Mod Wishlist

I don’t even know if it is something that could be fixed with mods but literally anything to improve the optimization of the game would be spectacular.

yes, that is what I meant, you can only have broad categories, as soon as you want many narrow ones, items belong into several

I mean, yeah, you could go into that direction, too, just make a giant query editor where you select your various OR/AND/NOT/etc. preferences and it will return you any collection of things, and your items are just dumped in their entirety and organized by the query editor.

that is essentially what the DB part does

But that’s the kind of thing that can be tacked on top of anything and I’d never want to use that as a primary means of organization. It’s way too powerful for the vast majority of uses.

not sure why anything would be too powerful :wink:

If you said too complex, maybe I could see that, but then you stick to simple queries and get the same big result sets that correspond to your stash tabs

It’s a question of very data-based interfaces vs visual, intuitive interfaces. I heavily prefer the latter even if, occasionally, I’d like to have features from the former.

not sure the stash page is all that more intuitive. Sure, placing items in it and picking them up again is but the same is true to almost the same extent for a DB. Finding the right / best item in the stash however is not intuitive at all (the steps to find it are intuitive, but there is no way to intuitively find it right away, you have to search through a bunch of items and compare them).

I think you’re getting a bit too involved in something that’s mostly a personal preference thing. :stuck_out_tongue: Plenty of people love your DB mod, I’m sure. It’s just not my cup of tea.

I’m not sure how open GD is for something like this, but plenty of moddable games (most notably Bethesda games) had some amazing community optimizations and improvements.

no worries, just wanted to see what exactly you prefer here, not trying to convince you one way or another. I agree it is a personal thing.

I feel the game will be pretty optimizable. If nothing else, than through a custom map file that has a lot of the “fluff” stripped down. There are backgrounds that are not 100% needed that we can see, and they do consume a bit of our processing power and the like. Biggest performance issue is that road to Fort Ikon, and it is one of the largest areas where backgrounds just are… there. Miles of them. A blank fog would sure cost a lot less CPU than those miles. Just having that area reworked a bit would do wonders for CPU load.

I know this may seem silly for an arpg where your character is covered, but I would like the option to at least be able to alter the way my character looks. Nothing extravagant, but something similar to Torchlight 2. I respected that aspect of TL2, being able to allow one to have a unique looking character when compared to other players. The two base templates that GD has currently (either 1 male template or 1 female template) is quite underwhelming.

way more items would be fun

It’s not that for me. The main thing is all the insane FPS drops from literally anything ever, and guaranteed once a certain amount of shit is flying around on the screen.

some kind of raid, end game stuff

A mod which let you control the spawn rate of nemesis and champions would be nice :slight_smile:

Also something that would allow auto-pickup of components (like health/mana pots.)

I would like to see more than 1 type of health potions. the level of heath restored by the potion more expensive it will be, to give in later game the same feeling at the begining. In later game the money turns less significant, i can purchase potions without feeling any difference in bank.

don’t health potions restore a % rather than fixed amount ? In which case they feel the same throughout the game already :wink:

I would love to see an attempt at a raid. I started to check out the map creation, but I don’t understand how to get the portals to work.

4-player difficulty tool to trick the game into thinking there are more players in it like this mod for Borderlands

The Horadric cube + recipes…secret recipes ofcourse with maybe basic ones you find around the world, or lore explaining more.

Couple question before wishlist:

  • Is player limit in multiplayer hardcoded in the game engine?
  • Is attack speed can be adjusted via DBR? (is it possible to make automatic rifle?)

Anyone interested in some sort of pvp or pve battle arena thing?

Idea would be to have items that grant skills (teleport/movement speed boost/etc…) rather then having experience/classes and then either have it be pvp, pve or both.

I’m interested to have GD Counter-Strike mod of death match. All involves gun and knife melee. Skill only grenade, smoke bomb, flash bang, teleport, ground stomp. run speed max for hectic match. item modded to have proper colt, deagle, m16,ak47, machine gun, smg, sniper and aetherial gun. GD flavor.

Would be nice if there was a mod to erase the gray/yellow loot from dropping as some places it just starts to lag up the joint even if hidden, especially as you get into mods (eternal, xmax, grimmest, DAIL etc).