Monster HUD font is too big

Totally this ^
I prefer the old monster hud too. It’s plain and simple as it should be for something that is always popping in and out of the screen. Hope that Crate revert it back.

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Or at least keep it as an option for those of us who prefer streamlined HUD and UI


I found the game nearly unplayable in its current state without GI. There is really no point in having hp bars when you cant filter trash from bosses and they dont give you the relevant monster info. Not to mention all the things they did with the fonts and stuff.

I was really excited when I saw they were implementing most of these features everyone liked from GI. I saw theres a hotfix coming to include things like player hp above your char. Im hoping they also include changes or at least further customization for enemy hp bars and how their info is portrayed on the screen.

There is a suggestion thread for exactly this. Go add your 2 cents to it. All we can do is ask.

Is there? I was looking for a place to provide this similar feedback but this looked like the only active thread regarding the new hp bars. Can you link to the thread youre talking about? This website is very difficult to search/navigate

That’s actually something which i would agree with, and i also hope this decrase of the size will be optional too, because for me the new top HUD bar is actually pretty perfect, because unlike before i actually see the thing and the old one besides the Design, which i find pretty outdated and bad aged, never used it, because i either didn’t use it, or if i did look up to it, it did kill me.

With the new approach of i actually see that thing, without loosing the focus and without have the feeling the whole thing is bloated, and it also fits (as well the new Font) perfectly and visually appealing and i feel more immersed with the Game. It would kinda hurt to lose that…

So i really hope that Zantai consider, if it’s not too much work, that they rather give us option like two or three Sizes to chooses from for the Monster HUD, and if they change the fond make it toggable so people who like the new font still can use it (like me).


I made a screenshot of how it does look for me, and if you look at it you will notice, that compared to how big the questlog[and i’m not talking about the fact that i have accepted to many quest, but rather to show size of the questlog itself) and the Minimap (and yes i know you can toggle it off or use the smaller one like i do) you will actually see that the top hud is rather normal.


I have to disagree with you… because the classic top hud was a reason why i often tend to die, because i had to lose the focus and look up to the healthbar. That’s why i actually almost never used it and didn’t cared about it much, and it wouldn’t have made much differently for me if we would’ve even be able to toggle of that thing, because it was useless anyway.

The Healthbar is differently, besides that they (finally) catched up visually, and fits the theme / overall hud of the game so it’s more immersive, it’s actually (more) visible unlike the old one and i can focus more on combat (plus the new on-screen healthbars which helps with this too), plus i actually read informations out of it.

Normally, if we wouldn’t 've gotten the update, i wouldn’t had complained about the old one, because this was one of these things which for me was something which never thought it never needs to be adressed and to want to have something better(which i’ve gotten now) until crate introduced it to us.

I really have no issue, if crate consider to add an option to toggle to the old one, but i really hope they don’t remove the new one.

Health bar is fine, but monster name and properties display, not so much.

I think the monster name can be written with the same font as “forbidden domain” and “Enemy Hero killed”

Just throwing in my 2 cents. I like the new font, the ornate health bar, the format, the overall design…
EXCEPT, as others have said, the sheer size of it is way too big. It’s almost comically oversized.

Considering most of the game has you heading north, this new HUD element seems to constantly be in the way now, obscuring enemies and just generally feeling intrusive. Eagerly looking forward to whatever you can cook up. Thanks for all you do.

Alright here’s another quick mock-up


That way the most important info is the most visible. Monster Race isn’t that important, so moved to the top next to Monster name, both reduced in font size. Monster property is very important for many monsters, so moved below HP bar. As the property is just a single stand-alone word, it’s font size could be even smaller and still be well readable I think.

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I actually think that the space between the letters is too much. it’s like they’re too far apart and hard to read at first glance.

Yes, that too. The font design, spacing between letters and size of it all…all of that’s problematic.

The lifebar design is great, though.

Honestly I’d sooner a checkbox for “classic” hud. I’m very fond of the previous style I’ve grown so used to.


It would be cool if there was an option to not show enemy health at all.
It would be MUCH more exhilarating to play hardcore this way! :slight_smile:

I like, that you can see monster name/rank without need to hover around with mouse, especially useful in clusters. But HUD is gigantic and also font is little hard to read, especially in harsh environment. So maybe can be made best from both worlds ?

Well maybe someone consider to modd an no-hud mod in for your needs, if the devs won’t introduce it officially. (or you look into it yourself)

The monster HUD is too large. Way too large. It’s intrusive and steals your eye’s attention instead of allowing the player to focus on the action on the screen.

Please revert to the original HUD or allow people to choose which version they want.


Make an individual resize slider for just the Monster HUD so I can make it as small as possible.

Right now the new monster HUD is 3-4x larger than the old one and it’s too intrusive. I can reduce the size of it, but the player’s HUD is tied to the same slider. To get the new monster HUD down, close, to the size of the old monster HUD means I slide the UI resize all the way down…however, this makes everything else way too small on my 5760x1080 resolution.

My focus now is the monster HUD and not what is actually going on in the action on the screen. Please, fix the over-sized monstrosity (no pun intended) that the new monster HUD is by reverting or having it be on it’s own resize slider.

I use UI scaling because my eyesight isn’t well enough and I stopped playing 1.1.4 just after 5 minutes. With UI scaling new HUD takes ~1/4 of screen size, I literally can’t see enemies. Also new font family (I don’t know is it gothic or not) absolutely terrible, this font is too dense. Please, please, Crate return old HUD and old font. I can understand large HUD for bosses but not for trash mobs. Why? They all die in 1-2 sec. I’d love to have an ability to enable new HUD only for heroes/bosses.

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I think that besides changing the new font to something more readable and reducing the size of the Monster HUD, slightly reducing the Dangerous Domain indicator would also be a welcome change.

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When I get home, I’m going to try utilizing Grim Internals to see if I can’t remove some of the awful monster HUD.

It might be worth looking into. [Tool] Grim Internals