Poll: favorite class?

I want to do poll for first time, hope I don’t screw it.

In the midst of new patch, little question, what’s your favorite class(mastery)in the game? I will go first and say Nightblade.

    • Soldier
    • Oathkeeper
    • Nightblade
    • Inquisitor
    • Demolitionist
    • Arcanist
    • Shaman
    • Necromancer
    • Occultist

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Inquisitor, but please give back our RUNES OR RIOT


There’s only one mastery with Cadence in it.

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Now that’s admirable initiative. Runes of Haggard and Kalastor, we will fight for your glory!

Nightblade, Obviously :grin:

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But I vote for Nightbalde and still it has only one vote :cry:

You’re not alone! :fist:

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why cant I pick defiler?!

Because Defiler is a class and Nery’s asking about masteries. :rofl: Think there’s a thead somewhere about favourite classes.

Hmmm game does say select class, not select mastery

RIP Templar as of this post.

I like me some bombs, fire, bombs on fire and most importantly things that shoot bombs that are also on fire.

Hard to say… i’m tied between Soldier, Demo and Inqui :thinking: i’ll need to think more about this :sweat_smile:

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Tough queston.

I’ll go with Shaman since I think it’s a class I played the most. Even though I’m so fed up of it right now.

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Tfw Occu is not leading the polls…


Well, tbh for me the only possible Answer is “Shaman” and maybe " Inqusitor" and i guess if you look at my Nickname the Reason for it is quite obvious.

A bit of Personal Nonsense and why *LightningYu*

Well, i 've deep respect for Thunderstorms and Lightning, better say it’s kinda a true “Fear” of me. Ironically, and it seems this follows the Batman Logic, if it comes down to Videogames and such, my most favorite Element is Lightning. Mjölnir, Chidori, Cole from Infamous… whatever you name it… i’m a huge fan of this simply decided by it’s element. So if a Game have a class which fokus on lightning Element, than the Answer is obvious.

The Nickname itself comes from Forum-RPG’s if you know what that is, and i played one which was based on an Anime-Setting so i had to pick an Japanese Name, and that’s why i looked for some and decided for “Yuudai”. And as Nickname (i tend to believe it was even an Hero-name) i decided to mix Yu (from Yuudai) with the Main-Element of his Power and well there you have it -> LightningYu.

Coincidentally, and funny that there were quite few who assumed it was the origin of my name, as i got later into the Final Fantasy Series, Lightning grew to me as one of my favorite Final Fantasy Characters besides Cloud and Zidane, however there is absolute no connection between my nickname and hers.

Obviously when there is also Necromancer on the list. I’d argue except maybe “Ranger”-Classes with normal “animal” Pet’s there isn’t any other Pet-Class which is as popular then Necromancers with his raising skeletons. I know that’s an dangerous argument: But can you really blame them? How should a bird and a hotdog compete vs the Style of necromancers?

Classes which are “warlock”-esque and summon demons and hellhounds often feels like cheap necromancer wannabe’s. That’s like Twillight Vampire-wannabe’s.kappa

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By not dying to every gannar-fakking group of scorpions!

…and every other plant group in the ugdenbog.

…and every eldritch spirit group in the temple city of osyr and later.

Well, atleast the skeletons die with style, but if the bird die, he looks like this:

ded birrrdd

Insulting Birbs?


I mean come on, you only need to look up at youtube and look for “themes”. If you look for Necromancer theme you have epic music like that:

And if you look for Bird Theme, than this: