[] Aether Oblivion Bonemonger Apostate | CR 5:55 | easy SR 80 | tanky, cool visuals, fun to play

Found this quote while checking if there’s already such a build on the forum.
Who else but Nery. I wonder if it was a joke or you actually made it.

Links - all are very similar

Make the following change in Devotion

  • if you need more Energy for single long lasting bosses
    that don’t cast spells on you. High SR for example.

Use 4/5 available crafting bonuses depending on your needs:

  • % Physique
  • % Armor
  • % Stun Resistance
  • % Pierce Resistance
  • % Slow Resistance


  • Cool visuals

  • Better to play than other builds with Inquisitor Seal thanks to:

    • 3s Recharge
    • 5 Summon Limit
    • 24s duration [patch]
  • Gameplay

    • close combat due to short range of

      • Bone Harvest
      • Siphon Souls
      • sharing Seals with enemies

Crucible video

SR videos



(the following 80 is without Energy Leech from Viper)

Should be compared to a more Bone Harvest focused variant with items such as

Fire Oblivion / Guardians Sentinel
variant w/o crazy greens
(turned out too squishy for me)


Nice build, my favorite set again! :slightly_smiling_face:

I assume that’s the build in question, when you asked about crafting bonuses?

Btw I wasn’t joked about not posting my builds, I have folder where I keep backup files on my builds, but lots of them haven’t been posted. And I’ve deleted probably hundreds of builds variations without saving them or even trying them. That shows you the diversity of GD. Or that I’m crazy, one of the two. :sweat_smile:

About aether Oblivion, you couldn’t find it, cause it’s listed as “bonus” build in this thread:[] Mind Warp Blades of Krieg. DW melee aether Spellbinder + bonus build


My favorite set as well. I love Nery´s Bonus build. Back then I went for Abominable Might for its insane flat Chaos Damage, being 100% converted and transported via 100% WD-Oblivion. Made my char better; maybe it´s an idea here.


The thing is my build is actually Flat damage focused with that 2-hander and I need Casting Speed.
I think I have ~1300 average Aether damage on Oblivion with Soul Harvest.
(I’m dumb - used calculator instead of just checking in-game for the precise value)

Nery’s build is the other way around - he has tons of casting speed already and needs Flat more.
And I don’t even have cooldown to keep Abominable Might up.


This ShareX program is great and amazingly configurable.


I know, I read your post in the Favorite set from utility stand point? thread. It’s my first Bonemonger and getting to know the set. It’s simple and we’ll see if I ever post another one since there are already many creative ones on the forum, including a few of yours.

Yes, that’s the build. I only have dozens builds so far but Cruci is a ‘reality check’ for the squishier ones. Maybe I come back to them when I play better. Also many builds already done so well on the forum. Some other ones are just unpleasant to play.


Wouldn’t the Arcanist belt with vitality to aether conversion be better for spamming Oblivion? Also more converted damage from Soul Harvest.

Edit - you have additional conversion on Scion. Nevermind.

Nice one.

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Deleted the previous post about using Mythical Soul’s Touch instead of Arcane Spark if you need more Energy on long lasting single target bosses in high SR that don’t cast too many spells on you because there’s a much cleaner solution:


I really like this build. I finally got all the points needed along with all the gear, and it is a pleasure to play. The way Inquisitor Seals work here, with their long duration , quick recharge and the number of them makes it very sturdy, really noticeable in harder content and totems. I changed the devotions as you mentioned on your last post for smoother energy, but a better player than me could stay with the original devotion setup and still be smooth with high damage. Great build, thanks!

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