Re-introduction ... again

Hi all. I’m back. Again.

I managed to get one characer to level 94 last time, clearing the entire game (base game + AoM), except for the very last boss, before I quit. The reason I quit was twofold: I got frustrated by the many deaths I had and good old D2 drew me back in, like it always does !!!

This time I plan to stay longer though, both in the game and in these forums. I finally took the time to read up on some beginner guides, game mechanics and other useful info. I’ll probably still die a lot, but I fully plan to understand why that is, and learn from my mistakes, instead of quitting the game because of those deaths. I enjoy the fact that I know D2 inside out, and while GD is much more complex, I should get my knowledge up to a level that I’m comfortably playing the game, hopefully including end game content this time. The great, thorough and easy to understand guides on these forums should definitely help in that respect.

I already owned the base game, Crucible and AoM, and bought the FG expansion a few days ago. I haven’t dabbled into it yet, as I plan to only enter it after I got through base game and AoM in normal again. Currently I completed the Homestead quests, heading further north now. That’s with a BWC and RoK Purifier based on this guide, because I only found out afterwards that our very own compendium has some great starter guides too :flushed:.

So far I have only played SP, but a RL friend and fellow Amazon Basin member discovered GD a while ago, so we plan to do some MPing as well, as soon as he gets back from holiday. I always loved MP in the different ARPGs I have played (still playing a D2 HC group game as a matter of fact), so I’m looking forward to that a lot.

Ok, that was longer than I intended too. Which happens to me a lot actually :slight_smile:. Thanks for reading !!

Welcome back to the game and to the forum. :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes, we’ve had quite a few beginner guides added and that’s great. While end game/specialist builds are fine, people need to know how to get to that point and not many builders have taken the trouble to write beginner guides. Malawiglenn, Nery, Maya and Stupid Dragon have redressed that gap quite a lot. :1st_place_medal:

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hey, welcome back!

Hi and welcome back! Hope you can find all the information and resources you need in the forum!

Thanks :slight_smile:.

Thanks !!!