Mythical Overlord's Iron Grips

I’m a returning player (last played around the time Crucible came out), and I’m having to learn new items and mechanics as I rebuild my inventory from scratch. My character (a level 95+ cabalist) is currently sporting the gloves in the screenshot shown below, but just recently found the Mythical version. “Ah hah! An upgrade,” I said as I saw the item drop from a chest. But when examined more closely, I’m not so certain. Sure, there are increased stats, but … Is the Mythical version just a bad RNG roll, is the non-Mythical version an exceptional RNG roll, or are these normal stats for these two items?

I confess I’m not sure of the problem. Is it simply that the Mythical version isn’t all that much of an upgrade? Every single stat is an improvement, and it’s lost that nasty terror effect.

Edit: 4% DA is a pretty serious upgrade.

Here’s what the average stats look like:

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Thanks for that. I guess I don’t understand why the mythical version didn’t keep the granted skill while also getting the slightly upgraded stats. Are all of these abilities fixed (stats can have variable ranges, yes, I know)? Or can items receive a random granted skill? Or possibly a chance at having an assigned granted skill (e.g., a 50% chance of having the granted skill)? As I previously mentioned, I’m trying to understand the new itemization mechanics.

In fairness, the mythical version did receive a bump to Primal Bond while losing the granted skill. These gloves are probably more suited for a conjurer (?) rather than a cabalist … but I’m not terribly picky since it is the best I’ve found thus far.

I had a dig around because that’s a good question.
The answer is that at high level there’s too many skills and effects going off from everything else you have access to already and the devs figured that having items buff skills that are already there instead of granting new skills is a good way to reduce that.

Yes, Epics and Legendaries have fixed abilities, with some vary rare exceptions in Conduits and Badge of Mastery. And crafting bonuses I guess, which are usually a single resistance or a couple of skill points.
Rare (green) items can have different stats based on their prefix and suffix.

Thank you kindly. This has been a big help and you’ve gone over and above the call to provide helpful information.