Official Community-Driven Wiki and Other Resources

We’ve observed for some time as Grim Dawn’s community created, updated and expanded the online information on Grim Dawn over the years and we could not be more grateful for what the community has gathered.

The Grim Dawn Wiki has become a great source of information on quests, masteries, npcs and more. It can only get better with continued involvement of the GD community.

To facilitate this, we would like to formally make the Gamepedia Wiki for Grim Dawn the Official wiki for the game. We hope that our players continue to support and expand this valuable resource so that future players can enjoy the wealth of information you have gathered as a community.

Of course, we cannot endorse the Wiki without also bringing further attention to the other wonderful resources created by our players:

GrimCalc (by Stormcaller)

GracefulDusk Item Database (by Shalie)

Offline Item Database (by Dammitt)

And more Utilities…

Modding Community

Link to the wiki is broken. There’s a line break in the URL tag.

Very happy to see the Gamepedia wiki here.