Occultist energy regen

I have the same regen on my builds as well (even higher). Not enough for SR boss room. And it looks like a build for CR (2600 DA, low life,…). I am not saying that SR boss room is unplayble with it but just not comfortable.

Man , you are something special Duchy.
We doing SR80 over here with 2500 DA , Its about mitigation/Shred.
Anyhow can I see what your playing thats more energy intensive then this? Cause it has no energy problems with hardcapped BWC spamming tremor

I would get crushed with such builds. Yes mitigation is important but 2600 DA is unplayble to me (especially with lower life). I will post my Warlock and Witchblade on Monday.

Look at that chaos PS build. Similar regen and you go down to zero with energy fast in boss rooms. Obsidian Tremor is a little better and Oblivion is similar to PS in how it drains energy.


I read you russian discord. Great fun. Even translated your russian stuff that was of interest to me. I laughed a lot. :slight_smile:

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Don’t be shy to ask questions-we are just kidding-we all kind and helpful people in discord

I don’t have any :slight_smile:

Anyway, if there will be, you can always ask


I can’t play with these 9k health and 2,1k DA builds either :slight_smile: I am not good enough pilot

maybe other class’ skills need to have their energy consumption increased?

The game has gotten considerably easier since the normal veteran rework. and that was to address those whom wanted a greater challenge. Power creep being power creep.

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Please don’t. Fixing a possible issue by making things worse is not a fix.

Veteran is still considerably harder than it was before and infact most agree that it is not worth it unless you specifically want to, for the challenge. So it works as intended.

As for power creep, not everything needs to be Dark Souls either.


I’m leveling a caster Pyro right now with Doom Bolt Spam, BWS and SoC. I’ll see how energy management is going, and report back to the ship here if I won’t forget.

I thought more about this topic and raising energy regen on Oblivion relic would be good (like 5e/s). Giving some energy regen to Obsidian Juggernaut would be good as well and Occultist should as a class give more energy itself. I looked at all my builds with it and unless they are Warlock’s they have lower energy pool.

@tqFan has an aether Oblivion Apostate and in the guide he writes that in boss rooms energy regen is weaker as well. And with my builds the energy goes down in boss rooms even with Warlock.

So, I did some testing with my Doom Bolt Pyro. As expected, energy management is pretty tight, especially on non-boss shards (tested in SR 65). Each DB cast costs me 150 energy, SoC is ~165, BWC is ~110. With 98 energy regen I am able to non stop cast all three skills (plus refresh BoD and Mines) for ~40 seconds, which is okay for boss rooms. Putting more points in spirit isn’t an option for this build at least, since health and DA are already pretty low.

And I think I have a solution that will solve two problems, actually:

what if Terrify retaliation from Dying God would be replaced by energy leech retaliation?

Something like 33% of 90 leech at rank 15. I’ve read a couple complaints about mobs running amok which makes things harder. They scatter, meaning you’d need to pick them off one by one, they also run away from SoC AoE, which limits your sustain. Some energy regen could also be added to stat-starved constellation of Fiend. It literally just a bit of damage, 15 spirit and 8% chaos res. I wouldn’t argue if Crate slapped 1 or 1.5 regen on it.

I’m okay with chugging an energy pot every now and then on a build such as this, but AAR and FoI builds (at least ones I have) don’t have to do even that. I can see why Obsidian Tremor builds would struggle with energy though. At 200% CS it’s probably casted maybe 4 times per second, and energy cost of granted skills cannot be lowered (right?). Besides that you’d need to cast other stuff like SoC, which is pretty costly as well.

P.S. Build I was using: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/a2Em9Kb2


That is a nice solution :slight_smile:

Don’t know if Occultist lacks energy. Probably not. But please stop the buff train! Or suggest some nerf at the same time.

OK. Nerf retal, pets and vit casters :smiley:


Nerf GD stash :wink:


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