One-Hander Feedback Thread

Added to OP:

Corruption of Gargabol (Much wasted potential)
Swap CDR for attack speed. Replace flametouched bonus with flat vitality dmg to firestrike. Replace global fire to vitality with elemental to vitality. Then look at the new +1 class skill MI belts and swap the +1 necro with +1 occultist on said belts (Lunal’Valgoth’s Waistguard and Lunal’Valgoth’s Girdle). Suddenly you have a very neat pistol

I’m liking the changes done to Gavel of Ravenous Souls (especially the FX change to Siphon Souls). The only additions I’d like to see to it now is skill modifier support for Storm Totem to make the +2 already present on there worth considering the Shaman side for.

100% Lightning damage converted to Physical damage to Storm Totem is an idea, though right now you can also use global conversions like Gladiator’s Distinction and the transmuter to achieve the same effect so it’s not a major problem due to it being a pet swap.

The second thing is damage. Physical Totemists are going to have a hard time amassing skill bonuses between +2 on the weapon/groble off hand (or 2nd DW Gavel) and various +1 to Shaman skill bonuses. compared to Vitality/Lightning builds that can easily get 24-26/16 and also get increased damage modifiers through Valguur/Light’s Defender. Thus, I’d like to see a modifier for x Physical damage to Storm Totem as well. Doesn’t have to be too big, I’d estimate between 15-30 Physical damage would be good enough.

Making everything in the game to be an auto-attack weapon seems boring to me. Also, ranged fire strike without good WPS accompanying it will be horrible. Especially necro’s wps which doesn’t interact well with FS.

How about making this gun to be a vitality DEE to accompany rotgheist, or other cool caster weapon.

On a side note, hagarrad gun has increased attack speed just like you requested. Have you tried it? I bet no one will still use it. Ranged ABB need penetration, not big attack speed.

I have like a bajillion things to test at the moment jabrixone so not yet. But I’ll ask my friend who likes the pistol how it goes.

Vitality DEE gun for rotgheist seems cool. But what other side to it should there be on the item? Vire’s might as well so it fits very well into the set?

Why Necro WPS are not working well with FS, I haven’t tried them?

Haggardian can be used as cold FS Purifier with belt and armor for fire to Cold conversion.

using vire’s might with gun seems really weird. Never tried it tbh. :sweat_smile:

I suggest DEE because the spam version shoots like a gun. Oh, so maybe add cast speed too. So it can be used in both spam and bomb version.

Other thing to support, maybe Vitality aegis of menhir to accompany voidsoul. As shield now inflict damage based on their theme, I think vitality Aegis voidsoul will be really neat.

I mean it could just support DEE and vitality fire strike and see what the hell happens.
As for Haggardian pistol, I’ll try it out at some point but if it’s not good enough it’s probably just a skill mod away from being fine.

Necrotic edge’s wide attack doesnt work with gun, reaping strike just empower your attack. Fire strike need multiple projectiles or area wps to be good. Penetrating round also good.

Meme build, ok. :upside_down_face:

Just wanted to point out that this doesn’t work, because you can’t convert damage twice.

Lightning to Physical conversion of any kind on Storm Totem without the transmuter would work.

With the transmuter, global Vitality to Physical conversion works because Corrupted Storm Totem is not a “true” conversion. It simply swaps the base pet out for a different one whose damage can still be converted. Someone found this out a few weeks back and it was confirmed by Zantai.

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Wow, sorry. Good to know the rule isn’t as concrete as I thought.

To think I wanted to do this on a Warder, only to remember it wouldn’t work. I didn’t even have an easy way to test it thanks to the character sheet info being useless.

Mythical Arcanum Frigus

Can we PLEASE change the conversion to Devastation on this one? This Devastation mod is useless and is never used because of that conversion. PLEASE, make it fire to cold to Devastation.

Same hold for the Guardians of Empyrion btw.

That’s a solid suggestion.

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Faction - Hex Launcher: increased Aether damage modifier for Drain Essence to 76 and increased its Vitality dealt as Aether modifier to 60%

I need feedback on these and everything on the list currently.

Surprised Grim Fate wasn’t brought up in the OP. Don’t think i ever seen it being used in any build.

It’s a sword trying to be a caster dagger. It literally gains nothing from being a sword because it has less % damage than a dagger and it has an high cunning requirement because of it being a sword. And meeting stat requirements with a sword + offhand build is painful because you have to put several points in cunning and a lot in spirit if you are not Arcanist (which this item doesn’t support). You can’t also use it as an actual melee weapon because it has no speed.

Change it to a dagger so that the cunning req is lower and also making it have higher % damage. Also add a bit of crit damage to, like 5%, because getting crit damage with Pyromancer is really difficult. And also add CDR mod to Sigil, so that you can use it more often.


I agree here. I do use it on a pryo build i have tho… But the above changes would be welcome. A duration mod would also be good if they didnt want to do cdr

Most of the problem on Grim fate can be solve if it get converted to dagger. But more buff is always welcome.

Decree of the circle of the five: The granted skill imho is super-clunky. Even with capped castspeed it feels slow and sluggish. Animation speed needs to be higher or sth, idk. But an even bigger problem is, that neither the weapon nor the skill benefit from the conversion. If either of those actually did elemental or physical damage (not Aether and, oddly enough, Pierce), maybe it could see some use.

Gavel of Ravenous Souls
This weapon has improved slightly with the latest patch. However, +2 Storm Totem is completely useless.
This should be changed with another physical skill.