[POLL] Should dying get a bigger penalty in SR?

Quick poll. But first, endorsement. The way I see it, Crucible is about speed, and SR is about survival. Sound about right, no? But wait a minute… What “survival” when you can die 6 times and still get 100% loot? In my very humble opinion, dying is dying. Die once and bye-bye full loot just like Crucible. Or maybe twice. Anyway, if SR is to be about the ability to withstand increasingly hostile environment, make it so. Right now, SR75 is a laughing matter. Any endgame build can get full loot almost every time, even the squishy max dmg Crucible speedrunning casters. It’s a sandbox for 2.2da naughty little shits who laugh death in the face. And to SR climbers it doesn’t matter because they don’t care about loot. So, the poll…


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when was the last time you played a legit character outside of extreme cookie-cutters?





I would agree with this if the following occurred:

Remove all buffs/banners from crucible. Every set of 10 waves completed gives a percentage chance that you get a shrine spawn that gives a random buff. Also all spawn points are absolutely random so players can’t memorize where potential deadly mobs are coming from.


At the start of every SR I can opt to buff myself with all 5 shrines.

In both cases all mutators remains random.

Obviously these suggestions are garbage. But I made this point to showcase how trying to make an orange to an apple isn’t a good idea.

I see a lot of 5 min CR builds with 9k life that would get smashed in a small room with the wrong mutators and aligned nemesis spawns.

For example my last HC mortar commando with 16k life and over 4K hp/sec and bat got ported into ben and garbol And something else. As I got ported I got rooted and smashed to death without 2 circuit breakers (mark of divinity and serenity) proc’n in under 2 sec from full health. Over capped res 30%, at least 25% phys res and over 3k armor and da. SR was 67. Literally instgib.

I guess it was my fault as I was in a high sr had bad mutators and I don’t abuse boss aggro.

Having said this please leave us SR players alone as I don’t want crucible changed for those players who like it and challenge their times while pushing limits.


Don’t see reason to change it. That’s part of it’s unique experience. You can play in comfortable pace without feeling the need to rush and play perfectly and still get some loot. So nay from me.


I played legit hardcore for a while, and SR even at the lower levels was interesting (outside getting bull rushed and having to alt+f4 but that’s a different problem of imo either very badly designed RNG or faulty aggro - it has never been clarified).

Why not?

Some of them are from me. None of them are missing (sr+) label. This label means nothing, basically. I’d just like it to mean something.

You still get loot when you run out of time. I’m just saying the game is too lenient on penalizing death. You can die too many times and still make it in time.

Because I see no reason for why it should have a bigger penalty.

Just like for example I see no reason to remove Blessings & Banners from Crucible so that we can compare builds without using such stuff as Crutches.


Ah no sir it means a lot. You have your game mode. Leave ours alone.

With all due respect here is the truth of it:

If you want SR to be less loot on death, go ahead and mod it in yourself. No one is stopping you. If your argument is it’s not legit cause it’s not a Crate patch or stance then to that response I say stop gdstash’n these 5 min builds.

Contrary to anyone’s beliefs, this game should not and does not revolve around the 5 min CR crowd. Period - full stop.

Playing HC is also an alternative to having death mean something. You can go that route. I took a break from it because I burned more hours then I would like to count.

I think I would change my stance on this when someone post a video of 1000 back to back (not a measly 10 and saying it’s legit) runs in SR 75-76 with 9k life, no shrines, no consumables, no esc the game when things go bad, and has 100% success. Until then leave SR and CR as is.


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

1000 runs, Jesus that’s hardcore. So 1k runs is what 100 hours, solid :rofl:

Large sample size sir. It’s the nurse in me :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

What do you mean “ours”? Whose? How’s SR any more “yours” than “mine”?

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Miss use of words on my part. You are right on that.

On the flip side if I went strolling through these forums stating that CR should be 10min minimum clear or nerf there would be a rather large uprising of pitch forks.

Same situation here, at least on our group’s part which is what I meant by “ours”

In the end it’s not up to me. It’s up to Crate.

I get the SR+ meaning something…and in my opinion it can be once I guess the community decides what that is beyond “I ran it 3 times so yeah legit”.

Trust me when I die in SC I get pissed and want to delete. However I simply no longer have the time to redo things over and over. My plate of “life” is just too full.


It seems you consider SR difficulty being that of the hardest difficulty spike. In that case SR is indeed difficult. Ridiculously so.



I think when you die 6 times you won´t make the timer and get less loot. Problem solved?

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@ya1 selfishly I don’t really like fighting in a box that CR is. However it’s not my place to ruin others fun if that’s what they want. Likewise I wouldn’t want my fun to be messed with either. That’s the simplest way I see it.

I am not ever going to come up with some 5-6 min CR build. Too much meme in me to do it so I gotta give credit there. Again I see your point in making SR+ as a worthy tag.

@Stupid_Dragon that’s very much true. I certainly wouldn’t flame you for this. I agree whole heartedly that you shouldn’t be able to corpse hop your way to victory.

I think I would take the kick out of SR on death in SC if there was less rng (after SR 60) as you can just get obliterated faster then you can react (and that’s with building like a HC player in SC and then some)

If the issue is with the sr+ tag being too easy to get then maybe it should be changed to SR80 or maybe higher. Similar to how the cr+ tag was recently changed to 6 or under


The thing is SR is a mode of RNG based system. If you have some weak bosses on SR 75 every decent build will beat it. At same time you can have some retarted combos, which without aggro abuse will just crush 99% of all builds. So it’s normal to die few times. I wouldn’t want to punish players for dying there but just because of the heavy RNG element game isn’t balanced around finishing SR 75, so take that in mind.


Not in favor of this, for selfish reasons I guess. I’m probably older than 99% of the player base, used to constantly pass my time in light mountaineering, cross country in the wilderness, etc. Age put paid to that. I found gaming to be a way to enjoy myself better than sitting around in some dive reminiscing with other old goats, easier on my liver too.

I enjoy SR, but sometimes it can get a bit twitchy too with high reaction speeds needed and becomes even harder in playing something approaching a piano. Played that other game, the free online one that’s very popular, from the beginning until I found Grim Dawn. I detest the other one now for the high octane twitch fest it’s become. I notice from occasional streams I see that there seem to be quite a few players on the older side that play GD.


I can see that. Few points though:

In this post I didn’t mention having 75 as the bar. In my 1.1.6 itemization post I state that we don’t even do 75…we (my group) stick to 65 and try to run it as safe and fast as possible. 65 can still obliterate you. 60 will do the same thing. There is no way of telling what is going to happen. CR is quite different. I think the CR crowd wouldn’t like it if the spawn points were all random and we went back to random maps with no control (not even logging in and out would change the map)

My point is over punishing people is bad, however Stupid_Dragon is absolutely right about throwing corpses to finish things.

If survival is influenced by large rng swings there needs to be leeway.

@NWCoast yup I am approaching 50. I have played ever Arpg available right now. Crate has created a masterpiece.