[Mod] The Sparker : Set the world on fire ! (and lightning mastery)

The Sparker : Mastery focused on Fire and Lightning

This new mastery is focused on casting fire and lightning spells.
I wanted to bring a spell similar to the PoE sparks and liked it so much that I added some burning ground modifier to it and decided to create this mastery.
  • Sparks : Launch a serie of projectile all around you sometimes changing directions.

You can customize the launch angle with different transmuters. (see the youtube video for demonstration)
You can change the damage into lightning
Transmuter that adds a cooldown for more damage

  • Electrocute : Cast a lightning chain that deals lightning damage and jumps to nearby enemies

Modifier to create a lightning nova explosion on each enemy hit (shown in the youtube video)

  • Firestorm: Launch a serie of fire meteors from the sky

Transmuter to increase the targeted area (shown in youtube video) and areas of the explosions at the cost of less damage

  • Fire nova : An explosion deals damage around you
    Modifier to create lightning tendrils to all nearby enemies (shown in youtube video)

Loot : Ignus at the Conclave of the Three has a recipe to craft a random item suited for The Sparker class.
This includes 2 legendary set (one at level 50, the other above 90) , random monster infrequents that have 2 random affixes focused on the sparker skills and 3 relics.

Download : https://www.nexusmods.com/grimdawn/mods/101

Credits : GGG for icons


In the video this looks very OP, pretty much one-shoting everything. Also, your skill icons miss a greyed out version for when you have no points invested yet. Finally, it would be nice to have more and also lower level sets / relics. Do you plan on adding those ?

Yes the mod is currently in beta, very roughly done.
The video is just to show the skill, the numbers are not the actual numbers that you will do with the released version.
I will add a greyed out version of the icons, I was wondering if it was used.
For lower level equipment I don’t know yet, maybe low level relics, and a lower level set seems possible but later depending on my free time (I want to play next Diablo 3 season and PoE).


Thank you @mamba for your feedback and ideas.
I added the greyed out versions for all current icons.
Also added a level 50 set.

Now I also would be interested to hear player’s feeback for balancing skills number.

For the next version I am currently considering adding a transmuter to storm crysal to change the crystal in a pet that follow you (but limit number to 1 with this transmuter).

version 1.1 released
Have fun


Hello, I want to ask about the lost treasure. Will mod be updated again? I miss it very much. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I don’t have plans to update it, sorry.

Uploaded version 1.1B
3 new level 60 relics to change spark damage and visual effect.

  • Conversion Fire to piercing turns sparks into celestial falcons
  • Conversion Fire to chaos turns sparks into chaos bolts
  • Conversion Fire to physical turns sparks into golden hammers that have a wider direction angle
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Report: Class09 UI has bug.

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Thank you, uploaded version 1.1C that fix the Oathkeeper (class09) UI bug.

New version 1.1 D


  • Conversion spark to aether relic modifier
  • Conversion spark to cold relic modifier
  • Nerf to Spark Precise shot now -35% / -50% / -60% damage for ranks 1/2/3
  • Nerf to Devastation modifier -20% damage
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Uploaded 1.2 with small changes.
More changes coming later
Thank you for your feedback


wow why am I seeing this mod only now?
I have always loved lighting skills, this mod has a lot of potential. Please do if possible arc lighting like in poe,where one shot spreads over a dozen or so mobs :wink:

Hey, weird how you didn’t include GGG in credits as you are using some skill icons that are from PoE.

Fixed , it’s in the credits

Sparker 1.3
Added 2 new legendary scepters :

  • Nebulis Void scepter that gives projectile speed to spark

  • Vampirris that gives Attack damage converted to Health to spark and electrocute

Nebulis uses PoE weapon model.Credits to GGG.


If anyone interested here is a beta of the aura of fire and lightning skill that I am currently testing, it is a beta version :

The idea is a temporary buff (10-15s/ 30s cooldown) that strikes nearby targets at a very fast interval but doing low damage.
This buff can be linked to devotion to proc them faster.
It also has a modifier that gives a 30% chance proc (red lightning strike that does fire and lightning damage) an any attack while the buff lasts.

In the first part of the video you can see a 0.3s interval cast of the proc and in the second part when I start casting skill the proc seems to trigger as fast as it’s cooldown which is 0.2s only and seems too low (and the sound is getting very anoying).

I am currently thinking of increasing the cooldown of the proc to 0.3s and lowering the sound.
I could also change the proc chance or making it work only on crit attack, but I find it more fun if it triggers often even if it does less damage.


Uploaded 1.45 version
New skill Aura of Fire and Lightning that deals fire and lightning damage to a few targets around you at a 0.3s interval.
The buff last 7-16s with a 30s cooldown.
The modifier will proc a lightning strike with a 0.3s cooldown while the buff is active.

The names might be changed later.

New legendary ring to support this skill.
I am interested in feedback to balance the skill or make it more fun.


New version 1.5

  • New Blue shoulder (model Sentinel of the Three but blue version) with Ultos devotion modifier

  • New blue Shield (Dawnshard model with blue textures from “Freeze of deflection” shield in Diablo 3 mod but FIXED the texture issues).

  • Amulet and Head set cooldown set to 6% from 5%

  • Reworked Lightning shield effect to be fixed when the character is casting (using FXunparented center)


New version 1.6

  • Applied Dawn of Masteries nerfs to spark : Huge nerfs to burning ground*
  • Increased cooldown of lightning strike (Aura of lightning proc) to 1s
    Added new legendary items :
  • Set “Frozen reality” with devotion bonuses to Blizzard (ring Frozen Sky and belt Frozen dream)
  • New legendary medal Asura wrath with damage bonus to Avatar of wrath
  • Changed the Aegis aurora (blue shield) bonus to Hand of Ultos instead of Blizzard

*If you liked previous power of spark you can still download 1.5 version.

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The spark modifier, ‘Precise shot’, does not fly as described. Even if I increase the rank of the skill, the angle does not decrease and it flies in the same diffuse manner as before, making it very difficult to hit the enemy.

Rank 3, “Precise shot.”