Noob here. Need some advise with necro builds

I´m quite new in this forum and to the game as well.
I´ve been playing for a week, completed the base game in normal and malmouth in veteran and ending it with a lv 65 vitality caster conjurer. Loving it so far… BUT, im looking for a new build around Necro. Most specifically Diablo 2 Necro type, like a Skelemancer/spectres pet build or a Bone spells caster looking (vitality caster i guess, without/minimal melee action involved), cause i saw many builds with necro but without that necro vibe.
What should i go with, Cabalist or Ritualist? Any specific, fun or optimal builds?

Thx a lot!

Welcome to the forum and to the game.

Have a look at Maya’s pet builds, she has one or two using skellies, but they are more fragile than other pets.


Ive been looking in the guide and maybe Cabalist its a better approach to what i wanted.
Caster option? Saw Ritualist builds, but they are not my style. Any specific guide or some different combination to necro besides shaman/occultist?

Much appreciated!

Not that would be pet based.

There’s this

and this

and this