[Oathkeeper] Need a Build please - Duo multiplayer

Hi all,
I’m returning on this great game after a while and doing expansion with a more experienced friend.

I’ve chosen the Oathkeeper new class and like it. I would need your advices for the 2nd classe choice.

_I don’t want to do serious damage and want to be the real tank of the duo team while my friend is a glass cannon. i like take aggro and I love judgement for example and shield usage / skills.
_I would like (if posible) to help my teamate to do more damage by disabling foes, reduce defensive ability or elemental resistance… things like that.

Could you please help me chose a build and a 2nd class. Thank you.

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Soldier as a second class.

Get overguard, shield training and warcry.

Thank you for your input :wink: i will check.

I would add one thing if possible : help my teamate to do more damage by disabling foes, reduce defensive ability or elemental resistance… things like that. I will certainly be tankier with soldier but can I have more support option ?

What’s your friend’s build?

How about this Warlord Forcewave tank?

My friend use a soldier/shaman 2 handed rifle now. All damage.

Thanks for the suggested build I will check the content soon :wink:

Thank you all , keep giving me advices if you want I take all of them ^^

I’ve just check the build : no shield and no judgement but maybe I could run a variant…

If anyone have a more support build for duo, I will consider it heavily :wink:

Consider Paladin then

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You could choose Occultist for your second class.


  1. Blood of Dreeg: Group Heal and king buff. Provides a nice fat burst heal, while boosting HP Regen, adding some retaliation damage, and can provide your entire party with insane Acid/Poison res. Long duration and short cooldown allow this to have 100% uptime as well.

  2. Curse of Frailty: Slows enemies and reduces their resistances to a wide variety of damage types. Radius of effect is also huge, and cooldown is practically non-existant. Great support for crowd control.

  3. Bloody Pox: This is one of the best Threat producing skills in the game. Combined with Judgment can also accelerate the spread of the Pox from enemy to enemy. Tack on the Devotion Ability Eldritch Fire and youll soon have a spreading Poxfire thats going to afflict enemies with so many debuffs on top of your Curse of Frailty that your Threat will go flying through the roof. Almost a Warcry of its own in a way.


  1. Possession: 100% skill disruption protection!!! Not to mention everything else! This skill is very very good!

  2. raven pet: good for heals if you need an extra source of healing. While i wouldnt rely on it as your sole source for healing, its a nice little auto-heal that can help you from time to time.

  3. the toggled skill that applies vitality damage to your attacks, its 3rd node can provide Vit res which is nice on top of everything else.


THEEE SUPPORT BUILD OF THE CENTURY! @the8anarchist Support Deceiver. This thing is awesome for healing and support!

Also, welcome to the forums! Glad to see a fellow fan of multi-player and support role play!

Does your friend play physical damage with his 2h warder? Imo best bet would be Sentinel (Oathkeeper + Occultist). Reasons:

  1. You get -% physical (or elemental if he wish to play lightning warder) from Curse of Frality for him - warder lacks % RR.
  2. Heal from Blood of dreeg.
  3. You can go retaliation in endgame (or other build if you wish) which is incredible tanky, you can facetank celestials or whole SR rooms which is going to be good thing because bosses in multiplayer seems always agro all at once after entering room.

Another good class would be Paladin (although Sentinel should be better) or Warlord (still Sentinel should be better for your multiplayer combo).

Thank you all and especially knife for your inputs :wink:
I will certainly go occultist.

would you have an advice about attribute point repartition ? should I go full physique (and hope occultist mastery give enough spirit point ?) ?

thanks again.

Duo grim dawn is so much pleasant :slight_smile:

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Blood pox is very fun and potent for tanking build ^^

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Oh its great man! Just wait till you put a sweet devotion ability on it!!! One of the spreading ones, or even bat or dreegs.

I have a retaliation witchblade that i use to troll people in cruxible when they sit off to the side leeching XP off everyone elses labors. I use warcry and bloody pox to taunt everything on screen to my location and chase the people who are sitting in the corner

Does the stat “attack damage converted to health” work with “reduce ennemy health”, i don’t think so but…
Is there a way i can see what kind of devotion skills can be put on bloody pox ?

ahah XD