Poll: Component Completion Bonuses

I’m closing the poll. I think we’ve seen where it is trending and we’ve gotten a lot of feedback from both sides on this issue.

At this point, though “yes” has pulled ahead, there is still a sizable minority that is not in favor of this change. It also seems to me that some who voted yes are just accepting of the proposed change but don’t necessarily feel strongly about it, whereas, it’s clear there are a number of people who strongly dislike the change.

My conclusion is that the community is fairly divided on this and I have not seen the degree of support that would make me feel comfortable moving forward with this change. Without a strong mandate for change, my feeling is that things are probably best left as they are for now.

Well thank god someone is here to help people make the “correct” choice on the ballot.:rolleyes:

The words of a wise man.

Irrelevant, the OP provides context and meaning behind the question. If you want to ignore that and just focus on the phrasing of the question; that’s fine;however, don’t tell others that their opinion is wrong because they didn’t. :wink:

Anyway, it seems the poll didn’t provide enough support for change as medierra has noted in his post.


They didn’t need to go down the road that some developers have, where they end up with a small group of really pissed off gamers dogging them for a very very long time. I for one wouldn’t have done so, Grim Dawn is too good to be ruined by just one piece. But I still think there’s an Option C.

Nah, too much passion involved.:smiley:

Probably a good call seeing how things look here. I certainly don’t have any strong feelings on the matter, but clearly some others do.

Two random comments.

1: Bounties:
Since Components were considered to be used for some of the bounties and not having them would result in “less variety in the Bounties offered” I suggest people to create 1 thread and think of ideas that would be possible for different bounties (such as find a certain Monster Infrequent item or a combination a bounty that includes Health or Energy potions so they have more of a use or perhaps crafting a certain type of item/potion for more challenging bounties as you require certain recipes).

2: Inventory Issues due to Components:
The bonus %/# range could be lessened and the amount of bonuses could also be lessened. This way there will not only be less RNG but also - if the bonuses on components were the same and they could stack - less inventory/space issues and with less of a range the chance of having the same bonus %/# would be higher.

In any case with this thread although I chose “No” I am rather torn between the two options.

Sure better inventory management and quicker crafting / more bounties is a great thing. I acknowledge that. But in the end will there ever be enough inventory space? People will just keep hoarding something else like stacks of potions going to 100 or all the rare items that they craft (and I have seen pictures of this) or the Epic items with awesome rolls that they find. When legendary items are introduced and Faction items are added that too will also require inventory space.

Personally I just find the flexibility of the completion bonus to be incredibly useful and add another layer of depth to the game when it comes to the loot hunt where, let’s face it, it’s about finding X item with X rolled stats or X MI with X prefix/suffix. If you find Component completion bonuses tedious or unimportant then I wonder if you feel the same with pretty much everything else about the game when it comes to itemization.

Hopefully the devs can figure something out and if that means taking away the completion bonus to make everything now and in the future easier - then I sincerely hope they add something to make up for that loss of flexibility/layer of customization.

I’ve said it many times and I dunno how much time you have to put into this. From what I’ve understood, even with the change you would need to rework the component to make them interresting. That being said, a LOT of poeple that voted no werre based only on the fact that we felt like we didn’t have anything in return to compensate that lost in customisation/farming.

You responded to me about Epic/Legendary component as being maybe possible but not in the current state of components. I think that MANY people that said NO would change for YES if you actually said more about what you wanted or could do with components. I will never make a decision based on ‘‘MAYBE’’, I make decision based on what I ‘‘KNOW’’. Without being specific and losing your time, just saying you would do Epic/Legendary component would have change the result of the poll and the reaction of people. It all depends if you think It takes too much time or not, and if i’m not mistaken you wouldn’t need to put more job on programmers’s shoulders which seems to be a big factor.

This was the expected outcome, still not what I had hoped for.

Wise decision…for now.

It doesn’t mean that this poll can’t be revisited later and discussed when your players have had enough time to play test the issues at hand and then decide, more willingly, what to do.

As I said, I don’t think the developers would propose a change like this if they didn’t feel that they quality of the game could be maintained. I just felt this poll was grossly unfair due to the fact that the players hadn’t felt the content for themselves and seen the need for the change themselves.

Maybe after [B26] comes out and we’ve had time to run the bounty system and more of the content, we can deduce for ourselves the need for the changes and revisit the poll.

As I said I was never against or for the p[roposed changes, just that we were making this decision blindly. I had no love for that decision, and had the poll extended out to 3/24, I would have ultimately chosen no, only for the sake that I don’t want to see changes until I have more information at hand.

Thank you for letting us know ultimately how you guys swayed the decision. Makes me feel better to know that you guys are listening to us and really value our thoughts on the matter.

I find it hard to make a choice. I like the different completion bonusses to really customize your gear, than i would say no. However if that effects other game options and any future plans that might interfear with it, Well than i do tend towards yes.

In that case your only option is / was to vote no, as you also know very little about what improvements to the bounty system it would offer (unless you already find crafting and inventory management sufficient)

Epic and Legendary components can be done in the current system just as well, fixed completion bonuses offer no advantage there.

Maybe we get them in an expansion or mod, random completion bonuses do not preclude them.

Was it ? I am actually surprised they keep them as Crate felt they should go, so I expected them to lean towards that, esp if it gets more votes.

I am glad they stay though, there is no pro they offered that outweighs the loss.

They can, but medierra don’t seems to want to include them in the current state of components. Fixed compleition bonuses might not offer advantage but the lost of the random part of the compleition bonuses would have been replaced by the Epic/legendary components. Why? Because most of us that voted ‘‘no’’ want to have more customisation to make the farming more interresting. Also, they wouldn’t need to make Epic/Legendary for every item slot… just for let’s say weapons and maybe the chest and helm armor. It all depends of how much time they have. More could be added in the expansion.

And at the end of the day, components would take less space because of the stacking feature.


My conclusion is that the community is fairly divided on this and I have not seen the degree of support that would make me feel comfortable moving forward with this change. Without a strong mandate for change, my feeling is that things are probably best left as they are for now.

Only you guys (devs) know how things are in stored for us in terms of future content and design. So do not make decisions based on what we say, you guys are the official designers of this game and thus make up these game rules. If you feel strongly about this change in design, so be it. Just don’t based it on how we feel, bounties and other related mechanics aren’t even playable at the moment for us to play test. I personally voted no on the poll on a gut feeling but ultimately you crate people are the designers.

Eh, well, that’s the thing - I don’t feel very strongly about it and thus the poll. I can see the merits of either side and I don’t think the game would be substantially better or worse with either choice - they’re just different options both with pros and cons that are more or less attractive to different people. But to make a change, we would have to take away something that already exists and, without a strong mandate to do so, the default is to do nothing.

I’m fine with the out come. Even though no changes will occur as a result, I still feel like we’ve gained something in terms of understanding people’s perspective on these interrelated issues and we’ve made a decision.

I like the Component Completion Bonuses how they are because i like the variety. My only problem would be, when i have to store them for three difficulty level.

I honestly can’t understand why people are so worried about changes on a game that’s still on development…

Because some people feel the game would ultimately be worse as a result. It really isn’t that hard to understand. Some people have trouble accepting a loss when the benefits don’t necessarily mean that the game will be better as a result of that loss.