New player needs help with build

hey guys,
so im new here and i suck at looking for builds so maybe someone can give me a hand here-
im looking for a build to my Mage Hunter, i want to play Aether dmg AAR but could’nt find a good build for it , Help?

Welcome to the forum. :slightly_smiling_face:

Here’s a Panetti’s one which may give you some ideas.

or have a look at endgame AAR Mage Hunter builds here

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what if i already chose the inquisitor? can i change that mastery to a necromancer?

im already lvl 70, so probably cant :\

i used this guide but i think its bad or outdated

you could check out this build by protoss, its the lightning version of AAR mage hunter.

he also has some videos regarding levelling the builds, very informatve over all.

mostly when you see a build posted somewhere its an already finished endgame build which often depends on specific gear. for that reason some builds would be levelled whith other main abilities, and respecced later on level 94 when endgame gear becomes equipable.

Also check out the beginners section in the build compendium, builds there mostly explain levelling, devotion pathing, gearing, etc. you don’t need to end up using a build from there but explanations there are very informative.

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