Mod Wishlist

I’m thinking of something like where you have items with skills attached as a sort of load out (perhaps acquired via quest npcs).

Most likely make projectile speed a bit slower or have tells as to where a skill might land (like Warden’s aether trap ability).

I believe multiplayer cap can be increased as the devs have done so in the past so I’ll take a look into that as well.

Unless your doing a survival mode mod it’s probably because of all the corpses, not because of the loot. Try lowering your corpse persistence.

I can’t recall this. Did dev really do this?

Try Eternal mod (the one with an Arena) and set your loot to hide white items. Don’t pick up any of the White loot.

After only a few waves you will start noticing the lag.

Right, corpses set to disappear instantly but the ground still sparkles and if you hit alt your blinded by rectangles :smiley:

Idk if they did in normal games or if its possible in a normal mod, but it was definitely done and I think i even saw one with a cap over 10 players

I remember these first person view screenshots in a thread from years ago. Quite interesting. Is someone working on a proper first person view? I think this would also need some adjustments and modifications to skills?! Would there be any chance to create some kind of heaven texture for the horizon?

Would very much like to see this also:)

A way for pets to scale with player stats so that hybrid pet builds are viable.

They did with 10 slots and if I remember right even 12 slots.

And yes, it is possible to modify that and it is so ridiculous easy that you’ll laugh when you find out :stuck_out_tongue:

this could be interesting for quasi - dedicated servers (box running game with graphics options at 0) running mods like RIFTS or survival

please give us a hint// templates ???

I wish we had such an app but developing it is such an incredible amount of work that people who tried already gave up so I don’t think this will happen unless the devs release it (which is also not very probable).

Changing templates has absolutelly no effect :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

Unfortunatelly this is a topic I once promised never to talk about. Sorry.

I hope for an enlarged map of constellation to mess with :rolleyes:

-The old Titan Quest Epics and Legendarys !

I’d like to see the loot tables changed a bit. More items, more mods. Maybe legendary items before level 50.

One thing I’d like to see is a mod to lower the costs of some of the Demolitionist’s higher tiered skills lowered a bit, makes it harder to run a commando with such high resource costs for the higher tiered skills.

Wish granted…mod entering test phase now, mp test tomorrow and if everything works fine, release afterwards :slight_smile:

Auto Pickup for both components and crafting mats.

That will be cool! One thing I’d like to ask would be to make it “open” (aka share the source code) so that people (like me or modders) could integrate this autopickup mod to their/other mods… With the necessary thanks of course!

Thanks mister Elfe genie… :slight_smile:

Sure :slight_smile:

It wouldn’t make much sense to release a mechanics mod without source.

I’ll write a tut on how to setup auto pickups when I’m done developing further updates in the future so people can optimize this to their needs.

thats really useful and awesome Elfe…