[Mod] Reign of Terror

it does not make sense. after turning on the wolf, the paladin becomes useless no matter what the aura is turned off anyway.
It is a pity that there is no removal option in the form of I thought combined paladin with druid, but unfortunately this is not possible. 90% of the paladin’s skills are auras and they don’t interact with the druid.

You could argue the same way that it makes no sense that you can dual class in a “D2 mod” in the first place. Yet, this is how it’s made.

It would be useful to read skill descriptions, because it literally says when a skill is exclusive and that you can have only 1 exclusive skill active at anytime.

in D2 you could only have 1 aura active at a time as a paladin hence the reason why they’re all exclusive skills in this mod

hey guys i have some strange behaviour of the difficultys, if i chose the mod he tells me that i have the “normal difficulty” like normal epic ultimate instead of normal+ hell , nightmare and i can choose all at the beginning. I extracted every file into the mod folder to steamapps hmm
I have everything up to date

All difficulties unlocked for custom games by default.
Difficulties names takes and replace original from mod files after mod starts.

ahhh i see, thank you reign of terror is my first mod :smiley: haha after thousands of hours of gd i thought this one is something special and its awesome !

Dear developers of D2 mod, please make it possible to convert money into bullion as in Grim dawn

Planned for the next update (no ETA yet).

You can simply farm Perfect Gems or high level rare / unique gear and put them into shared stash for lower level characters to sell in the meantime.

Unrelated as a question. Just wanted to say I stumbled into the secret skeleton king’s tomb by accident on Normal difficulty. Got trapped inside with no way out. Looked on the wikipedia and discovered they’re higher difficulty things.

Spent a good 30 minutes wandering around the room thinking it was some sort of puzzle of using the traps in order. :stuck_out_tongue:

Developers D2 mod: Barbarian and paladin 1) the barbarian does not have a zone of action 2) the barbarian has no damage even with a unique weapon, it is extremely difficult to swing the character, almost impossible 3) the paladin needs more auras included, everything is desirable, he and the paladin and not a rotten stump 4)I swung the barbarian through the wind, so long quite nothing 0 damage, like would that would this Skil raised times so in 10 because play the rest Skills Ah simply at all not perhaps and suffered this Skil as primary 5) boost chance drop 5-6 links 6) give more Lich on objects, to live on one a mouse not realistically, there is no damage there is no Lich 7) Barbarian and paladin not cut other classes need to maximize those that are simply impossible to Play. 10) Increase AoE and damage to barbarian and paladin

I would like to know about future plans for the mod, what to expect in the near future and what plans for the mod at all?

Developers D2 mod :1) Valkiry its TOP merc in D2,its very fasters and tankink minion==>in D2 mods Reign of Chaos its very slow and useless abiblity need it fix 2)BoWzons in D2 skill Multishot top AOE for phisical skill,in D2 mod its wery low AOE and high ManaCOSt skill for low tir play and end game…need it fix…BowZons in phisical build useless class…im playad only hardcore.

Is it possible to change mastery?

So the people above wants the dev team to make the mod the way YOU want it.Not how Ram wants it.Sorry to burst your bubble but not gonna happen.The golden rule are max 1 attack skill then work on buffs and passive.If you don’t do it not our problem.I started a barb and had no issues up to act 4.Didn’t die once.

  1. Barb and Paladin have AoE on early levels, Barbarian has Tremor (available at level 5) and Paladin has Smite (number of targets scale with invested points) and Holy Fire (Level 5)
  2. Try Normal difficulty instead of Normal+ because GD update to Veteran difficulty has made Normal+ in RoT super difficult for no real benefit other than more challenge so it’s not recommended for new players
  3. Not sure what you mean here. Paladin is 1:1 copy from D2 and Barbarian has even brand new skills to make up for lack of AoE or other skills that were impossible / useless like Find potion/item
  4. No idea what skill are you talking about, all of them work as intended, again try Normal instead of Normal+ difficulty
  5. There are designated areas where you can farm socketed items, one of the best places is Cow Level
  6. Same as 2)
  7. Both Barb and Paladin are very strong characters if you know how to play them so saying they are impossible to play isn’t right. Always put points into 1 offensive skill early on. Bash on Barbarian and Sacrifice + Prayer on Paladin until level 5 when you can respec to AoE like Tremor / Smite / Holy Fire, then max those and you should be ok.
  8. Barbarian has 7 AoE skills, Paladin has 9 AoE skills so I would say both have more than enough already
  9. Future plans for RoT are overall balancing and possibly new content in form of items / enemies and perhaps even maps. It all depends on how many people are going to be able to work on the mod (currently it’s only 1 dev).
  1. Are you saying that Valkyrie is too strong and needs to be nerfed? If not then I don’t know what are you trying to say
  2. Multishot has low base dmg because it benefits from GD “shotgun” mechanics which means that all projectiles can hit the same target if you stand close. That’s why it was nerfed to the current numbers, otherwise it becomes OP.

Not without use of 3rd party tool like GD Defiler. Use it only at your own risk because it is known for sometimes causing issues like removal of all discovered waypoints from the edited character.

Hotfix released.


ReignOfTerror_v0. (249 MB) Google Drive
ReignOfTerror_v0. (249 MB) MEGA


  • Place downloaded “ReignOfTerror” folder (located in ReignOfTerror_v0. into your Grim Dawn/mods folder and overwrite all files


  • Make sure to complete all active quests before applying this hotfix, otherwise you might lose quest progress
  • Hotfix is compatible only with Forgotten Gods expansion and Reign of Terror version
  • Hotfix includes/replaces and


Reign Of Terror Changelog (Google Docs)


Awesome :slight_smile: Thanks Ram.

Take a break you madman!

Ram: Thanks for the answer, I play on hardcore, Normal+ difficulty and I’m not interested in playing on normal difficulty of the game. I’m not going to breed the snot, I will say briefly that on hardcore most of all there is the game balance. Question: will there be a fixed translation into the Russian language? If you go into the game on the Russian localization, there are no quests, they are all broken. Will this bug ever be fixed?

Hi Ram
Could you make it specific in your annoucement that there can not be any alteration to your work for those who forward /distribute it. It’s a bit annoying to find they make their modification to this mod. Some changes are just totally unacceptable.