Need help to update my old favorite pre-DLCs lv85 soulrend cold Spellbreaker


returning to the game with MoM and FG after a break (an overdose ?) on the base game 2/3 years ago, I very much enjoy trying new combinations with Inquisitor, Oathkeeper and Necro, but I’m also still in love with my old and reliable Cold Spellbreaker.
That being said, I am a bit lost with everything new (and there’s a lot !).

If anyone could give me a few pointers regarding new items/devotions/augments/anything, skills even :slight_smile: for how to evolve to lvl100, that would be much appreciated !

I don’t remember much of the mechanics except that I kill fast, mainly with cold ( and frost burn ).
I run into enemies with shadow strike ( I love it ), then ring of still ( and pneumatic burst ), during the battle, I use first Mirror of Ereoctes if I take damages and Blade Barrier ( then, mirror again, and so on ). I remember perma-freezing most enemies, but it seems (I think ?) to happen a lot less now ( but still often ). I also have Nullification that can save my life, even If I find it harder to use it at the right time. I also like Nemesis pet but not sure how useful he is. Also, there is Amarasta’s blade burst on the right clic but I don’t “like” it as much as ShadowStrike+RingOfSteel.

Anyway, here is the grimtools, lvl88 but please see it as 85, I did not really spent the points yet.

I have tons of “old” items for lv85 chars but almost nothing new except many mythical blues and a tiny handful of unrelated mythical purples I found during the last few weeks. But, I am willing to farm a bit If I know what I am looking for :slight_smile:

Any advice to update it to lvl100 ?

Haha I remember good ol’ Clairvoyant hat used to be like Ravager helmet. Good times.

Right now you’ll probably want Morgoneth set for best cold SS. @Superfluff posted a very good DW SS breaker before (before Morgoneth), you can copy skillpoint distribution: [] Loxmere's Daggerfall - SS Frostburn Spellbreaker - Expensive crucible build

For starters you could just use Silver Sentinel like every beginner cold build with nightblade. Or just change that Clairvoyant hat and roll with what you got. Copy devotions from this: [] Demorgogoneth - 2H/DW Cold Shadow Strike Infiltrator

Ah, thanks !
Some paths to explore, thank you, Perfect :slight_smile:
( :heart: clairvoyant )

Fettan mask is a great option and you don’t need to farm it (is a fixed location). Skill wise, Maven is no longer a 1 skill wonder, also you don’t need AAB for the offensive buff, still useful if it fits in your rotation a 1 point investment.