[REL] Grimarillion v90d

Updated the Rainbow File for Grimarillion v75a.


Hi, I am having an issue with a crafting recipe. Ellena’s necklace does not register when attempting to craft LeviathanZE.

Here is the screenshot:

You don’t have to play through the game multiple times anymore. Idk when the last time you played was but you can buy merits in the Forgotten Gods region to give to low level characters and it allows them to skip difficulties and gain some quest rewards from the previous difficulties.

It’s an old blueprint recipe from before AOM, it doesn’t work with 75+ versions of the necklace.

To be honest most of what you want is already in the vanilla game/Grimarillion. As Asylum101 said with the Forgotten Gods expansion you can now get merit tokens for other characters to use so they can skip straight to either Elite or Ultimate difficulty (with the relevant resistance penalties of course). You also get all the attribute/skill points you’d get from doing the quests on the lower difficulties.

All shrines Grimarillion are already desecrated ones and with FG there are now 157 in total across all difficulties: 59 on Ultimate alone so you can get all 55 devotion points with one playthrough.

With Zeke from the Grimmest mod in Grimarillion you can up the difficulty so can easily reach L100 long before the end of the game. It’s possible even in the vanilla game with both expansions.

v75b Changelog

*Fixed an issue where the where pieces from Armament of the Legion weren’t added to the loottable.
*Added a new set, Kallixenia’s Memento’s. Also added it to the loottable :wink:

Astral Rift:
*Now gains an additional summon at rank 24.

Skeletal Soldiers:
*Now always spawn with a weapon, starting from level 1. This is purely aesthetic, the weapons add no damage.
*Now always spawn with a shield, starting from level 1. The shields are mostly aesthetic, they only allow the skeletons to use “Shield Smack”.
*Skeletons will now use Shield Smack starting from level 1, down from level 5.
*Now have a flat amount of life leech per attack that scales with player level.
*Increased movement speed slightly.

Skeletal Soldiers - Unrelenting Dead:
*Elemental resist added for real this time.

Lich King:
*Added 10% life steal to spectral bolt.

Call of the Wild - Strength of the Pack:
*Added flat physical retaliation damage.

Sky Shot Salvo:
*Reduced cooldown to 4.5 seconds.

Heart of Oak:
*Increased pet % HP scaling. Now scales up to 62% at max rank, 120% at ultimate.

Ancestral Horn:
*Now gains an additional summon at rank 24.

Earthen Carapace:
*Now also grants health regeneration to pets.

Earthen Carapace - Immovable:
*Now also grants health and regeneration to pets.

*Now also grants a chance for all damage for pets.



Thank you Asylum101

First - I wanted to create a mod to satisfy my needs (Stil working on it one hour a day and i apreciate advice from anyone who wants to help me,)
Second - Had an old version of GD and had no idea about the expansion and the “Merits” ,nice stuff .
Third - I realized i had to update the game after downloading the Grimarillion Mod :woozy_face:

Not knowing about the new things in the expansion and mod made me start learning how to create my own mod.
I added new rewards to some quests,Ex Kasparovs first 3 quests give each one as a reward 1 skill point and the Formula quest give Atribute reset potion.For now i modified 9 quests in act 1 , 6 in act 2 and 1 in act 3 .Some of them give Mandates and some give exp potions.

Devotion limit increased to 70
The shrines i did not wanted to be all desecrated and what i did was to add more requirements to the ruined ones. Some of the ruined shrines give 1 devotion but are easy to restore , some give 2 devotion points but more stuff required to restore and some give 3 witch are harder to restore.The desecrated ones give 2 points all.

Made 2 ultimate/elite quests avaible to normal .

And now i have to figure out how to increase the hero/champion spawns in game , modify the exp for character(At the end of the game to be around 90 ),factions and the items drop.
Think i have to modify stuff in gameengine.dbr :thinking:

BTW Thank you Asylum an Medea for you responses and like i said earlier any advice is greatly apprecieted

PS just saw a video with a guy that has the expansion and in his quick run he had to restore the shrines in normal - some in Elite and after started Ultimate.My point is to make a difficulty, in this case the Normal one, chalanging enogh and all the stuff avaible for completing all the quests ,map,devotion etc .Some things already exist some not but what i know is that i am happy with what i did in 3 days and having fun creating my mod :grin:

People often skip up to Ultimate and then go back to Normal/Elite to grab shrines quickly because all the riftgates on those difficulties are opened so you can reach many of them very quickly. As said there are enough shrines on Ultimate to get all 55 points, but grabbing the early ones gives you a headstart on the devotion side when you’re up against the harder difficulty of Ultimate. It’s not a case of they have to, they choose to play it that way. In a similar way some players will start in the Crucible game mode and spend the tributes they get there on buying devotion points, again to get a headstart on those before they begin the main campaign.

Thanks for the observation Medea :+1:
Think they want to create powerfull builds faster , end game faster and do no care to much about the story and all the quests,killing and smashing with lots of farming (More of one time boss kill & one time exploring an area if not neded more times for a quest).Diablo II was/is the only game that i finished in all difficulties and no other. The mode i made is called StraightLine , i made it with the purpose of being chalenging &rewarding but not to far from the original game (I wont add more stash space or inventori space because what i intend is to play the character with finded items and crafted ones).
Also from what i saw on the forum there are some tools/software/program that stores items in a DataBase so you can use it later , never used that kind of stuff if not neded,in TitanQuest i had to use the defiler and vault to recreate some lost builds and no more .

There are alot of changes witch i do not know about ,it was a time when i was interested in reading the change log for the games but now not so much,playing and discovering along the way.

Asylum101, a problem with the new stash layout on the transfer side with 75b. I don’t seem to have installed 75a so don’t know if that’s causing the problem. Checked ingame before I downloaded and it was v75, now the latest installation is 75b.

The first bag is fine, but subsequent bag contents are overlapping into the inventory bag section.

Plus items that do overlap into that area can’t be picked up and moved.

I had the same problem just auto arrange stash should fix it.

Yes, it did, thanks Pierre. :+1:

Dang, crashed reading a lore note in the Cairan Docks by the shrine. Writing of Rion I think it was, but which number I’m not sure. Went to black screen with music still playing; had to use task manager to exit.

Haven’t been playing for some time so backed up everything and start a new.Btw 75b still says 75a on quest list but i can see the changes that has been made so most prob just a typo.Spirit are really well worth it now as a pure summoner.Skel not that squishy anymore.

Strange, it’s clearly 75b on mine.

oh let me redo mine maybe i messed something up.But it does show elem res on spirit skeletons though

EDIT:Ok works now my mistake i am seeing things lol

SUPER update :slight_smile: Could you please increase the range of Spirit Ward. The pets are leaving the range all the time and then you have to heal them when they get in range of the aura Again… Maybe increase the range to 18 meter like Heart of oak in nature… But anyway super mod and keep it up…

It shows previous version if you use rainbow colour mod and it’s not yet updated for the latest.