Please Turkish Language

As Turkish players, we want Turkish language to be added to the game.

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Then the Turkish community needs to make the translation for it.

From the Steam Translations thread

"Community Translation Updates
It seems some players are unaware of just how much their fellow players are doing for them.

All non-English translations are handled by players like you. They spend their personal time creating translations of the game to your native language.

Whenever there is a new patch (like yesterday night), they need some time to update their translation. This usually does not take long, but it’s still something they do for free because they want to share their work with you.

You can see links to the various translations above.

You can discuss them and even offer to help out.

The various language options are listed on the store page at the request of the translators, who wished for their work to be officially acknowledged. Without them, the game would be available exclusively in English."


Why don’t you do the translations?

Because it costs money and Crate is a small indie company.

So will the developers never translate this game into Turkish?

Not without the community providing the translation for it. It’s sad that the community originally translated the game and then stopped updating it when the expansions came out. Crate had to remove Turkish from the languages the game supported because of that.

why Turkish language is gone? one of the players tried to translate the Turkish language of the game, but mixed the dialogues and was not able to transfer it fully to the game and therefore could not add language to the game. what is the reason of this?

Depends on what you mean. If he was just trying to download a very old translation then they don’t work since they’re not up to date.

If he was trying to make a new translation then it might be something to do with this

If he wishes to take over the Turkish language translation thread then he’d need to contact a moderator/admin to have the ownership of the thread changed so he could post updates in the opening post.

He may also need to contact Rhis about how the translations need to be done.

Is it possible to add Turkish language again in the future?

If the translation gets done I don’t see why not, but you’d have to check with Rhis to be sure.

you didn’t understand I said no. There was a Turkish language in the game before. can developers add Turkish language in the coming time? because a very large community wants the Turkish language to come to the game.

As I’ve said before yes, if the community makes the translation for it. It’s not going to happen otherwise. If there’s a large community that wants it then get together and translate the game into Turkish so it can be added. If necessary check with Rhis on what you’d all need to do to make it meet his requirements.


He said, if there was a translation once it should be before the expansion so can not be added to the game now. And it’s about you so you have to do it as Turkish players because Crate has no time nor the money to add language packs for every language.

‘‘Türkçe çeviri istiyorsanız ve bunu bekleyen büyük bir grup varsa, bir araya gelin ve çevirin böylece geliştiriciler oyuna ekleyebilir ve siz de kullanabilirsiniz, aksi bir ihtimal yok. Crate’in bütün dilleri çevirecek bütçesi yok. Gelecekte de böyle bir çaba içine gireceklerini sanmıyorum. Eskiden bir çeviri vardıysa bile, bu yine oyuncular tarafından yapılmıştır Crate tarafından değil ve muhtemelen expansion öncesinde kaldığı için şu anda oyuna eklenemez. Çok ısrar ediyorsanız Crate çalışanı Rhis ile irtibata geçin belki o size yardımcı olabilir. Söylediklerinin özeti bu.’’ I tried to make a summary of Medea’s comments for them.

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How do I contact Rhis? Send message.

I’ve been trying to contact Rhis. However, I have not been able to get in touch with him. Can someone help me out here?

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I’ve been trying to contact Rhis. However, I have not been able to get in touch with him. Can someone help me out here?

PM Sent

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It is not just for Turkish! Crate Entertainment does not translate the game into other languages except English.

Everyone makes own translation.

By the way, I am a Turkish guy, too. buraya bakarsanız çeviri yapılıyor

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