Priority Selection

Desperately need a feature to select multiple of objects for priority, both for harvesting, clearing and constructing. Selecting each single object or build sites to prioritize, is extremely tedious.


Trust, players have been begging for this feature. Haven’t seen any dev engagement around it though.

Here you go (read the next response a bit further down too). :slight_smile:

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That’s only for repairs, and seemingly walls, not resources and clearing like this is also asking for.

Made it short and simple because I think it speaks for itself. Don’t mind if the “Walls management” (for whatever purpose this has) to be replaced with a priority selection instead. Or perhaps add a selection that have a multipurpose function? Tick box to select things for prioritize harvest/clear/gather, upgrade, repair prioritize and such?

It is clear, the post that nimrond shared is talking about a prioritize feature for repairs and an addition of prioritize to the walls tool to allow prioritizing of walls more than one at a time. That doesn’t cover harvesting or clearing, or the ability to prioritize more than one build site at a time.

All of these are necessary within this game, especially in order to allow players more freedom.

It’s such a pain prioritizing trees one by one just to manage my levels of wood effectively. Literally. It hurts my hand the point where eventually I stop playing.


^This. It is one of the most important QoL features this game desperately needs right now.

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Another feature regarding this comment, is also being able to prioritize gathering of resources for laborers, builders and workers as a whole, so they choose to use up all nearby resources rather than wasting time and going back to the warehouse for resupply. That way you save time by chopping nearby trees, use that as materials instead of having to go back for more.

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