Pass the salt

I think salt should be a resource for mining or even harvesting from salty lakes (or coasts if that might be a possible map type!). Maybe it would offer another way to preserve food at all tiers and even as a consumable resource for households?


I like the idea!

Perhaps hunters could use the salt for artificial licks to attract more deer to a central area?

what about sugar???

Sugar isn’t a mineable resource but rather farmable. Sugarcane or sugar beets could be a cool addition to the farming system, maybe?

What if the preservist would make simpler recipes at its tier 1 form, and then better recipes using salt and sugar at its tier 2 upgrade?

Speaking of the preservist, how come we can’t preserve greens too? Cucumbers and cabbage for example have been preserved using different ways in different cultures.

On a bit of a tangent now but if we added grapes to the farming system, we could use those as wine (alternative to beer), vinegar (perserving material) and even just as a fresh/dried fruit.

Dried fruit! How about those as a lower tier preserved fruit!

Lots of tangents today haha sorry!

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