[Mod] Grim Dawn Infinity (Updated Regularly - Bookmark it!)

MOD Details

  • New completely custom massive game world
  • Includes various custom textures
  • Unlimited Leveling
  • Reworked all Stats/Formula’s
  • All new Equipment
  • Static Leveling (no scaling)
  • Heavily Modified Skills
  • New Customized Creatures
  • This MOD is essentially it’s own Brand New Game

9-21-2020 Module Dungeon Design

The exterior walls have been closed off, but a large area is available for expansion. This modular design essentially treats each room like an individual module that can be combined with others. So when I want to expand the dungeon I simply remove portions of a the walls and construct new rooms.

Modified Custom Floor Tiles
The poor mans way! The art assets are intended to be created with old MAX software. Some of these are rather complex because they are generally not a 2d image, but rather contain a lot of detailed information such as hit box, mesh, etc. Even tiles used for terrain may have a lot of attributes such as blade count, height of grass etc.

However, in some cases it is possible to make use of JPG/PNG images and integrate them into the game. I won’t cover the full details here, but the images below are demonstrations. On the brick tile set the tiles on the top use the original tiles on the bottom, but alter one of the tex files to create a new appearance. The result is a fused new tile which actually resembles the new and old.

Meet the Aged Troll

9-15-2020 The Power of Creation

The game world is turning out quite nicely and while it has a long way to go it has the potential to become the largest ARPG game world ever created. It may even rival any RPG created!!! This is an important element of the game that provides a sand box style of open exploration. Over 20 years ago I hoped that one day games would truly be expansive enough that you could roam freely and get lost in them. Sadly that never really happened. While the technology improved to create seamless game worlds no developer really went that far with expansive dungeons or land mass. Procedural generation really doesn’t fill this void either.

Last Nights Addition to the game. A place of pure Evil.

A new high level area!!!

Some Architecture

9-14-2020 MAJOR CHANGES this weekend

Improved AI
The Skull Priest has been enhanced to randomly heal opponents for a set amount of HP on a regular basis. This balancing has made it much more essential to target the healers first as it will be possible to kill targets being healed, but much more diffult.

AI Details
The default setup simply did not function in this manner even though it appears to have all the ingredients to make it happen. So I created a “Null Skill” which can be fully controlled. This is just a basic skill with all the elements removed so it essentially does nothing. As with normal skills you can apply a weight for how often it’s selected, what the reuse timer is, and the probably of it actually being applied. Those details are perfect for randomizing it and determining how often it will occur.

But it does essentially nothing? This is true, except when the skill is cast it chains another skill that can be applied to allies. This is the actual heal effect that is then applied to allies of the creature. If you put this skill directly into the tree without the chain method it won’t cast on allies, it will be considered an offensive skill. There are special categories for self buffs etc, but again those don’t seem to work efficiently for this.

Skill Changes
A lot of modifications where made to various skills.

  • Blitz Range extended
  • Blitz knock down has been changed to crumple
  • Forcewave dmg changed to Aether
  • Forcewave initial skill now has a chance to apply a life leach dot

Class Tree Bonus Revised
The Soldier & Arcanist main skill bar have been revised to compliment each other. Soldier provides HP, Health Regen, Str, Dex while Arcanist provides MP, MP Regen, Int, Dex as the main stat bonus.

More more more
As usual new items have been introduced, areas have been improved graphically, and the land mass is expanding. Minor tweaks to skills and balancing have been conducted.

9-11-2020 Showcase Video for the Best Skill in the Game

War Cry is being modified to provide several additional benefits.

  • (Change) Reuse 24 seconds
  • (Default) Total Damage Mitigation (Modified Scaling)
  • (New) Resistances Option
  • (New) Regen Burst Effect
  • (Default) Skill interrupt

Critically important This is where most AAA games completely fail. While they profile top notch graphics, animations, and things like character customization they nearly ALL fall flat when it comes to AI, and combat mechanics.

The solution The Screecher is a good test subject for this. Before it casts a ranged slow debuff it pauses for a moment and does a casting animation. When the timing of this animation is set properly it allows the player enough time to react to the situation and use a skill like War Cry to interrupt the cast. The same could be done with a large magic attack where a defensive boost skill should be timed accordingly.

Other games do this with indicators, but they rarely spend the time required to really make an impressive system. You simply move out of the way or in many cases just dash around constantly using the “flea method” of evasion.

9-10-2020 I can’t believe how well these turned out!!!

New Custom Creature Textures

A new Tutorial Video was post on Map Terrain

9-9-2020 I discovered the best skill in the game!!!

Blade Trap has been moved to the soldier skill tree
This skill has been modified to make the target immune to damage while it’s rooted. It has a slighter lower radius, but increased duration. This is a pure Crowd Control skill and it’s magnificent!

Blade Trap is an essential skill in adding an extra level of complexity to the combat. It’s used to separate creatures to lesson physical damage taken, but does not prevent the rooted creature from attacking. This adds a layer of positioning and targeting that is often lost in today’s games.

When coupled with creatures buffing and healing it adds more strategy to the game. You may want to root the melee targets first and clear out casters or a healer as primary targets then move on to the tankier creatures.

In addition it was a very productive day bringing new items, map detailing, skill adjustments, and various balancing to creatures.

An important note about the 2 class selection
There appears to be plenty of room for all the necessary skills in just 2 class trees. Technically the tree can be modified to even add additional nodes that didn’t exist. Another great method is to reduce the nodes for a skill. Blade Trap was originally a Nightblade Skill that used 2 nodes. However, it has been moved to the Soldier tree and only consumes 1 node now. The skill simply should not do damage and doesn’t need many modifiers. This is especially the case in skills with 3-4 Nodes. They can be altered or the effects can be combined into a single node.

9-8-2020 Lots of News!!!

The updates have been moved to an Archive Post (see bottom) to clean up this post a bit.

Lets get started with “beyond the gates”.

And a few other mapping regions to showcase

How skills work
As explained in the video below there may be only 2 classes available. Don’t panic!!! Read the explanation first or watch the video. Nearly ALL of the active skills are being extracted and set into the Solider/Arcanist skill tree. The result is a very action orientated combat system that wasn’t possible in the normal game.

These skills are being reworked so that proper skill rotations exist. What does this mean exactly? The default reuse timer for many skills is nearly instant. That means the skill is spammable without the need for a proper rotation of mixing in other skills. You would simply re use the same skill repeatedly. Grasping Vines is a good example of this. It now has a proper re use timer so it may be used in rotation, but not spammed.

Overall between 2 modified classes A LOT of skills can be used and by optimizing it (removing a lot of redundant skills) there are still a lot of valid builds within the 2 trees. Many passives are similar and a lot of skills are not often used or only 1 can be used.

Ideally your entire hotkey bar will be full of skills you use on a regular basis. These skills will chain together rather quickly and using them is optimal. A few are used at range, but you should be engaging in direct melee combat then enhancing your debuff/dmg output by slipping in quick action skills.

Further Customization. Curse of Frailty (Originally Occulist skill)
This skill has 2 upgrades, Frailty and Vulnerable. If you apply points to Vulnerable it will decrease the creatures Dexterity. With the formula changes that significantly reduces ranged piercing damage. So if you are having issues with Archers, Mosquitos, etc you can spec your build to use Curse of Frailty on them.

SHOWCASE 9-7-2020

For a full list of updates please refer to this post:

Video Tutorials on how to MOD (World Editor, Stats & Formulas, Creating Mobs)


Welcome to the forum. :slightly_smiling_face:

Is this mod playable? Because you’ve provided no link for people to download it from.

Thank you, nice to meet you.

This Mod is only in it’s beginning phase as I have only recently come upon Grim Dawn and the Modding tools. I know where have I have been for the last (x) years!!!

If there is an active response I may be updating this post on a frequent basis so people can follow along, give advice/input/assistance.

While I am new to Grim Dawn tools, I do have enough background experience to at least expedite the learning process. Things like being familiar with Database structures, Arrays, various coding languages, etc.

Things like the Structural Changes listed have already been modified.

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Hi there!

Sounds very interestring and I’m looking forward to get my hands on this.

Have fun.

Excellent. Glad to hear that. The progress is going well and I’ll be updating the original post for those changes.

This won’t be a simple modification, but rather an entirely new game experience. I’m considering making a few video tutorials walking through the Mod tools.

Essentially, nearly everything except the Artwork needs to be gutted out.

I can’t wait to try your mod and awesome idea!!! by the way

Ahhh man this mod is beginning too look awesome!!! too bad I’m stuck at work to contribute in any way

Yeah wooott woot I’m pumped , thank you for all your hard work !!!

You have my vote to keep making this mod.
looking forward to trying it out when you more progress made.

Are you going to start a discord

I have considered joining one if I can find other Moders or players with helpful information on the tools or possibly just game discussion.


Im somewhat helpful in regurgitating helpful information to malnourished souls. if you need a book worm for discord chat,

A Showcase video has just been added to see the current development.


Yeah ,update !!!

You could make pets have a constitution or energy ,maybe both reserved on your character. when pets are summoned or some other character debuff like energy/health regeneration,player damage

I saw some Mods to scale pets more appropriately. This may also be done through the skill upgrades since they can be expanded nearly indefinitely. The specific issue I’m referring to though is the cheese factor. Such as preventing spamming pets, spawning massive armies, or just using them to avoid damage. The default pets actually seem to work to well.

A Work around may something like the limited life span pets with a long delay in recasting. That way they would be more of supplemental options instead of a true Pet Class.

That may be a long way off as I’m solely managing everything.

On a more positive note, another Game World Update may be released. To show the different terrains, growing world size, and implemented creatures. I’m considering whether to hide some of the game world or show it all off from the editor.

Showing the entire game world is nice to see how expansive it becomes, but it’s also a spoiler to anyone that chooses to play the mod.


What about making the death of a pet drain the players health/ constitution??

Yeah I’d hold on to a few surpriseses

It would take a lot to revive a game a decade after it’s release. It’s a bit of a shame I never really played Grim Dawn during it’s Glory Days. It just seemed to be “another ARPG” while POE and Diablo remained the champions.

However, creating a game for distribution and modding a game for personal use have very different limitations. I have some coding experience, but I do not want to get heavily into scripting/coding/lua. It’s just tedious and not really my cup of tea although I have created projects that way.

I’m looking to build something quite different. To bring back relics of the past. Wizardry, Baulder’s Gate, Might & Magic. Games that invite exploration and growth. Open ended true non linear game play.

I want to be able to roam in any direction and just keep going. Pushing boundaries of which mobs to fight and what to avoid.

In order to do this and create something that could truly spark interest, the game world will need to be unrivaled to other games. Something much larger than the Diablo series, POE, or Last Epoch. A rich world where you don’t really know what’s out there or what you can handle until you test it.

The death penalty will be minimal because you will be expected to die often. Many times in order to gain knowledge. It’s a type of progression.

Right now I’m just focusing on the main Over world, but I would like create maze structures for dungeons. Some of this can be seen in the Over World also. Paths link up together creating short cuts. A path way can also be blocked by traps, hidden spawn, or visible spawn. A strong ranged creature for example can prevent lower level players from taking a path, but make it viable later on.


Aww man it’s starting to look awesome