[] Physical Forcewave Warlord sr100/75-76 easy farm/celestials

Hello. Forcewave is cool and fun to play skill and looks like physical it’s not very popular in endgame so I’ve decided to make build around it. Initially I wanted to make Tactictian but lack of RR was annyoing vs stronger bosses and I don’t like to play around seals so I switched idea to Warlord - more rr, more mobility, less buttons, better devotion proccer.

Credits to @Nery for his only one (at least I couldn’t find more) 2 hander physical version in FG era.


Short about devotions: I was testing few routes like Hourglass + Dying god, Hourglass + Vire, some Light of Empyrion but Azraaka gave me best results because it’s easy to squeeze Dryad and Scale of Ulcama which is one of our “secret defense weapons”. Because of 100% vitality-physical conversion from Gladiator’s Distinction + high weapon damage it provides us high burst heal and some additional RR vs single targets during War Cry window. I underestimated how good this devotion can be in some cases.

I wanted to make it greenless and because of it I had to use Serenity instead of Doom, it was just hard to make resistances overcaps reasonable. With some fantasy green ring instead of Mythical Menhirian gear choice can be more flexible.

We go full cunning, physique and spirit only for gear requirements.

75-76 can be farmed with total chill, nothing can really kill us until facetanking whole screen of monsters being arcaned and going into Alexander’s meteor. Every possible boss room combo can be killed without agroabuse, in many cases we can even facetank full room without moving.

Here is run in shard 100. Until 95 everything is a joke (with agroabuse after 85) except Kaisan but he can be killed too if pulled last. In 95-100 we can beat every boss combo too. We can’t be oneshotted and our kiting potential is great.

About celestials: Callagadra can’t be facetanked, I’ve tryied to even find setup vs her but I was failing in second phase. With kiting she is easy. Ravager can be killed without pharma but some kiting in second phase must be involved. I’ve failed few attempts versus Crate boss because he is consistently staying behind his boxes and our forcewave range, after 5 min of kiting there are usually too many boxes to win it. Maybe later I will try again.

I am open for suggestions, regards


That’s great achievement, congrats!

Forcewave Warlord is good build idea, probably will try update mine but it’s Crucible oriented though. Outside of mine Warlord, there’s budget build by Malawiglenn and updated Witchblade but no other physical 2H Forcewave builds have been posted.

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Thanks! As I mentioned in introduction, I wanted to make tactician at start but this RR lacking was horrible, after like 3 min fight with Ravager and seeing him at 3/4 health I’ve abandoned it. For physical FW warlord is probably best bet.

I am waiting for your crucible version, I guess 2-3 parts Octavius will works better here? Seems like in clearing speed fire forcewave still should be faster because monster resistances and better fire aoe devotions.

Wow I really like the idea of this build :slight_smile: Have you tested it yet in Crucible? If so, how is it?

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Thanks! I don’t play crucible often so my in hands results can be much more random than highest shards :sweat_smile: I don’t think in current form it’s good here, my target for builds is usually to make them very forgiving and chill during 75-76 farming and able to climb sr very high - it got some flaws in terms of clearing speed.

For crucible oriented forcewave warlord I suggest to look at Nery’s guide:

I am very interested in your build, can u give us a detailed guide? Which skills to priorterize?

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Hi, it’s endgame build but before you get all the gear I have something exactly for you:

You can use my devotion route since start, it should works good and you will get all devotions leveled. Following Malawiglenn’s guide and switching to my build in the endgame after getting gear is the way to go.

Thanks for the prompt reply but can i ask if your build is doable with own self found items?

Sure, but remember I present here end game effect. Just use some informations from beginner’s guide + my devotion route and pray for RNG to get all required gear.

Shattered realm set can be get after passing 2 shards in row after sr60 in Ultimate (like 60-61, cash out, buy from vendor), rest items are random drop.

Will Crate of entertainment be doable if you use doom relic and a good-rolled green ring to replace menhirian?

That’s not a game changer but Crate is possible with some RNG, I took him to 20% health. The problem is short forcewave range as I said and he is staying behind his boxes all the time so many attacks are missing and from dots boxes are stacking like crazy.

What kind of greens would you use if you had them?

Something like Gargabol ring with Incorruptible/of Oleron wrath mods and then switiching relic for Doom, slighty more damage and easier to manage resistances.

It’s really cosmetic though, full purple version is enough and works great - I would give me right hand too it’s 100% viable and safe for HC.

Hello great build bro can you explain the low pierce resistance ?
Nothing only for this build but i see a lot of build not overcapped on pierce

Just there are not really very dangerous pierce enemies with RR so if you don’t fight Callagadra then pierce resistances high overcap shouldn’t be priority.


Pierce is rare damage type outside of Fabius and his gang. It’s not present often in high Crucible or Shards. Also it doesn’t have DoT compartment, so you will not have constant health drain. Still for Calla and high SR builds, better to be safe than sorry.


So how did 1.1.7 affect this build? I assume overall it must have benefitted from the nerfs to enemy armor on elite and ultimate?

Damage has been buffed from weapon and medal too.


Thanks for this! I tried to level a warlord again after the new patch and this time went a lot easier than expected, using the build as is. 100 in a little over 8 hours and no deaths. Shambler’s Heart adds a huge chunk of damage early on.

What do you mean by “shambler’s heart” ?