Video Tutorials: Modifying Game Stats, Game World Editor

Creating a simple ditch, applying textures, and detailing it

Tutorial on Basic Mapping (World Creation)

Tutorial on Editing Game Stats & Formulas

Tutorial on Creating and adding Creatures

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Nice, looking forward to it! :slightly_smiling_face:
This could help to increase the amount of modder for GD!
Many thanks for your work!

Thanks a second guide has been posted along with a quick preview of the current progress.

Categories have been added for the Video Collection along with a new one on mapping, working with the plateau height aspects and detailing the map in general.

This is great, could you please help show me how to create a new weapon? I want to make a new M.I. using a legendary art and apply it to a new Monster. The tutorial guide is so confusing for me lol

Perhaps. All the equipment I have created so far is using the basic defaults. Although most things like sound effects, fx, or graphics are just database references. Also note the Infinity Mod is not using the default loot tables.

However, if you simply want to customize an item from the main game that should be rather simple.

Yes well I’m currently attempting to take a soulblade and make a copy of this item using the art and stuff. But I want to change the stats on it. Basically make it have base stuff like a M.I. And then allow affix to be added and then give it to malmouth final boss as a drop unique to it. Also I can’t figure how to give it a new name. Using item tag name just will make it named by the tagged item?

Is this a complicated thing to do?