[Mod] Reign of Terror

Here’s my collection at level 88. Yesterday I just started doing world boss runs after finding out I’m not strong enough to defeat Terror ubers for Uber Tristram, and I just completed Hell two days ago. Keep in mind I found MANY 4 socket Seraph rods that gave me +3 all skills quite awhile ago, but simply left them on the ground. I probably found the 4 socket item in nightmare? It took along time, but I finally got one. :smiley:

I can confirm the 4 socket shield is rare, but only if your item level average drop rate isn’t high enough. At a certain point it becomes almost common and is a guaranteed drop.

Note on remastering: A LARGE part of making your picture looking good is simply having proper contrast/brightness/color saturation. On my IPS gaming/art display I have the monitor set to 100% contrast, my control panel contrast set to 90%, my brightness to 80, and my color saturation is at 66. AA changes the characteristics in a strange way and makes things washed out, so that’s important! Reducing color saturation can help reduce eye strain if it physically hurts like my sensitive eyes can at times.

But Fuzzydunlop just said he started finding them during the transition from Normal to Nightmare even. Both my chars have completed NM and haven’t found one…in 12 acts combined! That’s not cool and way too rare in my opinion. That’s why I think the bases should be transmutable like the runes.

The runeword shields also require surprisingly low runes, I could build the Spirit shield 20 times over. If only I had the base.
Screenshot 2021-11-30 231618

I much prefer the other approach for high-tier runewords: rather common base, high level runes. That way the player at least has a chance to work towards that goal by slowly upgrading runes. If I’m missing the base item, I’m just SOL.

EDIT: As if I needed another proof that complaining on the internet always works, I just dropped a Monarch shield after some more Forgotten Temple runs. Now I’m unsure what to do, should I build it right away or wait for some more levels? Another craft had higher numbers than the projected values in the crafting window. Is the outcome a dice roll or does a higher player level always lead to a better result?

Cant do much about that as this is simply how blizzard made these runewords in D2. But, dont forget Dream, Phoenix, Dragon or Exile runewords. Those shields arent cheap to make.

You’re simply unlucky it seems. I never found it terrible how long it takes to get a socketed base
The higher end bases have an additional chance from worldbosses.

As for the rolls, cube shows the minimal value it can roll iirc, so it tends to always roll higher. Your level doesnt matter.

The portals to and from the Shattered Conclave do not seem to work with a gamepad. From outside the sigil they do not work, although you see the button hint above them.
You need to move next to the portal (in hugging range) so that the game processes your input and takes you through to the other end.

That is actually the same problem with mouse both in D2 and this GD D2 TC. With a mouse I have to move closer or father away, depending, to step into portals. I highly doubt it’s a problem with the controller option. :smiley:

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Are you referring to the regular waypoints? No issues with them with a gamepad.

I have issues with both portals and waypoints, hard to click on. I never considered them the same problem until you suggested it just now.

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Hello Everyone,
I just started GM ROT, I got to level 8, and finally got the Thorns aura.
I can not get the game to allow me to use it.
It is in the skill section of my character but I can not use it from the skill page or assign it to a hotkey by right clicking it to a free hotkey number.

I added both updates to my mod folder when I added ROT to my copy of GD.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,


Please post in the appropriate mod thread. Maybe @medea_fleecestealer can move this there?

Edit: thanks medea!

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Just like basic GD, square skill icons are activated/used skills, circle skill icons are modifiers that are linked to the square (or passives).

In this case, thorns is a modifier for defiance, so use defiance if you want to use the thorns.

When I hire one of the three chars from D1, it says something like this “Aidan, Full Armor” or “Aidan, Medium Armor”. But their stats and abilities don’t seem to differ, is it merely cosmetic?

Besides, I’m having real trouble getting my AR up to levels where I could even remotely think about landing a crit. I just finished Hell at level 83 (a bit early, but teleporting around is just too tempting) and have 99/99 devotions points. Below you see my stats, please ignore the awful poison resist, I do ignore it as well :smirk:

When I hover over the AR value, it says I have a 66% chance to hit a Act 6 / level 16 trash mob. That is after I took any reasonable AR node on the devotion tree without gimping the rest and I also tried to get it on as many gear pieces as possible. My defense also looks pitiful, not much I can do about that either. My merc is from Act4 (offensive version).

Screenshot 2021-12-07 182310

What am I missing here? Just for fun I used GDStash to switch my attribute points around and put everything into dex. That gave me 150 more AR, which brought me to almost 70% hit chance and still 0% crit. And I can’t slap Gul runes on everything, I just started out again and only have one. If I wanted to hunt for those, where would I have to look? I did several countess hell runs, all I got was below tier 20.

What are my options for making a crit build? I don’t see it happening at the moment, not with what I have at my disposal at least. Keep in mind my stash is still only filling up, since I had to reinstall everything after a wipe. It’s weird, cause in my mind crit is tied to caster builds, more so than melee builds. Do I really need endgame equip to make it work?

Hey Ram, wanted to know, did you include the diablo 1 campaign as well in that mod?


Yes, it’s Act 6 iirc.


D1 campaign is implemented as Act 6, as Medea said.

I’d start with putting components and augments on your gear. Plenty AR and defense to be had there. For example 3× survivors ingenuity on jewellery, as well as 2x arcane sparks on amulet/medal. 2x runebound topaz to your rings, spellwoven threads to your gloves. Then if you have a gul to spare, use it. If not, use (perfect) amethysts on helm/weaponslots/chest. These components alone should give about 30% total AR + 120 flat ar.

Lastly devotions are good. Some ( almost mandatory) ones, imo, are panther, hawk, chariot of the dead. Then you can pick some extra ones like Bards Harp or Korvaaks etc.

Final fix would be adjusting you skills. Archmage is… arcanist and sorceress I’m guessing? If it is,you need to max inner focus and the 2nd one from iskandras elemental exchange, and then enchant for AR boosts. Thunderstorm optional for a decent enemy defense reduction.

Oh and yes, put all points in dexterity. Once you’ve got your endgame gear (or are close enough to that) you can respec and put some extra in str/int. Being able to hit/crit takes priority over anything else usually.

Crit isnt specific to casters. It’s a big damage boost for anything. You’ll be able to crit monsters once you have over 90% chance to hit them. Below 70% chance to hit you also actually deal less damage then what your sheet states.

Oh. And fix your resists :sweat_smile:! Armor components help a lot there, and you can buy the lvl70 armor augments in act4.

Yes, I switched Druid for Arcanist as my second spec, I was just too disappointed with it. Maybe I didn’t understand how to properly play it, no idea. Anyway, I had more fun with the sorc main throughout the campaign.

Thanks for the sound advice. Some things I already did, like focusing AR on the skill and devotion tree. But I admit that I often am too hesitant to put valuable components on gear (like high-level runes), because it’s almost certain that I will exchange the gear for something better later on. The only option to retrieve the component is to salvage it and destroy the gear piece in the process. Which is a shame if it was a really well-rolled rare item, a catch-22 of sorts.

What kind of AR should I be aiming for? What is a recommended value for a crit endgame build? Cause it seems to fluctuate wildly even within the same zone. Some mobs are easy to hit, others are more elusive and hidden ubers probably require even more AR to hit properly.

I’m also still scratching my head when it comes to life leech. A few posts back you told me that any self-cast spell should work with it. I got 6% leech from devotions and when I’m using my level 35 Nova skill it doesn’t seem to do much, if anything at all. Nova hits for an average damage of 500k, that should normally fill me up every couple of casts (cause of the wide damage range), but it doesn’t. I tried it in different zones, just in case some mobs can’t be leeched from. Is there something I don’t understand, like is the leech applied overtime or something? Cause if it’s instant, then I don’t know what I’m doing wrong.

Leech scales from weapon damage, so look at the % for the skill in question. It is very low for casters, without tons of investment you will have to add other layers such as regen or good ole health pots.

You’re right, I totally misread his answer. Well, that explains everything, Nova has only 3% weapon damage. Guess I can scrap life leech with that skill, cause I can’t switch out my scepter for an axe. Devotions might be my best bet then, as he had pointed out as well.

You arent alone trust me! GD takes a little homework to understand how all the systems work, after 1k hours in GD and probably 400 in this mod, I still dont fully understand the order of operations when it comes to damage conversion ha.

As far as I could tell, when I used a character where I was evaluating %chance to hit with spells, it said 66% constantly, even when I was pumping stats that should increase it, so I think often it’s a display error until you are close or over 66%. At least, that’s what I experienced. Having spells not hit without sufficient support of skills is new to me, and I don’t actually remember that being a problem in base Grim Dawn. :smiley: Maybe I just didn’t play enough or have a build that was really hurting to notice. I don’t know. :smiley:


Last few days, after buying the new massive Titan Quest expansion, I’ve played it and found out that 4x DSR set to a desktop resolution (and the game set to it) actually benefits it greatly (with 8xAA and 200% sharpen (slide bar to the right 100%)), so I’ll be trying that with this mod later. It fits with PS2 emulation that had infinite progress in graphical quality rendering all the way up to 8k resolution! No joke. LOL. So I’ll try it with this mod soon when I want to switch back. Haven’t played vanilla Titan Quest in many years and am actually liking it. WEIRD,LOL. It’s funny how perspective and taste changes over time. :smiley: The UI is tiny and barely readable in this resolution by the way, at 1440p DSR is 5k pixels horizontal.

And in case someone never read my previous post on the topic, the point of putting DSR on the desktop is it causes an additional blur/smoothing at 100% DSR smoothness that highly benefits the texture quality.

Just sharing cause I get excited about this stuff, LOL. The new Nvidia drivers are great! :smiley: PS, turned off supersampling completely, performance hog with little or no benefit.

In this RoT mod, 4x resolution may cause performance issues. Titan Quest is very very easy for a modern system.

EDIT: One of the reasons I stopped playing Titan Quest initially is poor graphics, these settings resolve this BY FAR! Even the upgrade from a 1080p to a 1440p monitor ALONE didn’t come close to aiding me as far as visuals, that is, on a large 27 inch screen closeup. Right now, the visuals for me are STUNNING.