Poll: Component Completion Bonuses

It was said long ago, I will try find the post if eisprinzessin doesn’t beat me to it :stuck_out_tongue:

I cannot find the post, but I’m 99.9% sure it’s been said by Crate in the past that what there is component wise is what there will be and “at that time” there was no plans for higher level versions of the components. Also currently there are none in the game database :wink:

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Here you go, from back in 2012 :stuck_out_tongue:

here is the whole thread if you wish to read it - http://www.grimdawn.com/forums/showthread.php?t=5553

Just my two cents: I love the randomization of components, but some of them have way too many “bad” completion bonuses.

For example mutagenic ichor 8 different types of damage bonuses, and so can a lot of the other materia. Relic completion bonuses can also range from very bad to very good.

I think that there are some completion bonuses that can be removed. (Flat energy has yet to ever be useful to me ever) and generally it’s better when the completion bonuses tie in to the theme of the component in question somewhat.

For example, chipped claw doesn’t need any of the spirit-based-damage-type completion bonuses in my opinion.

I think the randomization can be narrowed, but it should not be removed.

I’m inclined to agree, although this would mean creating a bonus table for each component, whereas currently they mostly make use of common tables.

I missed my vote but believe the randomisation is too good a feature to remove.

Thank you very much, for finding that. :slight_smile: That to me kind of blows a bit that there are not going to be higher versions of components, like in TQ. But in keeping with this thread, it’s a good thing that they’re not dropping the RNG part of components, or there wouldn’t be as much diversity. Hopefully there is also alot of “rare crafting schematics that use the core component set to create powerful new variants.” -Zantai.

I love to hunt for something better.

I believe that is already in the game, think chipped claw being crafted in to severed claw etc.

As far as the components in higher difficulties goes, its something that has been discussed many times, and the general consensus after each thread ends with ‘if they aren’t significant at the end game, they will be looked at’. Not sure if that has ever been confirmed by any dev, but it seems like it’s the conclusion the threads always end at. I mean, they wouldn’t just reserve components for early game, nor would they abandon them entirely, so it’s the only logical outcome.

Yea, I’ve got lots of stuff like chipped claw becoming severed claw etc. Most of the component upgrades that can be made now are ones that can also be found. But I mean based on the wording Zantai uses in that post, one would hope schematics that are “rare” and “powerful” could be found. Stuff that goes beyond components you can find. Maby those schematics are saved for higher difficulties, so there is something to be had down the road that would be an upgrade to the components we can get on normal/veteran.

Pretty sure those “schematics” refer to what are now known as Relics.

It would be nice if a developer could comfirm if that is true. Variants usually means a different form, of the same thing. e.g. using components to upgrade to different or better components.

Possibly, but you have to remember that this was over 2 years ago. Things change, but ye, a dev confirmation would be awesome as always :slight_smile:

One more for the win column, one more for the record books and one more for the bad guys!

Use lower quality components to make better ones is in the game (ex. Chipped Claw to make Severed Claw). Components are also use in the creation of Relics and various rare items. We are still adding more blueprints.

We are not making higher tier Components when there are already 83 of them in the game and they can’t stack. New Components will probably be introduced in expansions.

the way i see it, stacking the components by removing the randomization will not sort many problems. Your inventory will eventually be taken up 1 tile for every component in the game, just like potions, so you wont be getting any more space. And when you get a component bounty, it will just be a ‘free’ quest completed. “Oh, you want polished emeralds? Good thing i have 60 of those.” Right now i know which components i need for crafting or stronger bonus rolls, and leave all the other trash as i have no use for them. When they serve a bounty purpose, i’ll be inclined to pick up every component that drops

…until i max out reputation, then it all becomes useless again

^ This is a great compromise and would not have too large of an impact on programming time (conceivably, but I’m not the one programming/allocating time…).

Simply remove the extra Seed for component/relic deviation, but keep the bonus as it was when components were first introduced. You can then stack to your hearts desire like potions with components that have the same completion bonus.

Is it really that large of an issue to have +5% Attack Speed instead of a range from +3-7%? I thought it was nice enough to have +10% Physical Damage instead of +8-12% range anyways…

the poll has nothing to do with inventory space or stacking

it has to do with bounties asking for components to fulfill requests and having the components randomly taken out of your stash by the bounty / quest giver

if the completion bonus is random, then maybe you have one component with a useless bonus and one with a good bonus

and then the bounty / quest giver might take the good one from you

and that would be bad

but if completion bonuses are not random then both components will have the same bonus so it won’t matter which one he takes

if bonuses are random, then they will have to limit the bounty system

Expansions is plural, omg they expect to make more than 1!!! :p:D

Or add an extra UI window so you can choose which component to offer up.

From what we know, it’s not really a limit. It’s just because they wanted to make the world more cohesive by making the use of components also in Bounties instead of using a Quest item. The problem isn’t that much that the actual system was taking a random component, the problem is that they don’t want to put more job onto programmers’s shoulders (it’s out of the question from what they say).

It will probably not happen unless they changed their mind. Since from what they say, they don’t want to put more job onto programmers’s shoulders.