilege. I am not liable for any damages done to your computer, nor your copy of the game. I also cannot guarantee that the game will continue to function properly when playing online. These files have only been tested on a LAN / VPN.

In order to play the game bug-free with 6-8 players, you will need BOTH the modified DLL files, and the mods.

Modified Engine.dll files: Simply extract these zips into your Grim Dawn directory and overwrite the original files. I have included backups of the original DLLs in the zip archives. There are zips for both the x86 and x64 versions of the game. If you are unsure which version to use, just extract both. These DLLs change the multiplayer drop-down menu to allow up to 8 players, and increase the available party slots to 8.

6/8 Players Difficulty Scaling MODS (v1.1): Simply extract the zip to your Grim Dawn directory. YES, THESE MODS ARE NECESSARY. They are enabled by selecting a custom game in the main menu. Included are FOUR different versions, so please read the descriptions below.

  • 3-6players_scaled:
    Enemy difficulty goes up when adding 5 and 6 players to the game. The rate of increase is meant to match the same rate from 3 to 4 players. I have not fully tested the balancing in this mod, but it’s likely that it will be very difficult! The mod ONLY works properly if you have 3-6 players!

  • 3-6players_hp-only:
    All difficulty scaling stays exactly the same as it is with 4 players, except for enemies’ health, which increases at a linear rate per added player. This mod will be much easier than the “scaled” mod, but I thought players would appreciate having this as an option. The mod ONLY works properly if you have 3-6 players!

  • 3-6players_plus1:
    For a greater challenge, it increases the difficulty as though you had one extra player in your party. The scaling above 4 players uses the same rate as the “scaled” mod, but +1 player. The mod ONLY works properly if you have 3-6 players!

  • 5-8players_hp-only:
    This is the same as the above 6 player version, but the player slots are shifted to accommodate 8 players instead. Enemy health is increased at a linear rate. The mod ONLY works properly if you have AT LEAST 5 players!

If you find anything really outrageous about the scaling in these mods, let me know, and I’ll make some changes. :grinning:


  • Q: Will the modified DLL files mess up the vanilla game, or other mods?
    A: No, as long as you do not host a multiplayer lobby with more than 4 players, your game should function like normal. However, it is likely that the modified DLL files will be overwritten when the game updates, or if you verify the game files. Also, I can’t speak for online play, as I have not tested it. Ye be warned.

  • Q: Can I just skip your mods and play with 5+ players with the vanilla game, or a different mod?
    A: You could, but the player and monster stats will be very screwed up! For example: In Ultimate, the game will be broken because the database tables will have rows that are filled with zeros. In Normal and Elite, the multiplayer scaling will use the wrong numbers. You will find that your stats, as well as enemy stats, will be stuck in the wrong difficulty level. It’s a really big mess, and it’s just best to use one of the mods if you plan to play with more than 4 players.

  • Q: Does this mean I can’t play Crucible with more than 4 players?
    A: Bug-free, you cannot do it. You might still be able to play it, but all the stats will be messed up. However, I have not tested this yet. so I can’t say for sure. Since Crucible is a paid DLC, I cannot legally release a version that merges my mod with it. So for now, I recommend playing the shattered realm in Forgotten Gods, as an alternative.

  • Q: Why is there no 5-8players_scaled mod?
    A: Sorry, too much work for me to worry about right now. I’ll probably make it later.

  • Q: Does the game run slower with more than 4 players?
    A: Yes. The devs said that this is the main reason why they kept it to only four. Make sure you all have computers that can handle the extra load. You might need to turn down your graphics settings. I didn’t see any networking troubles in my tests, but you might.

  • Q: Is it possible to make a single mod that has the correct scaling for all difficulties with all player counts?
    A: No, not that I am aware of. The game is hard-coded to categorize the scaling into groups of 4, to accomodate 4 maximum players. My mods work around this by “shifting” the tables to the right. That means that everything to the left is now incorrect. Thus, you must have specifically 3-6 players or 5-8 players.

  • Q: Can you make a mod that supports MORE than 8 players?
    A: No not really. Even though the engine.dll does technically support it, it gets really buggy above 8 players.

  • Q: Can I merge your mod with another mod?
    A: Yes, but please remember that the scaling WILL be screwed up in Elite and Ultimate if you have less than 3 or 5 players! (3-6 and 5-8) Please credit me if you share your mod online. :innocent:
    The multiplayer scaling is handled in 3 files, called “balancingadjustment_mp+difficulty”. If your mod does not already include these files, you can simply pick one of my balancing mods, copy those 3 files from it, and merge them into your mod.

  • Q: Will this mod still work with future game patches?
    A: Sometimes yes, sometimes no. The DLL files worked with versions 1190-1194, but then stopped working with 1195. I’ll try to update when possible, but send me a message if I don’t get to it quickly enough. I don’t think the “balancingadjustment_mp+difficulty” databases have been patched in a long time, so the mods will probably stay just fine. I know the game is now reaching its final stages of patching, so I’ll try to keep an eye on them.

  • Q: Can you please release the HEX line edits so I can modify my own DLL files?
    A: I’m not totally opposed to it, but I’m not sure if the devs would be okay with me sharing that kind of information publicly. Either way, I think it’s best to wait until the mod gets some dust on its boots first. In the meantime, just use the provided files.

2022-04-02: Added a new mod “Plus1” that increases the difficulty as though you had an extra player in your party. Mod file has been updated to V1.1.
2022-05-21: Updated DLL files for game version
2022-06-21: Updated DLL files for game version
2022-12-25: Updated DLL files for game version
2023-06-10: Updated DLL files for game version
2023-09-04: Updated DLL files for gamer version (hotfix)

Grim-Dawn_8-Players_MODS-V1.1.zip (83.4 KB)
Grim-Dawn_8-Players_x64-DLL(1198b).zip (3.6 MB)
Grim-Dawn_8-Players_x86-DLL(1198b).zip (3.0 MB)

Old Versions:

Grim-Dawn_8-Players_x64-DLL(1193).zip (3.6 MB)
Grim-Dawn_8-Players_x86-DLL(1193).zip (3.0 MB)
Grim-Dawn_8-Players_x64-DLL(1195).zip (3.6 MB)
Grim-Dawn_8-Players_x86-DLL(1195).zip (3.0 MB)
Grim-Dawn_8-Players_x64-DLL(1196).zip (3.6 MB)
Grim-Dawn_8-Players_x86-DLL(1196).zip (3.0 MB)
Grim-Dawn_8-Players_x64-DLL(1197).zip (3.6 MB)
Grim-Dawn_8-Players_x86-DLL(1197).zip (3.0 MB)
Grim-Dawn_8-Players_x64-DLL(1198).zip (3.6 MB)
Grim-Dawn_8-Players_x86-DLL(1198).zip (3.0 MB)


fantastic work :clap:

This is actually great.Pity i don’t has that many friends to play with :cry:.It’s just me and my brothers playing grim dawn.My pc is up to scratch to play with more than 5 players.There’s are not.We also got my one brothers wife to learn how to play arpgs.Her fav isdiablo on switch.She still learning grim dawn because of the different mechanics of the game and the amount of builds you can go.

I would love for her and my other 2 friends to play a mod like this BUT…there pc’s are way to weak for even 4 player local.

PS:Crate should hire you as a promoter as this is really good promotion of 5-8p multiplayer :grin:

Mm really nice❤️
Who would gift me the game :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

My friends and I have a tradition of getting together for a LAN party every year, on the Saturday before Thanksgiving. We have been doing this religiously since 2004. This year was the first time we got to play Grim Dawn together! I had just finished testing this mod, so I figured it was time to put it to work! And oh it was such lovely chaos. We didn’t get very far, though, because more people started showing up, and we had to play something that supported 13 people, haha! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: But I considered the mod to be a success! Future LAN parties will certainly include more Grim Dawn. :grinning:

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How Ironic, I was just searching for ways to get more than 4 players since I keep having more friends wanting to join.

It is a bit of a shame that I wanted to do this with Grimarillion, but the scaling aspect is hard coded via mods you made.

I want to thank you guys for your effort.
If ASYLUM101 can merge this, it would be awesome, but i would assume he would have to manually balance all the enemies out.

Fortunately no, he would not have to manually balance all enemies. Enemy stats are determined by their base values multiplied by modifiers. Each modifier falls into one of 12 groups: 4 players x 3 difficulties. Other stats, such as loot drops and exp points, are determined by counting the number of players in a party and following a fixed formula.

I just tore apart Grimarillion, and it does seem to be compatible with my mod. I’ll chime in on that page.

Just thought I’d ask if this helps the main games issues with MP (in terms of story progression, etc) … as this looks awesome either way. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m not sure exactly what you are referring to, but to answer your question: This mod allows you to host a multiplayer lobby with up to 8 players, then adjusts the database to accommodate for more players, including enemy difficulty. The mod makes no additional changes.

As far as game issues in multiplayer, I have experienced only a few. Such as: if two players choose different story paths, things can get a little weird because your friends are enemies with the factions you allied with. It can also be problematic if a player joins mid-quest, or is more than 6 levels different than your character. However, the game is programmed to handle things like this, even if the end results are less than ideal. I will say the quest syncing in this game is quite good overall. 95% of the time, if any player completes part of a quest, it is synced for all players in the party.

The biggest issue I have had in MP is the infamous loot desync problem, which has been brought up many times on these forums. Basically, sometimes your computers will desync at the moment of a loot drop, and only the host will be able to pick up any of the dropped items. This can happen with instanced or non-instanced loot. If the problem happens with a quest item, that can be really bad. I once had a quest item desync in a rogue-like dungeon, so we couldn’t even come back to pick it up later. The only solution I have found is having the clients disconnect and reconnect to your game, then you drop the quest item on the ground for them to pick up. Sometiems this will allow them to pick up the quest item without it being removed from the ground.

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It might be worth noting in your OP that since this is overwriting base game files that if the game updates or if they verify their files, they will have to reapply them since these functions will detect and rectify any “abnormalities” it detects in modified files.

My bad, I just scanned your FAQ and see you thought of it :smirk:

Pretty awesome mod! I will have to check this out in the future.

Since many people find multiplayer in Grim Dawn to be too easy, I decided to create another mod for 3-6 players that increases the difficulty as though you had one additional player in your party. Should bump up the difficulty a noticeable amount. Enjoy!


Hello. Made own version for Grim Dawn GOG 1.9.5 x64
Link in next massage. If there is no massage feel free to add me in discord:
Power of greed#7952

Only made x64.

It should not make any difference if the game is the GOG version or the Steam version. The engine.dll should be the same either way. So unless you can show specifically that the mod does not work with GOG, I don’t have a reason to update it.

BTW, as mentioned in the original post, I asked specific permission from Crate Entertainment to share my modified DLL file. Quote:
“Do not assume that because I have been granted special permission to share modified game files on this forum, that you are entitled to the same privilege. I am not liable for any damages done to your computer, nor your copy of the game.”

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I confirmed that the 1193 version of the DLL files are not working with version 1195. I have uploaded new files that are tested working. Sorry for the delay!

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The modded DLL files have been updated to version 1196. I didn’t test to see if 1195 was compatible or not, but I figured I’d just update it anyway.

Hi, Ninjared! I think your mod is a brilliant idea! I have a question about “3-6players_plus1” - will it work with just 3 players? Will it increase the difficulty as there were 4 players?

You know, I never even considered that someone would play one of these mods without having 5+ players, so your question threw me for a loop and made me doubt myself, haha! :sweat_smile: So I went and looked up the numbers, and YES, if you play the plus1 mod with 3 players, it will have the exact same difficulty settings as playing with 4 players normally. In addition, if you are playing with exactly 3 or 4 players, you actually do not need to use the modified DLL files. It did not occur to me that the plus1 mod is useful just by itself, but that makes sense! :laughing:

And keep your eyes open for this: I have plans to make a plus1, plus2, and plus3 mod for 1-4 players. When I post it, I’ll be sure to leave a comment here.

Also, thank you! My annual LAN party is in 2 weeks and we’re going to play some 8-player Grim Dawn this year! I’m excited! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

looks like its not working after version release? will the 8 player mod be update for the current version of the game?