Please Help With 2H Warder ( primal strike , savagery) build

Here’s link to my build :

All resistances capped to 80% when using all my passive skills . I get beaten pretty easily , tried to make some damage to health % but still it’s hard to play in skeleton key dungeons. I can’t progress in ashes of malmouth ultimate difficulty and so on … And can’t properly farm for missing ultos set pieces.

When using all passive skills
DA - (2300-2400)
DPS - (66000-69000)

I bet you can learn something from this guide that I made Beginner Warder

You ahve both savagery and primal strike in spam mode, you have very low attack speed, OA/DA, no damage reduction from war cry, no resistance reduction from raging tempest and so on.

you only have one resistance reduction devotion, and no ghoul.

Remember green items can give you loads of resistances and OA/DA do not neglect them and do not neglect crafting greens either.

Thanks i will try to improve it by all points , i can remove spear of heavens devotion and instead invest those points to ghoul , what devotion should i use for resistance reduction ?

Or i’ll just try remake my warden by those pdf instructions

You can just look at the video that just with faction items and some random greens he just owns the roguelike dungeons

I would also recommend checking out the warder from Nandi’s Electrocute Brothers. I’m using it with my warder (who is not even 100 yet, 93 I think) and it works very well. It’s even more of a hybrid than malawi’s approach, adding Storm Totem to the mix. Don’t worry about the items, I’m far from completing it myself. It works with self-found and faction stuff.

Yeah the electrocute brothers I think I linked to that build in the guide and is kinda the long term goal