Possible new Crate project in the works

I don’t know, i can imagine a lot of stuff with the Grim Dawn IP and as someone who enjoy a lots of Genre’s, i’m pretty open about that. Though besides a cRPG i’d love a (Point&Click) Adventure at most, and i really could imagine a strong Horror-Game.

“Last days of Malmouth” or “Into the Fleshworks”…:skull:

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Official MOD workshop is what I can estimate.

It may not have anything to do with grim dawn. A company can’t have 1 franchise. Having multiple properties is a good idea. Lets not drain this well dry to soon. I love grim dawn and I love the idea of grim dawn in other genres but let’s see what else create can come up with.


I agree which is why I’m looking forward to the new town builder. However this was in the opening post of this thread

"Zantai: Gd2 would require significant ramp up by programmers before I even touch it.

I imagine gd fans will be interested in what I’m working on."

so sounds as if it could be GD related.

Hm, Medierra’s been dropping more hints in another thread.

So a town builder in the works and two other possible projects for Crate. Curiouser and curiouser. We need MOAR info! :smile:


GD 2 or riot seppuku

sudoku is the more likely option. to pass the time until gd2 for gd fans.

its GD team fight tactics!

Sure, and after that they’ll release a Battle-Royale Edition of Grim Dawn.

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Honestly, my thoughts are just going to get more ridiculous as to what it could be until they actually announce it lol

maybe a graphic novel game set in GD universe with romance options!!

Grim Dawn needs to rest a bit after a Hangman Jarvis concluding quest line… Im very excited about 2020 : the very year we will get to play the next Crate franchise…

We hope! :pray:

Who knows, maybe they will create a Mario Kart-esque Kart Racer which offers a variety of Gamemodes:

  1. A Story-Mode which is told inbetween the Races in a Graphic / Visual Novel-Esque manner as interactive Cutscenes and dating-sim/romance elements, to race for the heart of the most iconic Characters of GD.
  2. A Battlefront-2-Galactic-Conquest inspired Tabletop-Scenario Mode where you need to conquer the whole Cairn with your chosen Faction. It offers some RPG & Survival Elements, you need to gather Ressources via Minigames, one of them as examples is Auto-Chess(Teamfight-Tactics). This Mode is fully playable Co-op but there is also a optional Factionbased PvP Mode where you can compete with your friends for getting Cairn. The battles for the major Spots of Cairn are fought in arenas by a Mario-Kart-esque Battle Mode.
  3. Multiplayer All sorts of unique and interesting Modes to compete with each other. One of the major Multiplayer-Modes is a fully implemented battle-royale Mode, which could also be enjoyed seperatly as a standalone Game (F2P) on your Smartphone.

Loved it. I need more ARPG stuff in my life, I’m like the cookie monster… .GIMME MORE NOMNOMNOMNNOM

Sign me up :slight_smile: from GD Alpha to… whatever this is going to be!

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An ARPG like GD but with gameplay like …FFVII Remake?

My guess #1 = it’s a mobile game.
(Like Forge of Empires.)
*this option gets you many customers since almost everyone has a mobile phone.

My guess #2 = it’s a 2D platformer/puzzle-platformer.
(Like Shovel Knight or Ori.)
*this option gets you PC and console gamers. decent market as well.

It’s been said they want to expand their company project portfolio beyond ARPGs. So, personally, I hope it’s some sort of 2D platformer game since I don’t do mobile gaming.

Reading some early articles from when Crate Entertainment was formed and they talk about them buying Black Legion from ILE, but also an un-named second project. What was that second project and will it ever see the light of day? Is that what Grava’s working on perhaps? :thinking: