Prior Release Builds/States

Hi everyone- I didn’t see a particularly good place to post this, so please feel free to move it to wherever it fits best or direct me elsewhere.

I was wondering if it would be possible to play earlier builds/states of Grim Dawn? Naturally I’m sure that would screw up online play, but I mostly play solo anyway so it’s not really an issue (although being able to play private games with someone on the same build would be fun).

Basically, not to turn this into a feedback thread, I really dislike the direction Grim Dawn has gone for the last few years, but I put thousands of hours into it from when it first started in EA on Steam to shortly after FG was released. I often get the urge to play GD, but I just genuinely don’t enjoy the game in its current state. I was curious if it would be possible to basically play a “modded” version of the game that’s just an earlier build (e.g. v1.1.0)

This isn’t a request per se (although obviously that would be forthcoming), but really a question about whether it would even be possible or how difficult it would be.

Thanks gamers

There is a way to roll back on Steam, but I don’t know how you can do it. @powbam does iirc. Not sure if it’s still possible; I believe I read something about them removing that option soon.

I searched for the article again, here (concerning doing this via Steam)…

…but it appears…


…that Valve has walked that back some.

With that said - doing this via Steam is a fairly complicated procedure. When I did it I followed this guide here:

While this guide is for Skyrim, the same methodology and tools can be applied to GD but, again, it is a bit of a complicated procedure.

Otherwise, there is also this:

…I’m pretty sure there was also another similar type post as this by someone that had multiple older versions for download but I couldn’t find it.

Can confirm that this Skyrim tutorial applies to GD. I was able to download version 1.0 of GD, still have the files.
Sadly couldn’t play the game because after Crate logo the game freezes.

Might have just been your potato had issues, for whatever reason, with that early build :smirk:

Thank you for this! Now I just need to figure out which build I actually want to go back to. Does anyone happen to remember off the top of their heads which one involved a huge balance change/rework of the base game campaign? :thinking:

Just posting a general link to the patch notes section:
Patch Notes - Crate Entertainment Forum

You’re probably thinking about, here…

Grim Dawn Version

…which featured this:

…and in which case means you would likely want to download, which released in July of 2019…

Grim Dawn Version

Unfortunately when downloading Steam stuff via the guide above there is nothing you can download that gives you specific PATCH VERSIONS - sadly, it doesn’t work that way - you need to find the necessary files via the date that they were released, which is why I mentioned the month and year that dropped for you above.

Keep in mind that you would also need to find and download the correct files for everything: the base game, AoM, FG, Crucible if you have it etc… everything needs to be on the same page with each other and they all have separate downloads.

Thanks for that- I may try that mod that has back to before I decide to go the more complicated route to get an earlier build. Everything bookmarked and appreciated.

Look at this ugly guy

EDIT: If anyone’s curious, the mod has worked quite well except for a minor UI bug, check it out if you think you can help.

Would be cool if crate could release a ‘‘classic’’ version,i would like to have played the game before ashes,i watched a video of kripparian playing the game in 2013 and it seemed so different

Here’s how to do it yourself…


Very well made tutorial! :+1:

I have one addition to it: It’s important (at least it was for me) to rename the
“/Documents/My Games/Grim Dawn/Settings” folder as well and let Grim Dawn B14 create its own settings folder, because some entries in the options.txt are not compatible with the old game anymore; the game could crash.

Don’t forget to restore the settings folder when playing Grim Dawn v1.1.9.2 again!

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Yea I actually was just thinking about that a little as well too - It might actually be a good idea that instead of merely copying and backing it up, just move the entire folder OUT and let Grim Dawn create a new one.

@GlockenGerda I’m curious - how hard would it be to have a functional version of GI for B14 here? Would it actually work or would you have to reconfigure too much shit to accommodate it?

Also… check out that smexy bar…

And further thoughts… some modders might be interested in how to download various versions from over the years - it’s a good way to possibly acquire old assets and reuse them in their mods - potentially.

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Too much work for me to go back to x32 and to reconfigure all GI functions.

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Ha yup - I kinda figured that would be the answer. I was thinking about it and the more I thought about it I was just like, yea, she would probably have to do too much for it to be worth the effort.

Well, bear in mind that back in 2013 the game had just gone into early access and only allowed playing up to Warden Krieg. A LOT has been added to the game since then.