[Mod] No Environmental Damage


Link to download: Click me! (259.78MB)

Current working game version:

Mod compatibilities:
This mod is completely compatible with any other mod that does not edit the map.

Extract the folder contained within FreeTheEnvironment.7z to your Grim Dawn/mods/ folder, creating that folder if it does not exist.

How it works:

Step 1. Open the world map into the World Editor and click on ‘Editor Mode’.
Step 2. Click this button.
Step 3. Select ‘Damage Layer’.
Step 4. For all damage layers, set their Damage Per Second value to 0.0.
Step 5. Save and quit the World Editor.
Step 6. Compile the mod.

Q. Can I use this mod in my–

A. Yes.

You’re welcome.


Thank you!

This looks great. I want to try it myself so I can adjust the damage and update the map when new updates happen, but unfortunately the World editor gives an error when I try to save my changes. I opened it in the Editor by changing the .map to .wrl. It would be really nice if you could give some advice for dummies for doing step 1 and 5.

I second that. After fiddling for some time with the editor and still having zero to show for it, I gave up on this mod even though it would be exactly what I’d need. I absolutely can’t figure out how to load the world map into the editor. I probably have to use the asset manager as well, I guess, but no idea. It really would be immensly helpful and much appreciated if someone could give some pointers how to do that.

You don’t need to use the world editor to use this mod. Nor to merge it, either.

Wow, thanks for the answer, now I feel unbelievably stupid. Wish I could play with my main character and the mod, but somehow it doesn’t work, guess I have to start anew.
Again, thanks for the fast answer and, of course, the mod.

So what does it actually do ?

It makes any Aether Patch/Poison Pool in the world do 0% of your health instead of 2%/18%/32% etc.

Thank you so much for this!

I can’t tell you how much I hate that green ‘instant kill’ crap on the ground. So I was really, really hoping somebody would make a mod like this.

Updated to to include the new Roguelike dungeon in its map.

Trying to download it for a while, download stops at 315/436mb :frowning:

Looks like a you-thing, I’m afraid.

Just try here:

Thank you, oh mighty Ceno, for removing this atrocity from the game.

I think I’m becoming the George R.R. Martin of modding, in which no one plays my stuff until decades later…

Enjoy not being disintegrated by the ground!

I had never heard of it until earlier today. Clearly you just need better marketing for your mods. XD

Seriously though… What other mods do you make? Clearly I should be paying more attention.



I can honestly say that I didn’t even notice we HAD a search function. :slight_smile:

Hm. I must’ve broken something. I just walked into the Conflagration and took damage like usual. I don’t use mods much… Is it an issue that I simply copied a character into it? Perhaps that caused the issue?

Will this be getting an update to Or does it already work?