please consider adding tabs for storage

1st off I AM a collector. I keep 2 (with the best stats) of each blue of all equipment all types I can find. Why do you ask? Because I have 35 characters which I play in rotations as they all reach for max level. I also have 5 mules added on, & a couple of my active toons store things like potions & legendary crafting materials.
I would like to have the ability to have a tab for EACH rough category of items, based on level ranges, for use in this cornucopia to end all cornucopias within GD, called the loot table.
The reason I keep two of each (3 on rare occasions of especially useful or rare items) is because until ALL the classes have been released I will always be adding new characters, who need access to useful “hand-me-downs.”
It saves time scouring for the level 14-ish blues that drop in Act 1 which spawn at fixed locations, & on up the scale. When all classes are complete finally, & all of my characters no longer need access to say, sub-level 51 items then the need will not be so pressing. At that time I will haunt the give-away section of the forums handing out goodies to up and comers who want (95%+) blue items to grow with.
I do also keep a handful of outstanding greens of all levels up to level 75 so far, on one mule.
I would like to be able to look in ONE stash for an armor piece, accessory, components by category i.e placement as neatly as possible, I know most are multi-use in placement, etc. instead of logging in & out & shopping as it were for an upgrade. I have looked into the unlimited stash mod, but it is very tedious, & if I use it, my 2 main peeps I play with don’t want the mod, so we would not be able to run together while it is active.
I propose a solution.
Offer it as either an option, 20 30 40 50 or 100 tabs, for a a price in-game of course or EVEN as a micro-transaction for those of us who need adequate, (would like searchable like POE but I digress), easily accessible storage to SAVE the time we spend looking for the upgrade which we already have in storage, logging in & out ad-nauseum, as opposed to a simple search through tabs we “collectors” as you have dubbed us, that would take very little time.
You may not notice, or maybe it doesn’t cross your minds if you don’t have one of EACH class & mix available in GD, (THANK YOU!!!), but over time you tend to learn almost all of the blues available in-game, although I do get a surprise in Elite once in a while still. Legendaries I am just discovering, as my top three are in lower 70’s or high 60’s, & having a great time even with the level 50-65+ legendaries.
So why not throw us a frickin’ bone & allow us to play ALL of the classes & keep a boneyard for twinking/min-maxing our new GD babies, with EASE.


There have been many requests of this kind and the most common reply is “why should we implement that into the game and charge you guys for it when fans already have done mods that allow for more stash space”

BUT the mods I have found are overly complicated, not all of us are technically savvy to use them as intended, when the devs could easily make it an OPTION, what is SO wrong about what I described??? :eek::eek:

Well, it isn’t going to happen, so you better either figure out one of the tools or make peace with whatever sorting logic you come up with on your own with mules.

What you could also do is swap out the stash files and have a subdir hierarchy that orders them by some logic. Might be a good middle ground between the inconvenience of mules and having to learn the tools (which aren’t really all that hard to figure out, literally 1000s of people tried and I don’t think many actually failed even with help)

It was a deliberate design decision to limit the amount of storage in the game.

Also this from the 14th September stream:

"IMayBackstab: @CrateEntertainment any plans to assimilate some of these inventory/stash mods for a 5 or 10 dollar fee? Your players would be happy to spend that while also not splintering the player base as much with mods

I mean the people who have created these utilities for you guys have done them from their own free will for free and us basically taking that and charging money for it seems very unfair to them. And from our development perspective we have design decisions for why the bags are limited as they are. It is not just arbitrarily limited to screw you guys over, there are genuine reasons why that isn’t the case. But for those of you who want more stash space, that is why we allow modding and that is why you can use those utilities so you can have as much space as you want and because they work outside of the game they don’t splinter the player base. You can’t only play with people who use GDStash or GDIA, like you can play with everybody."

Stash tools overly complicated? I found both GDIA and GDStash easy to use and I’m certainly no computer tech wizard, just the opposite.

Honestly, this question has been asked so many times and the devs have made their position clear - infinite storage will not be happening. If you want that you’ll have to use a third party stash tool.

It was a deliberate design decision to limit the amount of storage in the game.

Sadly, this is how it is. But I agree that the current storage decision makes absolutely no design sense when you look at the designed item and set influence, drop and quest RNG, shared blueprints, and 3 playthroughs.

I personally would not have continued past the first normal difficulty with vanilla inventory juggling. And to me, alt character storage is a poor solution.

Crate must have been thinking of retro nostalgia - as it’s the only reason that could make sense of this.

I’d suggest one of the storage mods; GD endgame is ALL about gear tweaks.

Try actually reading the statement from Mediera that Medea quoted right before your post. This has the actual reason WHY and the reasoning behind it.

Personally I’m one of the “Will stop playing if the stash is too big” and don’t try the “well don’t use it all” as that doesn’t work and is about the same as me saying to you “use mods”

Medierra’s comments are as true today as there were when he wrote them.

I agree with component specific tab. Would be cool if they autopicked too but I’ve seen folks ask for that as well. At the least, I wish when I hit the component complete button that the component would then find the first available slot in my bags like I was picking the item up from the ground. I’m always moving them from the bonus bags into my main bag where I keep components and crafting mats and getting tired of doing so.

I’d also like a bigger stash because I like to collect as well. I’m always thinking about how to use an item in some build concept so reluctant to toss a blue or purple out. I use gdstash but I don’t even like doing that much. Purples I try to keep in shared stash for as long as possible if I think I might use it on two or more characters because I dont want to go look for it. Blues get pulled immediately on the first character I’m playing that might ever use it because i’m likely to find duplicate in the future.

I just fill up my stash with items to keep and then rotate through my characters pulling out anything I think they might use eventually even if its a completely different build type. If I can’t remember where I put an item then I go to gdstash to find which character it is on instead of loading up many different characters (takes a while for me… idk if that is normal or not) run to stash over and again.
When I need some rare materials, I’ll clean out somethings of the shared stash prioritizing anything that isn’t a set unless I know ive got a completed set somewhere.

I understand the “too big is overwhelming” stash argument but components and flasks + rare materials and reputation scrolls occupies a whole page. The three remaining pages are not enough to hold half of the purple/blue items and sometimes I’d like to pass along a good rare item. Something like two more columns wouldn’t hurt imo.

I’d also like for my inventory screen to open up on the side so that I can click on an item for pick up and manually place it in the last bag where things I’m going to save go. This is mainly an issue because of the stash problem, if its getting full I cant clear my bags until I move some stuff.

I’m coming from PoE and I gotta say: the currency stash tab is a delight. All premium tabs are (although IMO some aren’t worth the money). For those who don’t know PoE, the crafting materials are the currency, there is no money/gold/whatever. It just makes everything so much easier!!

I also complained already about all this clutter. And I want a different background for rare components, because why not.

I think the tetris-style stash design itself is obsolete. There are some inventive ideas in GD, such as components and such. But the stash is a hold-back.

So naturally, an archaic design is as true today as it is when written. Consider IA’s simple search technique. And the painstaking make-work philosophy of evaluating every…single…item found. I’d rather throw it in the stash than spend cumulative hours evaluating and comparing items as I come across them. Then when I get an inspired gearing idea, i can do a quick gear search of gear found and I’m not at a loss for equipment that I may have previously ditched - even if I don’t obsessively care about min-max rolls on gear.

But we can simply leave it at “we disagree”.

Lol :smiley: no mods can add even 1 extra stash tab what’r you talking about? 3rd party tools like GDStash is not a mod and why would one even need to use 3rd party tools potentially risking to lose an item?

There’s mods that increase the amount of space in each tab dramatically iirc.

most games use it, so not sure how obsolete it really is (i.e. for it to be obsolete imo most games should have moved on from it when really very few have), but I agree that by now we should try some more innovative solutions. That kinda is why I did not make GD Stash a TQ Vault copy, I wanted to move past this.

And the painstaking make-work philosophy of evaluating every…single…item found. I’d rather throw it in the stash than spend cumulative hours evaluating and comparing items as I come across them.

not sure what you can do about the comparison part, I don’t think that can be automated as there is just too much variety. Also, throwing items into the stash because you cannot be bothered to compare them just means you stockpile junk you will never use again, or you compound the comparison problem further down the line, neither of which is all that desireable.

In fact the effort for proper maintenance was the main argument again a much larger stash iirc.

I am using GD Stash Changer & it works well. ONE thing I would like to see, even though up until I used GDSC I was adamant about an in-game unlimited stash, is a search function, so I can type in the name of a component etc. or it’s affix & find it in that way. After GDSC that would be a nice fix for me, without going the whole GD Stash Manager route, which to me is cumbersome & some even provide the ability to “create” (cheat) an item into existence down to the affixes & damage types. That would ruin GD for me if I went down that road so GDSC is the solution for me. Just looking for a search function to be added in somehow :cool: :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks for all the feedback.

This discussion has been had a hundred times and all angles have been thoroughly explored.

Let’s keep it simple. If the question is “do you want more tabs in stash?” I’m all for it.

And the answer’s been given a hundred times too. We’re getting one more personal and transfer tab in the stashes in Forgotten Gods. That’s it. If you need more then use a third party storage tool. Simple answer.

If you need a more detailed answer

Im curious what is the reasoning behind not having unlimited or well much larger stash, other than mods can do it already? I think it’d be dope if there were just unlimited stash tabs that could be bought. It’d eliminate the need for mules, and you’d be groundbreaking developers :smiley:

See above post for Medierra’s reasoning.

I think the reasoning is not good. If a player doesn’t want to be a hoarder and keep all the stuff he finds he can just leave that item on the ground and not pick it up for ther first place. Having an infinite storage doesnt get in the way of his stance of not being a hoarder. But if a player prefers to keep every legendary or good double rare / MI item in his/her stash then he/she can’t do that without using 3rd party tools. Those two types of players are not equal in their freedom what they are allowed to do by GD.

I just cant get it why the devs just don’t admit that they can’t implement infinite storage feature due to the limitations of the engine without having to use lame excuses. That would be honest and fair.

Have they ever said it’s due to engine limitations?

I think this quote from Zantai to another thread sums up Crate’s position.

They have their vision of what the game should contain and it’s pretty clear that infinite storage isn’t part of it.