Nightbringer bone harvester cabalist

This is another shattered guardian build, nothing remarkable but decent all around in terms of defence and damage. It probably works fine as conjurer, ritualist or sentinel. I had a cabalist levelleled up so I chose cabalist.



  • Balanced offence and defence
  • High physical resistance


  • Not suited for speedrunning purposes
  • Having to farm nightbringer


Vulnerability -30
Spectral Wrath -36
Will of Ratosh -25
Tip the scales -25

Total - 116


Dying god, Ratosh and bat as usual for vitality builds. Kraken because nightbringer is a 2hander. Dryad for healing and scales, which is really good, for rr, adcth and energy leech. Rest is filler.


Bone harvest line as high as it could go with this setup. Ravenous earth for complementary damage and aoe. Harbinger of souls as an exclusive is perfect for the build. Cof and blood of dreeg lines are a no brainer especially with the 50% conversion to the flat acid damage from the latter. From auras perspective spectral binding line slightly overcapped and solael’s witchfire for second rite. Bloody pox for wasting , I could put more points here but the build works fine as is. Mark of torment for sketchy situations and reap spirit for some vit decay as well as to keep company to my spiders from ghol’s reach proc.


Shattered guardian , nightbringer and ghol’s reach are mandatory for the build to work. All other slots are what I thought suited the build best. For the weapon slot before nightbringer dropped I was using this

and it worked fine but was lacking a bit in damage. It is a viable choice though.

I levelled with sigils and then put my focus on the bone harvest side for damage but either way is pretty easy levelling. You can also do ravenous earth , solid too. For all these skills there are farmable MIs that work pretty well.


When in doubt go shattered guardian( ugliest set in the game, thank god for the illusions), will be my new moto. And … Holy shit! Nightbringer is such a rad weapon!! (and it’s underutilized here). Anyway, that’s it. Have fun!!

VIDEOS (No more crucible videos because I think crucible is really boring)

nightbringer bone harvester cabalist shattered realm 75-76 15min

nightbringer bone harvester cabalist vs lokkar


if you use Bone Harvest to be the main dam dealer with Nightbringer, why dont use Blood Knight set instead? That set is designed exactly for Vitality BH, and it looks like a much much better build compare to SR set in paper imo, a little bit less tanky but much more dam and RR spec.

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I don’t use it because the blood knight setup is used by many other players/builders with well established builds and I wanted the build to be kinda unique to me and not a copy of these otherwise better builds.

Didn’t look into the build very closely but the illusion is awesome. I’ve wanted to do one with this helm. Check it out here

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