[Mod] Reign of Terror

All that work put into making RoT Wiki and there are still players unaware of its existence.

Something interesting I’ve noticed that I’ve been trying to figure out. Whirlwind tooltip goes down by 40k with Grief Sword equipped - No axe constellations - Sword Mastery is lvl 32 and axe mastery is lvl 13. How the heck does this Grief do less tooltip than the axe? Hard to notice any major difference on damage meters with Grim Internals but… Same attack speed, WAY higher added phys numbers… a passive that is 19 levels higher… DOES NOT COMPUTE.

Edit; Could it really be the 20% total damage modifier % causing that disparity in tooltip variance? Seems unlikely

Edit2: “Armor Piercing” is making 0 difference on tooltip as well. All damage types going down with sword equipped. Again, makes Z-sense

I cant see this site. this is a problem related to my place of residence (Crimea). that’s why I asked how I can get there.

Go to the house right next to Rogue Encampment waypoint.

There is a trapdoor in the bottom right corner of the house, take it down to the basement where you will find a “Horadric Device” in one of the rooms. Insert the key into the device and that will open the portal to Cow Level.

thx alot!!!

Yes, for both. Although a patch for GD was just released so you’ll have to wait until the mod creator updates them for it to work properly.

Grimarillion: [REL] Grimarillion v76

DoM: Dawn of Masteries

He’s asking for a RoT color file, not DoM or Grimar

Is there a Rainbow filter available like for Dawn of Masteries/Grimarillion?

Oh, I’m dumb.

I think your download links are corrupt I have downloaded both base plus 2 patches and when I start a character the mana bar is buggy with blue and yellow squares and so are half the character models.

I redownloaded 2 times and both times I downloaded winrar said some of the files were corrupt as well, downloaded from GoFile as even with copying to my google drive it still won’t allow me to download from google drive

Do you own Ashes of Malmouth and Forgotten Gods? If not… you need them both.

yes I own both

Well, I’ll try downloading the GoFIle and see if I get any corruption errors on extraction. If not that would likely indicate a bad download on your end so I guess we’ll see what we see.


Downloaded all 3 files via the GoFile links and they all extracted and installed without issue. All models in-game looked fine and as they should be.

You’ll simply need to redownload as I suspect this is just a case of a bad/corrupted download. Take care not to do any heavy browsing - such as streaming/watching videos/movies online, downloading anything else etc until your RoT files are finished, to prevent file corruption.

Note: I use 7zip for my file extraction needs. You could possibly try using the same tool to see if you get the same results as what WinRar is throwing at you.

OK I’ll give it another go, guess it’s something on my end then thanks

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Redownload did end up working, no idea why it took 3 downloads to get one without corruption though lol

Edit as bug report looks like Wake of Fire and Wake of Inferno descriptions at least are swapped around as the WoF looks heaps stronger then WoI when it should be the other way around

Edit ok guess there is still something wrong because the portal/waypoint isn’t working can’t return to town with portal nor can I move to the cold plains even though I activated the way point…

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I am also having the same issue as you. I have also redownloaded the files and the portals have ? and are scattered all over the place

This usually happens when you launch other game mode before playing RoT as that way it doesn’t load mod assets properly. As mentioned in the first post - FAQ section. There are couple more suggestions which can be related to your issue so make sure to read everything.

Does the mod still work with the recent Grim Dawn update?

I’m just downloaded to play. It still works very well. :smile:

I appear to still be having issues with mine since the patch as well, although I’m not sure if it’s related or not as I haven’t played in awhile. I’ve attempted re-installing the 3 files (original, update & hotfix) on three separate occasions, extracting them all into my Grim Dawn Folder and overwriting each previous one in the correct order. I then assume I just run Grim Dawn as usual (x64) and all should be good? I keep getting the standard GD menu. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!