One-Hander Feedback Thread

Oops. My bad. It was exterminus. I always mix the two guns up. [] Purifier Annie - DW Ranged Fire FS Purifier, Gladiator farmer (8 minutes)


Pyromancer with it isn’t bad.

yeah that is not a bad idea

not bad and no good
that’s why this gun no more used in buikds, since last DLC up

100% phys to fire modificator on Fervor can change this situation to 100% good gun

Shield breakers have enough. If darkblaze is really lacking, (I haven’t tried it’s times in a while so I don’t know) then I rather the gear for it including deviltongue to just double down on supporting pyromancer.

Oathkeeper has enough love. That’s why for Redeemer of Malmouth I only suggest something strange for OK like pierce RF.

Nice say OK have enough love
than we have Poison, Phys, Cold, Fire (Melee), Chaos Fervor
And a liitle bit players use 1H guns
because with Fervor now we can made only Phys builds, other damege types have poor 1H randge guns or just haven’t it

Why 1H can’t get Fire Fervor? At what their fault?

Mythical Soulblade
Servitor’s Cleaver

Or did you mean 1H ranged?

we are discussing now only 1H ranged

I mean if you fit it somewhere else sure. It’s just that pyromancer doesn’t have that much going for it and I wouldn’t want to introduce a side to that gun that instantly overshadows its pyromancer utility.

So ranged fire fervor I’d rather see elsewhere. That’s just my preference. Meanwhile Grenado could use some representation too. But I’m going to try lightning nados out soon


I agree to any items
Just see 1H Ranged Fire Fervor

Also don’t forget that 1H Ranged Savagery need some love too
Maybe it can be made new transmue for Gunslingers that also give 8% Phys Res like 2H Weapons now

I didn’t agree with all the pistols listed after the OP, but I do want to know what we can do to corruption of garbagol gun to make it good. As a challenge dungeon item it should be stronger.

First of all let’s do it for AA too
Now it is caster weapon
Very little poeple use 1H Ranged for AA and for Casters even less

We have poison Fervor and Gargabol can have transmute for Vitality Fervor
And we will have Vitality AA Purifaer or Vitality AA Oppressor

Btw, is it me or most 1h ranged weapons are bad? Or maybe ranged play style is underrepresented?

Smaller weapon damage means less lifesteal means less facetank. Game also sped up from when it first released so stutter stepping isn’t as effective as it used to be. It’s sort of unfortunate. However it still lets you heal at a range.

Also consider @Nery that people’s perceptions are being warped by these sub 7 builds, let alone sub 6. If those all get nerfed properly some of the ranged stuff won’t seem as far off. Also the game revolves around kill times a lot so that affects things.

I’ve played ranged in SR and unless you’re one of the top tier dual wield melee builds it’s nice to be ranged since I can kill bosses as I kite them around obstacles and whatnot.

But there are probably some more undertuned ranged 1 handers I could put on the list. I just haven’t tested them as much.

I pretty much agree with Omnitirio’s list except perhaps deviltongue.

  • (Mythical) Decree of Aldritch: increased Cooldown Reduction for Devastation to -1.2s (plz zantai more! Aether damage on it and call it a day!)
  • Pandemic: fixed unintentionally low % Vitality/Vitality Decay bonuses and increased % Poison/Vitality Decay Duration to 100%
  • Mythical Chillflame Evoker: increased % Attack/Cast Speed to 18% (significant increase)
  • Faction - Vampirris: increased Chaos damage modifier for Reap Spirit to 122-450
  • Mythical Spelldrinker: replaced bonuses to Blast Shield and Conversion with +3 to Thermite Mine and Arcane Will
  • Amarastan Crusher: bonuses redesigned around spammable Amarasta’s Blade Burst
  • Spark of Reality: increased Chaos damage to 5-39, added 1.2s Duration modifier for Mirror of Ereoctes
  • Faction - Bloodborer: increased % Attack Speed to 18%, replaced Pierce damage with Bleed damage. Increased Bleed damage modifier for Storm Spread to 120. Replaced Pierce damage modifier for Phantasmal Blades with an 8% Weapon damage modifier.
  • Mythical Crimson Spike: reduced % Pierce Ratio to 10%, damage adjusted accordingly. Added 21 Vitality damage. Increased Attack damage Converted to Health modifier for Ring of Steel to 20% and increased Heal modifier for Wendigo Totem to 3% + 300.
  • Faction - Witch’s Moon: increased Frostburn damage modifier for Ring of Steel to 220, replaced Pierce damage modifier for Rune of Hagarrad with Cold damage
  • Faction - Hex Launcher: increased % Cast Speed to 18%
  • Nightclaw: added 4% Cooldown Reduction. Increased Bleed damage to 28, Attack Speed to 18% and increased Bleed damage on the skill proc.
  • Faction - Corruptian: added 4% Cooldown Reduction
  • Mythical Death Omen: added +1 to Necromancer skills
  • Mythical Earthsplitter: reduced Cooldown on the skill proc
  • Mythical Hagarradian Enforcer: increased % Attack Speed to 14%
  • Mythical Gavel of Ravenous Souls: replaced Conversion with 45% of Fire dealt as Physical, added 100% of Vitality dealt as Physical modifier for Siphon Souls
  • Mythical Basilisk Claw: added 12 Acid damage modifier for Blood of Dreeg and increased its Cooldown Reduction modifier to -2.5s. Added 1200 Poison Retaliation / 5s modifier for Blade Barrier and increased its Cooldown Reduction modifier to -2.5s.

Above are the changes in 1.1.4 to items on this list. From this list I will remove pandemic, amarastan crusher, death omen, hagarradian enforcer, gavel of ravenous souls, and basilisk claw. I also have hopes for crimson spike, nightclaw, bloodborer and some others but they need your feedback!

Some realm nice changes and some insignificant. Also Bloodborer change killed my budget Tactician.

  • Haggardian Enforcer and Chillflame attack speed is now OK, but doubt they are useful.

  • Basilisk Claw found it’s new home.

  • Hex launcher CS is welcomed by Apostates DE.

  • Amarastan Crusher can open interesting ABB possibilities with SR set.

  • Spelldrinker, I used it in Purifier, blast shield removing is bad for my survival.

  • Decree of Aldrich, interesting to see it feature in build. Should be decent. Now only if you can make permanent Devastation :nerd_face:


it’s possible with Pyran and eternity, even without decree

Brutalax, hey that was your farewell build :wink:

I know about permanent Devastation. I just want to see build with this weapon, urghhh.

I have also updated the OP with my new stance on the items after the 1.1.4 change. Many of which are just “needs feedback.” but in some cases I had new thoughts on how to make the item good or at least distinct. Like chillflame evoker should probably be cold righteous fervor since cold firestrike is dominated by nex and ortus.