[Mod] Reign of Terror

Since I’m mainly using teleport to move around now, I noticed a difference in getting hit. Melee and caster mobs almost never hit me, even if I teleport right through them. Ranged attackers on the other hand all seem to have uncanny aim, they hit me when I’m anywhere near them.

Do enemy projectiles actually have to land or are they hitscanners? If the projectiles have to hit, they must have a very high velocity, cause I’m only standing in one spot for a fraction of a second each time.

I have been able to level some MP chars with friends, who do not like GD that much, but are old Diablo fans. So, good job @Ram and team.

We have been wondering, why some items have (Legacy) in their name. What is the story behind this?

All projectile based attacks (no matter if spell or ranged weapon attack) have collision so they all have to collide with player hitbox in order for the hit to register. Ranged weapon projectiles tend to have higher base velocity when compared to most spells so that would explain why it is harder to avoid them.

Thank you, it is good to hear that more people are able to experience Grim Dawn, even if just through a mod.

(Legacy) items have been implemented to differ between those which are present in both: Diablo 1 and Diablo 2.

Those with (Legacy) are from the original Diablo while the ones without it are the D2 version.


Does “Prevent Monster Heal (100% Chance on Attack)” also trigger with spells? Cause the last thing you’d want to do as a caster is going straight into a mob’s face.

Andariel on Hell seems to be designed for chars that can tank her or have minions to do the job. If you can’t, the whole fight becomes a clusterfuck of her chasing you around all the time while non-stop spawning adds. She also spams her aoe attacks without pause and her constant movement makes stationary skills very ineffective. All the other act bosses seem much more focused in terms of how the fight plays out, with Andariel it feels like too many ideas were thrown together just for the sake of it.

I haven’t played D2 in ages so I can’t remember if all of this is also true for the original, but it certainly is my least favorite act boss fight ingame. And it isn’t even because of the poison damage, that’s very far down the list of all the problems with this encounter. You could argue it’s a challenge because of all this, but something can be challenging and still fun.

OMG! Your post has me laughing!

I dated the maiden of hell and anguish.

She was a cheap date and alot of fun.

In fact, she was a cluster of fun. :wink:


With what char did you fight her? My tanky chars I played a while back also had no issues with her, but that was because I could ignore pretty much all of her attacks. If you engage on her terms, you are just constantly running away from things…falling rocks, aoe attacks, exploding adds and Andariel herself.

I have no problems with the need to reposition in a fight, I can dance around Duriel, Mephisto, Diablo and Baal. But Andariel just pelts the whole vicinity around her with stuff without ever giving you a window to just stand there for a second and unload on her. With Duriel you can kill the adds and then focus on him, Diablo also has a delay when it comes to respawning adds. There’s no such thing with Andariel, it just goes on and on and on…no fun in my book. Makes you feel like you’re in a hamster wheel.

By the way, I got a pair of pants from Creeping Feature that convert elemental damage into elemental damage. Does that have any effect at all and is that combination intended?
Screenshot 2021-11-23 034944

She spawns adds about every 13 seconds. You can also just ignore these and keep shooting her. Most people have enough leech to facetank most of it by then, or enough damage to not make it stand out that much.

Yes and intended. It takes your elemental damage, and then splits it in 3. So if you have fire damage, itll turn into fire/cold/lightning. Same for cold damage etc. Basically forces you to use triple damage types. Which helps against high resistant monsters if you are low on resistance reduction, but it does usually lower your damage value a bit.

Can she spawn earlier, when no adds are present? Cause I’m pretty sure it didn’t take me 13 seconds to kill them and during the whole fight she was never without at least a couple of them. Leaving them alone only works if your main skills aren’t aoe attacks because otherwise you kill them no matter what. If you want to do continuous damage to her, you pretty much have to be able to tank/outheal her damage, otherwise the fight drags on because she will always be on your heel, moving away from your stationary skills. Granted, Duriel does that as well, but he doesn’t have that many spammable aoe attacks in comparison. She’s pretty much a hybrid of Duriel and Mephisto, and that makes this fight very tedious compared to others.

Do “on attack” skills like prevent monster heal and leech also work with remote spells like Hydra?

I didn’t censor anything as far as I can tell.

The trigger for her to spawn the zombies is you attacking her. So if you never hit her, she wont spawn any.
The spawner has a 11 second cooldown. Spawns 3 per spawn and has a max limit of 12 adds. But, as the life duration is 33 seconds, in practice you shouldnt have more than 9 at once. After 33 seconds, they die and thus explode anyway.

On attack skills get triggered by anything player related, so not pets. As for hydras, they’re played scaled pets but i do think they dont trigger skills on your gear (should be easy enough to test on a dummy to see if they proc anything).
Life leech is based on %weapon damage parts on abilities. As hydra’s dont have %weapon damage anymore, they no longer leech for you.

Thanks for the explanation, it’s appreciated. But I’m wondering how a pure caster is supposed to get noticeable amounts of life leech then. I’m using Eschuta’s Temper, which provides huge bonuses to skills, but doesn’t have a lot of base weapon damage. I’m still missing ingredients for Heart of the Oak, but it wouldn’t be a huge upgrade in that regard either. On top of it, most spells only include a rather low weapon damage%. For sorcerer the highest one is Meteor with 25%, a skill I don’t want to use because of the long CD. But even if I would add Enchant to the mix it’s nowhere close enough to be able to outleech Andariel’s damage.

Are casters supposed to autoattack inbetween spells? Serious question, because I don’t see how you would do it with spells alone.

Spells alone, especially the spammable spells, have enough to leech usually. Fireball for example especially when combined with tal rashas sets. Another option is devotion abilities. Compare it to GD or D2 though, where you cant leech at all as a caster unless you have some specific skill modifier from an item that adds life leech or weapon damage.
It’s not that bad honestly despite seemingly low values. Life regen can also help a lot. You want to avoid damage as the typical caster. Not take it and leech it back.

The top end rune with +1 skills. Is it saying it’s a normal +1 skills instead of increasing skills for pets? I used to think it would not increase your pet levels, but it should for ALL skills including pets right? :smiley: Just like any other +1 all skills?

I don’t complain if the game has been running a whole day and it goes black. Once in awhile. I did get the Act 1 passage crash in Hell, went to level two which I usually don’t do, lost experience permanently after dying to the world boss. That’s my only crash with this character that I can recall, but it’s been 6 months in the making.

Been running on the DSR setting below 3x right now as a balance for the UI and actual improvement vs. performance. I installed this cursor mod, the remastered version that’s not nearest neighbor and the cursor is now BEAUTIFUL:

8x AA seems to clear things up ALOT! I do sharpen to max, which is technically 200%. That’s because I’m not running normal 4x DSR like usual, I’m doing 100% smoothness and setting the desktop resolution to the EMULATED resolution, and then in turn the game resolution to match. It’s a much stronger effect and has more blur. Between the blur and the sharpen it’s basically a remaster of the game. I posted that here as this mod has some super old assets from TQ in act 2 that’s not good. :smiley:

The mod installs in the My Documents (look at instructions) so is independent from RoT and SUPER easy to install!

I really enjoy the smoothed out textures. I can slow down a bit on a gtx1080 but with only 2x supersampling and it’s smooth most of the time. I don’t even have my card OC’d right now (forgot after my machine was hacked).

Almost through hell, still feeling very balanced, tough to keep up the damage without endgame gear to keep it going fast, but otherwise it’s not been that hard in this minion based build. I’ll try world bosses and ubers soon if I don’t get bored. :smiley:

I may choose these settings with base GD later but it’s not nearly as needed as this mod, it really boosts the visuals a great deal. I don’t usually use AA, but it seems to make it look far better with DSR/sharpen than usual. I have it at 8x. I never tried it like this before with desktop DSR AND AA, it’s a double load and made my old 1GB card go to a slideshow if I accidentally turned it on. :smiley:

I was just tired of the bad old textures in both GD and RoT. The best test for framerate is act 3 with all those gidbin warriors around. If it can handle the 30 enemies or so running at you, you should be good for the rest of the game. :smiley:


2.25? DSR with desktop resolution set to it.
100% smoothness with DSR
200% sharpen (EDIT, just added, forgot this one) aka., slidebar all the way to the right
Game set to desktop virtual resolution.
AA settings at 8x (if your system can handle it)
2x SS (supersampling) as higher settings will destroy your framerate

I got this performance and fantastic visual quality from the LATEST Nvidia driver where sharpening and SS were all reworked and running much better. Thanks Nvidia.

The result should be you no longer see bad artifacting or super blurry textures. Depending, text may be blurred a bit. Settings for a 1440p monitor only, if you have a 4k monitor just run at native resolution of the monitor and try some of the other settings! Try 1.5x DSR to get a light blur and see if that helps, suicide on a 4k to go higher, but it’s the only way to get the smoothness setting turned on, which will help the textures when you sharpen them up (don’t sharpen it as much on a 4k display as there’s less blur).

If your UI is too small you can adjust it manually in the text settings file for the game itself, but not for the cursor which requires the mod (I looked that up on Google search).

I may try DSR 4x but I doubt it’s necessary, the more you smooth it out the more texture detail is lost and your framerate is affected.

As a bonus I use a similar technique with VLC player on old TV shows (with desktop DSR, 2.25x or 4x for really grainy shows). It has a guassian blur (called spacial blur in the player under advanced) and a sharpen you can run simultaneously, for best results uncheck and recheck the sharpen filter before applying effects, it looks best if you set it to sharpen the picture before you blur it, as it gets rid of any artifacts. Can work with low quality 720p to 480p or less, more will cause you to lose frames. gtx1050 or higher recommended. Gaussian blur shouldn’t be much past the first bar on the slider or the sharpen will never be enough, the sharpen itself is trial and error depending on the input video, for anime/cartoons go much softer.

Zod rune increases the player skills, despite the +1 skill bonus being in pet bonuses for some reason. Should say it in the item description.

Feedback on behalf of one of my friends I am playing with:

Is this something you can look into, @Ram?

Sure, consider it done for the next update.

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Would you consider making the runeword bases down-/upgradable like runes? Since I reinstalled the game I played two chars to level 71 and 76 respectively and that’s what I’ve found so far:

Mind you, I dropped quite a few more duplicates for weapons and armor than what is shown here. But for shields, that’s everything, two 3-sockets. So I neither can build Splendor or Spirit. I tried to farm Forgotten Temple in Upper Kurast, cause it’s very small and has lots of destructibles. No dice, found a 6-socket axe though.

It really doesn’t feel good to know one of these is so much more rare than the rest. If this is done for balancing reasons, increase the shield base droprate and switch the runes for higher ones. At least then you can work towards a goal (upgrading runes). With the bases, you just have to pray for them to drop or you are stumped. With two 70s I should’ve at least picked up a 2-socket along the way, that sounds reasonable to me. It’s not like a +1 skill would break the game for a leveling char. Thanks

Its itemlevel/monster level related. You can usually just buy a 2s shield if you are below lvl30

I’m still dropping 2-socket armors/weapons left and right with my current level in NM and hell. So basically you’re telling me the shield drop restrictions are different from the rest? And I’ve never seen a single shield at any vendor I checked.

I havent checked in depth the loottables for shields, they’re slightly different then the armor one. But at lower levels you can buy them. If they’re not there, just refresh until you do.

As for the 4s shields, I’ve found them as early as act6 normal and act1 nightmare.

Also, try nihlataks temple, flayer dungeon and worldbosses in hell for the 4s shield.

Will give that a try, thank you. It just seems weird that there is such a heavy droprate bias towards shields…I probably found over 100 armors/weapons, but only 2 shields. By now the droprates should have evened out, unless a decimal point is set wrong or something.