Need advice on first Shaman+X build for endgame, and some gameplay questions

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GD noob here. I used to play D2LOD and barely scratched POE. Brace yourself for a wall of text.

Currently leveling this Lightning Primal Strike Shaman following this guide. Consider this my first char since I didn’t really last with my lv.30+ Cadence BM. My Shaman just shatters almost everything before they even touch me. Leveling and questing has been a blast so far, and I want to keep using this char until endgame.

Speaking of endgame, I want to be able to use this char to farm gear for future alts, and generally just be able to do endgame stuff. I’m only able to play the game mostly on weekends, around +/- 15 hours a week, so that’s something I always take into consideration.

Hope that gives you some background on how I approach the game. With that said, here are my questions:

1.) What are my options for second class? Or should I restart with a different class combo?

I originally started this char to make a retal warder like this by endgame, but I’m open to other viable alternatives. I’ll be respeccing my Shaman as soon as it’s no longer sustainable by itself (either it easily dies or takes too long to kill stuff)

I’d like a build that doesn’t die too easily (constantly looking out for the HP bar stresses me lol), something that’s relaxing to play while still allowing me to scratch that kill-all-the-things itch. It could be a tanky build, or one with decent life steal/leech while still being able to do decent DPS for solo play.

I’d prefer a ranged build than a melee one since I want to use a controller to play, but I’m still open for melee builds (will just use M+KB). Not sure if there’s a setting somewhere I’m missing, but somehow using skills, especially weapon attack skills, locks the character in place. I wish there was an option to sort of “auto-chase” enemies outside of the skill’s range instead of my character just standing in place, attacking nothing but air until I move him into range with an enemy again. It’s bearable with a range char, but terrible with a melee one.

2.) For the class combo you’re recommending, which gear stats should I prioritize on when deciding on whether or not to use/keep? What’s the good way to start gearing for endgame?

So far, I have a basic understanding of making sure my gear supplements my primary DPS source (e.g. anything +% lightning/electrocute/elemental for my P. Strike Shaman). I have also been bias towards gear with “X% to trigger Y on Z” stats especially when the “Y” deals the same damage type as my primary DPS source. I’ve also read that by endgame resistances are equally as important as (and at times more important than) damage. Hope I’ve been doing it right.

3.) I’ve been using to guide me throughout my quests and securing shrines. Is there any better way to do this, like an in-game version/mod/tool?

Note: It appears I was using an outdated map.

The map you are using is no longer updated and does not have all of AoM or FG. Try the map at

I have terrible navigational skills, and more often than I’d like to admit I tend to overthink things which leads me to misunderstand what the quest log is telling me - a great combo to quickly getting lost.

I appreciate that the game doesn’t handhold us and the lore seems amazing, and years ago I would have just loved to get lost inside the game - doing quests, reading notes, stitching the lore - but right now with my limited playtime I just want to complete the campaign as fast as possible with this one char while not missing on quests and devotions.

I’m someone who has a checklist for what I need to do in a day, in a week, and in a month. A terribly impatient completionist.

4.) What QoL mods/tools should I be using?

I tried to stick to the vanilla experience but caved in to using Rainbow Filter eventually. I personally don’t like using GD Stash so that’s out of the question. How necessary is Grim Internals? How about any other tools I don’t know about yet?

5.) I currently only have the base game, doing quests north of Homestead - at what point is it necessary for me to get AoM and then FG?

Thanks in advance!

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Sorry mate, I wouldn’t use that guide tbh. Did a quick glance at the video, skipped tot he devotion part of it, where he talks about ultos.


Ultos is a must. And if he’s going to skip it, at the very least take viper, which he doesn’t.

There’s no ghoul either. :confused:

Though I’m probably just being nitpicky and imposing my subjective, and arbitrary standards on the guide.

I’ll try my best to answer your questions later after I give your post a more thorough read, and some thought.

P.S: Welcome to the forum!

@kuma - what are your goals for this spec?


Something flexible that I can bring to different endgame content since this is going to be my main char and it’ll be awhile before I can focus on another one. I don’t have experience with endgame yet so I’m not really sure if I would like/dislike doing one type of content or another. If possible, something endgame-viable even without BiS gear yet.

It doesn’t have to be the best, fastest or most powerful, but it should at least be fun. My definition of fun is clearing waves of mobs, killing bosses, just pushing the build as far as it can get. The sooner I can do that, much better.

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Would you consider doing another build entirely using gear which are much MUCH easier to obtain?

It can also clear end game content to help you farm items you can then later for this spec

Yes, I guess. In hindsight I may have picked Shaman due to originally wanting to make a retal warder.

I mean, don’t let me stop you if the shaman is what you want to play.

It’s your game, your rules.

I’m just speaking from a perspective based solely on efficiency here.

But IMO…

I’ve also done one with a levelling journal:


Hey if you want lightning Shaman and ranged play style, I can recommend you 2h Gun Primal Strike Vindicator. Both strong and colorful build. Also it’s easy to level it!




  1. Resistances.
  2. Resistances.
  3. Resistances.
  4. Everything else.

Crucible farming.

Grim Internals is a must for the more advanced players. GD Stash or another stasher if you don’t wanna use mules.

At the exact point when you’re finished reading this message.