Poll: Component Completion Bonuses


As to epic / legendary components, they can just as easily be done in the current system. We already have rare components, components with one bonus (and random value) or a few bonuses (with fixed values / skilks), so anything you can do with a fixed bonus you can already do now.

To me the one choice is ‘do you value inventory space over the customization offered by the completion bonuses’, everything else is too minor to even matter. Or too uncertain / already doable.

This line basically guaranteed the result of the poll.

If you hadn’t said that and introduced bounties in the next patch we would have probably loved them as they were and not had people panic vote just because they didnt want to miss out on something, even though it hasnt been implemented yet and they know nothing about them…

While the ramifications of this line hasnt been stressed enough.

I cannot believe people have already cast their vote! This is insane!

For all you yeses out there…

Most of you I will assume have chosen this option because you hate randomization, want more free space in your inventory. However, by choosing this option, you have no idea how this is going to affect the game as a whole. People who had strong builds are suddenly going to find weaker builds in a world that was revamped specifically because they have strong builds. Now you will weaken them in a world full of powerful creatures. Which will once again force a revamp of the game’s dynamics.

For all of you “Noes” out there

You have no idea if changing the component completion bonuses will streamline the game. With the introduction of faction rewards and bounty rewards, the introduction of these rewards that will be allowed to be attached to your armor and weapons, jewelry and badges, you have no idea how this will affect your character’s power and once again call for a revamp in the game’s balance. Maybe in doing this, your components may lose their versatility, but then you will regain that through bounties, bringing the same level of diversity you already have.


For you DEVs out there.

This was a terrible idea to come to us and force us to make a blind decision with barely enough information to even make educated guesses with. All you have given people to go on is components and whether we love those enough to give them up. And of course some people are like…take them away, while others clutch possessively to them and tell you to leave them alone.

Now, I trust you guys, you have made an awesome game thus far. I cannot see you guys making a decision that will be terrible for the future of the game. But you must understand that people like the nitty gritty tiny details that make components a meta-game upon themselves, which is what tore your decision to do this.

However, you MUST ALLOW US TO PLAY THE BOUNTY SYSTEM FIRST! we cannot make this decision until we know more. We can, we WILL wait for you to complete this game. DO not rush us to make a decision. This was the worst idea you have made. Not to change the game, but to force us to make a decision for you without all the information.

^^ That post almost scares me into trying to vote NO again! Lol. :slight_smile:

Edit: Hmm, it’s no longer scary now…

Lujaynne, I think you do not understand that the reason behind this poll has close to NO significant relation with the bounties. It’s all about saving times off the programmer and making the inventory management better.

That being said I want to make sure that I seed the idea into the developpers’s head (lol)
So here it goes… :cool:

I think to keep depth, the itemization and the inventory management they could to this :

  • Add more components
  • Make components that scale close to the max lvl.
  • Add Epic/Legendary components
  • They could get rid off the parts, so all component could always drop completed and reduce a bit the actual drop rate. I mean why making parts if it’s easy to get components and if there is no random compleition bonus. Unless they change the drop rate and make the upgrade of one more part quite significant and/or add more components.

If you read, it is very closely related to the bounties. They specifically said that when you turn in components in for bounties, you have NO CONTROL over which one is removed from your inventory/stash. So that special silk swatch with +12% chaos resist (I just made up a completion bonus) that you were saving for a tank build is suddenly taken out of your stash, while the one you had with +6physique remains in your inventory.

This is why this is related to bounties. I was trying to bring in a perspective from both sides. Because there WILL be faction rewards/bounty rewards, that, like the manticore venom sac, will be attachable to your weapons, armor which is going to bring in another level of customization to your characters. Most of us already have wildly powerful characters. These attachables is just going to make them wildly more insanely powerful.

Developpers have said they don’t want to put more job onto programmer’s shoulders. I get your point, but at the end of the day, the reason of the pool is because people have complained about the current system and the bounties system taking a random component off your inventory is the motive to go for this actual poll. Again, they don’t want to put more job onto programmer’s shoulder, which is the other motive of this poll. They also said that it wouldn’t have significant change to bounties.

That is not a valid argument in favour of dropping completion bonuses on Components as far as I am concerned because Augments make the item Soulbound/untradeable. Which is something I detest and had hoped would never make its way into Grim Dawn.:mad:

Next thing Crate will be adding Encumbrance and Stamina Systems…

I dont think it will affect our stash, just the inventory. It doesnt make sense that the bountie system will take stuff from our stash. Taking material from our inventory is fine…People can put their prized ones in their stash or on mules. Space management shouldnt even come in as a reason for this overhaul because its an easy fix on the programer’s part.

I cannot believe my post was removed…


I am not in favor of, or against the change.

I am bringing logical arguments from both sides of the fence.

Your logical arguments were too large

That is pretty poor form, you had very good points. No need to delete your post.:cry:

Why not just reduce the size, you could have done that instead of deleting the whole long post…


I was really upset you took out my post, but this really made me laugh.

How can one be upset by that?

But still, that was a little dirty.

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Just a reminder people. Whether you vote(d) yes or no with a passion, the poll is suppossed to run until 24//3. Let’s mind the children and take it easy, reach the end without casualties, with our hair, tits, limbs and eyes in place.

6 days are 144 hours. With 3600 seconds per hour and a moderate estimate of 2 seconds for sass and countersass, it amounts to a whopping 259.200 attrocities. Abstain from pain.:smiley:

I voted yes for two reasons:

I don’t want to spend excessive time farming for a specific combo, I would rather let the weapon+component be my goal,

and I’m damn tired of all of the inventory management issues we currently have.


Im sure devs have reasons other than what most “yes” voters have. But those two reasons you listed are just not in the picture. In a RPG type of game, farming and grinding have to serve a purpose. If everything was handed to you on a platter, people will quit the game in no time. Inventory management is not an issue if you understand what bonus are good and what are not. if you get a 2% chaos resist on a material, you just throw it out and farm for more you dont keep all those crappy bonus materials in your stash collecting dust.

The question of the poll is whether getting rid of the random completion bonus is worth it to facilitate the bounty system and sacrifice customization. Not all those yes poster’s reason about tired of farming or inventory space. Dont blindly vote yes when you dont understand the goal of this poll.

You might want to re-read the OP, specifically the second and fourth bullets in the Pros section. :wink:

I did read those but that wasnt the main argument which is sacrifice customization vs. facilitate bounties and less work for the programers. I feel people are voting based on the pros and not the main point of what this change will bring.

Yes. Now, if everyone who voted “no” just makes 1 new account …