Poll - Environment 1

Okay, so in the past few weeks we’ve gotten a lot of great suggestions for the “stretch” environments. We’ve taken some time to sift through them, consider how well they fit into fiction / geography of the first Grim Dawn (in sequels you’ll travel further across Cairn to more exotic locations) and estimate how much art / dev time they’ll take to produce. On the KS we originally stated it would be an above-ground environment and an underground, but later decided it would make more sense to let you choose any two art-sets, whether it be for above or below ground.

We’re going to conduct two consecutive polls since some of these suggestions will take more work than others and we could be overwhelmed if you ended up choosing two of the biggest ones. This first one will be more expansive and then the second will contain many of the same options plus a couple more. Note that these art-sets will probably not be done for alpha and will be completed for beta or final release.

Here are descriptions of the options for the first poll:

Evil Forest
Like a normal forest but more eviler! Lots of creepy dead trees, dim lighting and swirling mists. I imagine it would make a nice home for thorned horrors and were-creatures.

Scorched earth, trenches and haunting remnants of epic battle. Craters steaming with the remnants of potent alchemical weapons. Twisted metal and charred bodies scattered about broken engines of war.

Ch’thonic Void
Occasional, randomized portals will allow players to travel to regions of the Ch’thonic Void, which will be a dark and twisted landcape of obsidian rock, ash, bones and lakes of blood, crackling with chaotic energy and swarming with enemies. Odds of surviving to find the exit portal… not good.

Sewer system underground set for creating a twisted network of dank, dark sewers underneath towns and cities that lead off into forgot areas where various types of unsavory humans or foul creatures have taken refuge.

An underground to attach to our above-ground graveyards. Walls hollowed out to house the bones of the dead, family mausoleum chambers, mass burial pits and rooms with elaborate shrines made out of bones. No doubt you’d stumble upon evidence of necromantic rituals or even covens of necromancers enjoying a resurgence now that the empire has been destroyed and there are no authorities to keep them in check.

A section of city where big ships were built, now silent and eerie. Old hulls rotting in the harbor, big cranes overhead, half-finished vessels up on platforms.

Train tracks and old, primitive engines and train cars, some on rails, some lined up waiting to be repaired or scrapped. A old train depot fallen into ruin.

Did someone say Void?

Yes please :smiley:

Man, even though a couple of the ones I suggested are on here, the way you describe some of the other options not even sure I am going to vote for mine lol.

I would really love to see the battlefield, but based on the descriptions think I’ll have to give it to the Ch’thonic Void.

They all sound great, and there isn’t any option I’d say I did NOT want.

But I have to go with Ch’thonic Void - simply because it’s the most exotic. I always liked those kind of levels for their otherworldly, menacing feeling. It always was like walking in the lion’s den!

Hmm, will tweak the description to make it sound less appealing…

Yeah but… Ch’thonic Void sounds like its something that could stay with you throughout every game and expansion, despite other design decisions. It will have far more mileage than the others.

Kind of like Oblivions portals or the Dungeon of Dredmore Wizard Portals.

I’m a fan of catacombs, but the Void sounds pretty awesome too. Also, a bit more flexible and can be randomly spawned anywhere. Their shape is irrelevant because it’s a different plane.

Although I like the idea of the void, I just can’t get enough of the undead and have to go with the catacombs. I love it when piles of bones suddenly start to rattle and rise up. It’s even better if they are from different creatures to makes some sort of bone abomination! Plus, they are just creepy.

I just can’t picture the void clearly enough in my head to vote for it over my favorite environment. I feel like voting for something else is like voting for the Green Party, but, meh. That said, I will agree with the poster who said that there aren’t any options that I wouldn’t be happy with.

You need to read more HP Lovecraft.

Void is looking to be the most popular option so far. I am 100% against it. Here’s why:

Void could be neat, but it doesn’t sound distinctly “Grim Dawn” to me. It reads like a generic hellscape that sounds like the sort of thing that could pop up in Diablo or Torchlight or Path of Exile or any other fantasy-oriented RPG. It would maybe even be more at home in some of those other games. And indeed, variations on this theme have been done in other games, including TQ:IT.

Rather than that, I’d really like to see Grim Dawn give us something new, and something that we could only see in Grim Dawn. Something that capitalizes on its unique Victorian bent - the shipyard, the railyard, maybe the battlefield if it went more Crimea/WW1 trenches than what Diablo has done with its battlefields. I’ll be disappointed if we squander the opportinity to explore some of these more unique options.

There are battlegrounds and sewers in every game. Railyard sounds much more intresting.

I voted Catacombs, sure it’s classic and has been done a lot before, but I just love killing skeletons.

I love well made sewers and catacombs, but in the end I decided to vote for Shipyard. It sounds fresh and eerie - the way I like it.

Railyard sounds neat as well.

Don’t be so mean to me… we only just met. You don’t know me man! Don’t judge me!

Most of those options sound quite familiar. The one that didn’t, shipyards, was what I chose, simply because it would be new and I’d love to see how you would do it. I realise it is likely to get voted down by the Void fans, but there you have it. This is kind of a democracy!

i would actually have to chose either

  1. shipyard
  2. railyard

why? theyre the 2 least exploited options!

i mean, all the games have catacombs/sewers/cemetary/etc…


i go railyard

I completely agree with this. I worry that a lot of us will agree, but that we’ll be split between Railyard and Shipyard, and lose to the void because of it. (I went shipyard).

What if the Void went to a railroad in hell?


Same for me, they all look really promising !
I’ll choose the Evil Forest for a single reason. In my opinion, it fits the best in the countryside around the starting village.

I agree, which I why I do hope there will be several “voting rounds”. I think a lot of the more Victorian voters are divided between several of the Environments, leading to relatively low results for some of the poll options. If we’d make a top three or four and maybe after that a top two, I think we could get a much better impression of the most popular Evironment.

This is precisely the point, it is kinda like a lot of themes from a lot of other games. It’s been done a hundred times before, pretty much like Orkybash said. In fact Iron Lore/Crate devoted an entire expansion pack on it, only with a more solid mythological background. Obsidian landscapes, foul lakes, chaotic energy, those exact things are allready in TQ Act IV and the end of Act III.

It’s not that I do not trust Crate to work out such a theme in a truly amazing way, because I know they would, it’s just that I’d rather see them using those skills for something truly original.